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Communicating in a Multicultural Workplace Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Nov 12th, 2021


Communicating in a Multicultural Workplace is a matter of great importance. With a flow of time companies more and more tried to implement the most optimal decisions for making their global internal communication productive. Some of the points concerned with this idea presuppose the need for making communication more comprehensive and effective for making production process reliable and competitive. In other words, people are intended to have skills in communication with other people, so that a multicultural dimension of a workplace represented no obstacles in a process of a company’s development.


Social issue

Many people are convinced that there is no problem while working in a multicultural or multinational workspace. In reality there are several reasons of why such perspective seems to be difficult. First of all, in the United States still there is a huge problem of racial discrimination, which is not solved yet. In this respect it is a challenge for a company to make the administration understand the value of this issue. As the company is directed to achieve positive results in its activities with partners and customers, then it should correlate the work of departments as for a good functioning, as if they are separated and produce their kind of products or services. In this case, issues of ethnicity and cultural coloring of the company should be statistically analyzed by the top personnel in terms of communicating and gaining of positive feedbacks from every department.

Technological issue

Second, living in the era of high technologies and a major flow of scientific research in the field of information systems it is convenient and strategically vital to implement different IT technologies. It would support communication not only in a multicultural, but also in a multinational workspace. The use of information systems in a global estimation of a company’s elaboration provides a quicker communication and link between parent company and its subsidiaries throughout the world. 2.0 web technologies provide businesses with social networks and internal platforms for the urge of the personnel verification. The significance of suchlike “web” relationships provides an easier and more convenient way for communication. Moreover, there is no necessity to meet with a person due to his/her business during a definite period of time. Multinational dimension of the workplace needs to be equipped with newly updated software for making information exchange. Furthermore, such kind of communicational activity develops a growth of interpersonal concernment within employees in terms of their main professional goals. This provides an idea of stronger emphasis on the interpersonal communication skills which every ordinary employee should possess at his/her disposal. The last news provides glimpses at the idea of using the most innovative technologies by major international and multicultural companies in terms of knowledge and collaboration management improvement (Laudon and Laudon 374). In this respect the problem of multicultural workspace is not so difficult when it is based on high technologies, so that the administration may have a direct connection toward employees with backward feedbacks, as a result.


Thus, summing up what was described above, one should take into account two main components for making progress in a multicultural workspace: first, to reckon with a cultural peculiarities of employees, so that to provide an atmosphere of trust and understanding; second, to move toward communication by means of newly updated information systems. Both criteria are based on the social and technological improvements needful for a modern multicultural company.

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