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Company Profile: Western Water Report

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Western water is a utility provider operating in Australia’s west region. The company believes in the continued conservation of water resources by both individuals and organizations. This reflects their ideology of stability, echoed in all their undertakings. Their ambitions are strongly influenced by their clients, by implementing corporate plans, to ensure the entire organization participates in creating a sustainable future (Western Water, 2010).

Company ideals include; sustainability, integrity, commitment, leadership, fairness, accountability and inclusiveness. If implemented, all these principles will propel the company forward towards achieving its vision of sustaining restricted water resources. They propose that we should assume control of the future by proactive management, hence compel environmental sustainability. This set of principles make them esteemed service providers based on customer evaluation both locally and nationally (Western Water, 2010).

The company provides water, sewerage and water recycling services to an average 55,000 people. This is an enormous responsibility, given the region has received below average rainfall for more than 10 years. This has led to an occasional dependence on the Melbourne supply system. Future plans are in place to cut down water wastage and improve on the collection and preservation of rain water (Western Water, 2009, p 3).

Organisational Structure

The highest decision making organ is the board of directors, made up of seven persons. They have set up four committees, nominating members from among themselves. All challenges encountered in the daily company operations have been divided into these four classes. The managing director answers to the board, doubling up as the secretary.

The board committees have in turn established advisory and reference groups. Even though they may not be concerned unswervingly in the administration exercise, they form a critical arm of the guidance and oversight team (Western Water, 2009, p 14).

General management comprises the next tier. It has also been divided into three sections; commercial services, sustainability, and the customer and community relations. As denoted by their names, they execute different agendas of the company. With the exception of the department of customer service and community relations, the rest report to the advisory and reference groups, in addition to the managing director.

The department of commercial service deals directly with financial services and renewable resource regulation. Sustainability is in charge of asset management, water systems and capital investments, while that of customer and community relations oversees communications, information services and customer relations (Western Water, 2009, p 14). Other sectors that coordinate happenings in all departments are human resources, employee relations, and organisational developments and risks.

Strategic Plan

As a major stake holder in the Weribee project, western water is a key contributor to development of technology that enables the use of recycled water on a large scale. It has established targets of 100% used water recycling rate in 2013 is achievable, with particular focus placed on using recycled water for all non consumptive purposes (Western Water, 2010).

In a bid to increase its capacity, the company is expanding its sewerage plant. This will result in increased flow to sewerage plants within the city. This will guarantee an increase in the volume of recycled water; hence sustainably substitute the use of consumption water for other purposes.

Also commissioned is an additional reservoir to increase its water holding capacity, hence ensure sustainable services to its subscribers. This is in line with their objective of 100% efficiency and sustainable exploitation of water as a resource (Western Water, 2009, p 72).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ensuring sustainability is an area of interest to Western water. They have worked hand in hand with several state governments and local communities towards environmental conservation. Community based organizations have also been roped in on several occasions. Some notable projects include research on wind energy, tree planting among others.

Its main area of societal enhancement supported by this organization is education. The company has invested in school programs for small children, where they are taught the importance of water conservation. The children participate in awareness programs, recreational activities, charity ventures and art to promote the concept of conservation (Western Water, 2009, p 74).

Assortments of awards for students are issued to children to reward milestones they record. This is meant to motivate the under achievers to strive in subsequent sessions. In addition to publications availed at regular intervals, outstanding students are rewarded with scholarship programs.

The company is among the sponsors of the water week idol competition. School children are also taken to tours of water treatment plants at different stages of their elementary school years. This way, they are cultured to appreciate the importance of the procedures in the sites. It encourages creativity, since most of them adopt ideas for use in subsequent competitions (Western Water, 2010).

Customer Responsiveness and Quality

Great improvements have been reported in this sector since the implementation of recommendations from previous audit reports. Response to emergency calls is faster and better coordinated.

Delayed or defaulted accounts are handled with more consideration, with scrutiny performed before initiating legal action. There has been a reduction in both the planned and unplanned interruption of water supply. Reports of leaking sewer pipes have also reduced drastically (Western Water, 2010).

This is the aftermath of careful planning and continued maintenance of company assets. Annual evaluations are performed on the asset value, with servicing and repair initiatives done at specified intervals. This has been enabled by the use of closed circuit cameras and foot foaming methods for surveillance (Western Water, 2009, p 17).

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