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Consumer Behavior: Communities and Law Essay

Consumer behavior is concerned with the reason and circumstances under which people buy products (Sandhusen, 2000, p. 7). This is in relation to where and how individuals do not or do buy products. In a broad perspective, it gives an overview of the decision making process that buyers are involved in. Consumer behavior tries to understand the influence that groups have on other people’s decision (on how they buy goods and services).

A customer is believed to play three distinct roles as a payer, user and buyer (Sandhusen, 2000, p. 14). Analysis of consumer behavior is important as it helps to know how the marketing environment will shift and change. This therefore demands that marketers should be able to know the different consumer behavior patterns that individuals will portray. It can be done by studying characteristics such as demographics and behavioral variables.

Membership of the western bulldogs’ football club

Membership to a football club is determined by various factors that consumers may be exposed to. This is because football is a leisure activity. Lifestyles will play an important role in determining how individuals become members of a football club like bulldogs. If people embrace games activities like football they will likely become members of the club.

Culture is also important in shaping consumer behaviors (Barzilai, 2003, p. 23). This is on whether they can become members of a football club or not. It is the belief that they form about a given activity like football. If people have a liking for such activities they will ultimately join the football club. On the other hand if their culture does not encourage football they will shy away from the club.

Market demographics will tell the kind of people around the football club. If there are many people with high incomes they are likely to become members. This is because they will desire to choose the best (Meredith et al, 2002, p. 8). Other demographics like age will favor the club as many people like youths will choose football as their leisure activity. In addition, location will also influence choice. This means that if the football club is located in a densely populated area they are likely to get more members.

Changes over the past five years will likely indicate the trends that are expected as far as membership to football clubs is concerned. If changes being witnessed show that many people are joining football clubs, the club has to be prepared to admit more new members. The opposite should be anticipated if clubs have experienced low memberships.

There are various attitudes and beliefs that will influence people’s decisions in relation to football. This means that if they have a good attitude towards football they will likely embrace membership (Loewenstein, 2007, p. 9). On the other hand, if they belief that football is not worth being embraced they will not become members.

Advanced diploma in business (international business)

Advanced diploma is educational product. Consumer behaviors seem to be very dynamic in the education sector and more so in international business. This is because it deals with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. There are various reasons that will encourage or discourage people/students to enroll for an international advanced diploma.

Different people have diverse lifestyles as far as education is concerned. If they are rich they will want a high class advanced diploma and this will influence their behavior on choice. There might be a culture where individuals do not embrace international institutions and this will likely influence others on choice. This culture explains their perceived views on advanced diplomas in business. They might also not have a liking for diplomas in business courses.

Demographics can be varying in international perspectives (Meredith et al, 2002, p. 6). This is because with increased population there are many youths who provide a large market that will demand more advanced diplomas. The opposite will likely take place in any scenario. Incomes vary and they play an important role on choice. There might be specific changes that have taken place in advanced diplomas and this will influence the choice that students and parents make.

In extreme cases, there might be negative changes that will make individuals shy away from advanced diplomas. What people believe in and their attitudes will play an integral role on how they form an opinion (Loewenstein, 2007, p. 7). If there is a belief in international advanced diplomas, people will ultimately make choices in its favor. There might also be a bad attitude about these diplomas and this will form different consumer behaviors.

An Ipad

Ipad is a tablet computer that has been vibrantly marketed as a platform for visual and audio media (Peers, 2010, p. 7). It also has web content. Because of this, it is an international product that is ultimately exposed to various consumer behaviors. The current consumer is more informed and as such is demanding with various lifestyles (Peers, 2010, p. 14). There are those people who are used to highly technical products like Ipad and as such will embrace it. In countries where such lifestyles are not there, people are not likely to embrace Ipad.

Because of technology, different countries have seen their culture evolve in various ways. This has been mostly reinforced by governments. It therefore implies that in cultures where people embrace Ipads and related products there will be a positive consumer behavior towards the product. Countries like China have high market demographics because of the population and as such will provide a big market for Ipad.

This is likely to influence consumers towards such products because of diverse tastes within the population. Changes over the past five years have embraced technology and this means that more consumers are buying tablet computers like Ipad. These changes have enabled individuals to influence others positively towards the product.

People’s attitudes and beliefs favor Ipad. This is because people believe that technological advancements are making life more comfortable. As mater of fact, individuals are making positive choices by buying products like Ipad and IPhone. Emerging trends are also encouraging people towards the use of technological advancements like Ipad.

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