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Cons of having Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Updated: May 29th, 2018

Whenever nuclear weapons are mentioned, it sparks fear and anxiety in many people. Currently there are very few countries that posses nuclear weapons or have intentions of acquiring them (Lee 45). Nuclear is a dependable source of nuclear power and coincidentally political power. Countries that possess nuclear weapons are widely feared allover the world.

The potential of destruction the nuclear weapons command makes them special tools for international negotiations (Fieldhouse 56). When two nations that own nuclear weapons are involved in a conflict, it is easier for them to negotiate as they both understand the destructive capacity of nuclear weapons incase war begins.

Many countries that own nuclear weapons are always researching and improving their nuclear weapons because they are seen as a source of national pride. This paper will discuss the cons of nuclear weapons despite the fore-mentioned benefits.

The discovery of nuclear weapons has brought a lot of destructions compared to benefits. To begin with, the nuclear power is a source of dangerous radiations that are very harmful to patients (Cohen & Lee 48). The emissions from nuclear power can cause very devastating effects to patients to an extent of causing death.

One fact that is universally acceptable is that nuclear weapons are extremely dangerous. A nuclear attack can literally wipe out everything within a radius of 15 miles leaving every thing completely destroyed (Leakey 121). The Hiroshima and Nagasaki case is a good illustration of how nuclear weapon can be extremely destructive.

Nuclear explosions are known to cause massive loss of lives and poisoning as a result of the dangerous radiations that are normally emitted. The area of impact by a nuclear attack becomes irradiated making it impossible to be used for construction and agricultural purposes.

The effects of a nuclear attack are felt by both present and future generations (Lambers 84). The generation that has experienced a nuclear attack has a high likelihood of giving birth to children with deformities (Child 42).

In conclusion, the case of maintaining and dismantling nuclear weapons is very high. The weapons need high protection because they are always a target for many terrorists.

In the case of a nuclear war, countries in possession of nuclear weapon face the greatest risk of being attacked by their enemies because they understand how dangerous they can be. Countries that possess nuclear weapons and power are always under great suspicion by peace organizations that see the probability of abuse by the nuclear nations (Szumski 123).

Nuclear power requires professionals who have special training to operate the nuclear plants. Nuclear wastes posses a great environmental threat because of their toxic nature which makes it difficult for proper disposal. Nuclear plants can not be established near residential areas because of contamination fear.

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