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CAL Company: Strategic Analysis Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Nov 19th, 2021


The company seems to have more strengths than the weaknesses, of course there are numerous challenges to overcome but the plan has already been implemented and the results are looking positive. CAL’s greatest strength is to see opportunity in impossibility, it is always very hard to keep a place clean and usually nobody thinks about such a noble cause while Boris made an attempt to pursue his dream of having a clean Pittsburgh.


CAL has successfully convinced 15000 people in around 200 communities to help the organization reach its goal. The smartest move from CAL seems to be the use of volunteers and other organizations of US in helping CAL making Pittsburgh the cleanest area at no cost, the company does not have any running expenses which keep the leaders motivated in running the operations. CAL has been successful in uniting many of the communities together which is a healthy sign for the nation as whole. Due to its will to make Pittsburgh a clean locality, the state itself must have attracted a lot of attention from other areas and communities motivating them to follow their footsteps which is a healthy sign for America as a nation.

CAL is asking for the minimum from every individual in the community and that is motivating for the individual to help CAL reach its objectives, the job is so simple that it does not require any teaching further reducing the chances of failure. CAL is trying to spread the word by conducting various meetings with the communities and it is spreading far and wide with no extra costs. CAL has successfully convinced most of the organizations to support it in reaching its ultimate goal. CAL has been able to manage events attracting a large number of groups that are helping CAL for its vision, as it is imaginable by the fact that 6000 volunteers collected 30 tons of waste. One of the key reasons to be successful is the CAL’s ability to attract certain members of community who spread the word inspiring other members and so it is going on and on and the number of communities helping CAL is growing every day.

CAL has been doing more for the community than one can think, to motivate the people working for CAL and helping it reach its noble vision, CAL has been giving away awards such as “I Litter”. CAL is also trying to do emotional appeal using different strategies such as “Human Streetcleaner” by letting people know that there is nothing wrong for even a person of managerial position to clean the streets and gutters. The biggest strength of CAL is to circulate the “Newslitter” which attracts more attention from communities and groups who remain aware of certain noble trends of the society.

CAL has been extremely successful in inspiring the community members, they all are proving helpful in making CAL work toward its ultimate goal. The society can work even more effectively if the communities feel united and do not make it competitive, however competition within the society would be beneficial for both, CAL and Pittsburgh. The communities should however do not judge each other and consider the fact that all are working for a noble cause; this would help CAL reach its goal more effectively.

There are certain weaknesses for CAL as well, the biggest of them is its dependence on volunteers and number of people in the community without who CAL would never be able to reach its target. Not only CAL is dependent on people but also other organizations that are working closely with such matters. CAL cannot work on its own if not provided help by the organizations offering help with the provision of bags, gloves etc. CAL is having no budget and a financial support at the back, if at some point it requires the financial support then it may be hard to find and the strategy could fail. Another weakness is the number of different communities it is triggering, any riots within the areas can have a devastating result on the CAL’s overall strategy as there would be no one willing to work with each other and hence it could be a drawback.

CAL encourages different communities but they have their own days such as black community is required to work on Saturdays and the Jewish community on Sundays, it seems to be a restraint. The biggest weakness of CAL is that it is being reactive rather than proactive, it could make an attempt to convince the communities not to spread litter in the first place and so it can nip the evil in the bud.


The weaknesses are also challenges for CAL, one of the challenges is to convince the communities to work closely by eliminating the differences among. The other challenge is to extend the plan from Pittsburgh to nearby states so that they can react as well to make America a clean place altogether. As CAL is dependent on the people it could be extremely hard and at times impossible to convince all of them to work for this noble cause. The efforts made to make CAL a success could also be helpful in the personal lives of volunteers or students. There is a lot of learning going on at every single stage and so CAL may teach the true meaning of patience to the volunteers. Students may also need to join for such a cause and this could prove to be a healthy activity teaching different concepts such as dignity of work and working as an effective team.

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