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Communication in the Workplace Report (Assessment)

A statement describing my career goals

After completing my degree, I am aspiring to work on a medical science career. My major goal is to study human infections and conditions to improve health. This can be achieved by carrying out biomedical research and improvement. I am also planning to establish a foundation of fresh vaccines, medicines, and treatment methods. The other career objective is to efficiently apply medical skills and professionalism in performing my duties. I also want to execute my responsibilities, according to the mission and objective of my employers, to strategically improve my career. Besides, I am especially interested in working with the GlaxoSmithKline Company, considering that its services are in line with my career objectives.

The profile of GlaxoSmithKline Company

This company is not only a non-profit making pharmaceutical organization but also research-based. It mainly focuses on the learning and development of innovative medicine. This is aimed at improving the health of patients across the world. The company is considered to be one of the leading research organizations in Canada (Ebizguides 2005, p. 174). Therefore, it becomes one of the most preferred organizations to work with. GlaxoSmithKline Company produces many prescription drugs and approved vaccines. It is also widely known for the production of consumer healthcare products. International and governmental health organizations are some of the company’s clients. For instance, it supplies prescription drugs and vaccines to both private and public hospitals.

Profile of the person interviewed, questions asked, and a summary of the response

I arranged and interviewed Dr. Stephanie Burns, considering that she had a career similar to my professional ambitions. She is the non-executive director of GlaxoSmithKline Company (Kumar & Satish 2007, p. 121). During the interview, I had the opportunity to ask her various questions concerning the company’s workplace and their important forms of communication. First, I wanted to get her opinion concerning the importance of excellent communication skills in their office.

Additionally, I asked her the factors considered in evaluating the level of communication skills in their workplace. The third question I asked was the amount of weight put on evaluating communication skills when conducting interviews for vacancies within their organization. I also asked the most preferred type of communication skills, between oral and written, preferred in their workplace. The other important question is that I wanted her to explain the types of oral communication considered to be essential. If the company preferred written communication, then I wanted to have enough information on the type of written communication essential in their place of work.

In response to my first question, Dr. Stephanie Burns said that excellent communication skill is important because it enables workers to communicate with each other both verbally and in writing (Chambers 2000, p. 289). According to her, scientists need to have effective communication skills as they can use it to communicate their research findings to many audiences. By attending seminars, workers can familiarize themselves with different ways of communication.

She further said that the company considers several factors in evaluating the level of communication skills in their workplace. They majorly look at how people talk, the words used, and their body language. When conducting interviews, the company does not only put a lot of weight on the character of the people being interviewed but also their goals and how they reason. She said that GlaxoSmithKline Company put a lot of focus on verbal communication skills, considering that it is the most preferred in their working place (Uden & Beaumont 2006, p. 99).

The company also prefers the use of gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Dr. Stephanie Burns also said that their organization focuses on various forms of written communication like repetition and redundancy.

Example of written communication relevant to the workplace

Vaccination is the most appropriate defense against sixteen major diseases. Additionally, it is also considered to be the most important gift from the parents. The process should begin at an early stage and continue as the child grows. Children are always immunized against diseases like smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, and measles (Healthychildren.org 2013, para 1). Currently, children and adults are vaccinated to prevent more infections.

Older children should also be immunized to prevent diseases like hepatitis, Varicella, influenza, and polio. Statistics indicate that vaccination programs are the most secure in the world. It is because they are put under various assessments before being declared safe. Only a few cases of health problems caused by vaccination have been reported ever since.

Therefore, parents are advised to stay on schedule when their children are under vaccination. The audiences in this context are those parents who have young children who require vaccination. The other audience is the older people who always think that it is only the children to be vaccinated. The major purpose of this article is to inform the public about the importance of vaccination. Additionally, it also explains the types of diseases which can be prevented through vaccination.

List of References

Chambers, H. (2000). Effective communication skills: for technical and scientific professionals. Cambridge, Mass, Perseus.

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