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Coordinate the Work Environment Report

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Updated: Sep 23rd, 2022

Monitoring employees’ performance is critical for any organization, a company’s profitability and customers’ loyalty are dependent on the commitment of the workforce (Rehman, Shareef, & Ishaque, 2012). In this case, various indicators and standards such as “average tenure of employees”, quality of the completed work, and time required to complete a particular task can be used to measure the effectiveness of the employees (Mathis, Jackson, & Valentine, 2014, p. 378). The feedback about the employees could be given in personal emails or private meetings. The staff who does not meet the set goals have to be informed and given some time for improvement. Detailed feedback will help increase the efficiency of the employees faster. Meanwhile, the individuals, who pursue excellence, have to be offered a reward and praised for their efforts (Mathis et al., 2014).

As for the conflicts, it is critical to find a suitable negotiation pattern to have a win-win result. Following this concept will assist in building trusting relationships within the organization. It remains apparent that I as a supervisor had to use assertive communication to avoid future conflicts and develop trusting relationships with the employees (Potts & Potts, 2013). Consequently, I have to discover the position of the opponent and evaluate the argumentation for his position in the first place. Next, I have to highlight the benefits of his/her opinion and explain my viewpoint. At this step, I have to take into account his/her potential interests and propose alternative win/win solutions in case of disagreement. The consequence of following this negation pattern will be a win-win outcome, as both parties will be able to satisfy their needs.

The supervisor and HR practitioner have to be able to recruit, select, and induct the candidates and staff wisely. The employees are the critical assets of the company, and its success is dependent on the decision-making during the hiring procedure (Rehman et al., 2012). Speaking of recruitment, a job posting is the first step of the hiring process (Mathis et al., 2014). The description of the job has to be clear and concise, as it has to contain only the essential information about the offer. This procedure will assist in doing the initial screening and ease the recruitment process (Mathis et al., 2014). The information can be posted on the online Internet panels, and the organization can contact recruitment agencies if it experiences any difficulties with finding suitable candidates.

The next step is the selection of the candidates, as the company’s efficiency is dependent on the actions of the HR department (Mathis et al., 2014). To ensure the effectiveness of the selection process, the company has to assess the background of the applications. Meanwhile, conducting an interview will help reveal whether the candidates have appropriate communication skills and are able to find solutions in different situations proposed in the case scenarios. Simultaneously, the assessments and tests have to be used to ensure that the individual will be able to meet the standards of the company (Mathis et al., 2014).

Lastly, one cannot underestimate the induction of the employees, as it helps a newcomer to become a part of the team (Mathis et al., 2014). In this case, training will help a new candidate to adapt to the working environment. Meanwhile, providing additional assistance, using multiple learning techniques, and explaining the guidelines of the organization will benefit a worker and help him/her become an important part of the company.


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