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Cisco Company’s Corporate Strategy Research Paper

Background Information

Cisco is a business leader in the provision of networking services. It offers internet solutions to individuals, corporations, and countries to enable them access information easily.

The idea of these services was borrowed from a couple, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, who wanted to link their computer systems together. Through their innovation, they formed a multi-protocol router. This opened potential for the world to link computer networks together, just like the telephone networks. A group of scientists from Stanford University founded Cisco in 1984.

They renovated and developed routers and switches, storage networking, wireless LAN among others to form a wide range of products and service. They began competing in the Local Area Networks. Today, they have advanced to become a global leader internet and intranet services (Graduate School of Business Stanford University, 2000). The following is an analysis of Cisco Company and the contributing factors towards its excellent performance in business.

An Analysis of Cisco

The company’s mission statement is “to always communicate with transparency and Integrity” (Cisco Systems Inc, 2012, para 1). The vision is “to be the Best in Class for Cisco’s Investors and Analysts and to be the Strategic Partners for Management” (Cisco Systems Inc, 2012, para 1).

The core company values are corporate citizenship and a dedicated customer focus. It has endeavored to help the communities to prosper by meeting the needs of the society. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company has established Cisco Networking Academies in more than 128 countries. This also includes programs to promote environmental conservation and charity. Students are taught on designing, building, and maintaining computer networks (Cisco Systems Inc, 2012).

The modern customer requires a value added product or service. Thus, the company focuses on technical expertise to promote customer satisfaction. Customers delight in the superior products provided with a warranty range of limited lifetimes. It also offers financing and leasing opportunities to its customers and partners to give them the ability to acquire new technologies or update the existing ones through programs that are flexible and easy to use (Cisco Systems, 2003).

Cisco’s corporate strategy was based on client attention in which the company sought to surpass the anticipations of the clients. The company worked closely with the enterprises, service providers, and small and medium businesses to grow its markets. Customers have a perceived value that this brand offers products that are secure, and of a quality that is reliable and high performance (Graduate School of Business Stanford University, 2000).

Employee satisfaction is high because the company supports its employees to ensure that they are comfortable while working inside and outside the job environment. For instance, employees with young children do not have to worry about leaving their young kids at home.

They have been provided with an on-site day care and a flexible schedule that allows them to work from home for at least 2 days in a week. Their health is also improved by the provision of a pharmacy and free consultation services where minor ailments can be treated. The working experience is great and the company has a talented workforce with a learning culture. The younger employees are trained by the senior ones to improve on their competence (Glass door, 2007).


Cisco specialized in building a brand to become a market leader in networking products and services. Through its employees, the company has identified its market needs and has surpassed client expectations. It has the potential to grow continuously since skills and expertise are passed down from the senior employees to the junior ones. It has added value to the society by improving communication through its products and the general welfare through CSR projects. Cisco creates a positive impact in the society.


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