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Costco Company Clients Protection Essay

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Updated: Jul 22nd, 2021


Many of you might have heard about the recent salmonella outbreak, which has affected a great number of people living in the United States. In particular, the data, which have been provided by the Centers for Disease Control, indicate that approximately 7,500 could be infected with this virulent disease during 2013 1. More importantly, many of such cases might not have been reported people. This trend has been observed in different parts of the United States. This is one of the issues that should be taken into consideration. The following chart2 illustrates the number of illnesses in the United States during the period between 2013 and 2014.

The number of illnesses in the United States during the period between 2013 and 2014

Although the number of hospitalized people has decreased at the beginning of 2014, the management of Costco will not neglect this issue, such an epidemic can break out once again if no action is taken. Apart from that, medical workers say that many of the conventional drugs are not efficient for treating this disease1. This is one of the reasons why this issue seems so disturbing to healthcare professionals and governmental officials. In addition to that, this problem can adversely influence food manufacturers that must eliminate the threats to the life and health of clients. It should be kept in mind that people can be infected with salmonella through food, especially chicken meat. Thus, companies that retail these products should pay close attention to this problem. Currently, it is reported that chicken infected with this virulent disease is still available on the market. So, many clients may lose confidence in the responsibility of food retailers.

Nevertheless, Costco can assure you that by purchasing chicken from our company, you will not endanger your health in any way since we will do everything to ensure your safety. This letter is aimed at explaining what Costco intends to do to minimize the risk of contamination. Hopefully, you will be willing to consider our arguments.

Admittedly, some of the food retailers still sell the products provided the suppliers that violated the safety standards set by Food and Drug Administration1. This detail should be taken into account. We understand that clients can be extremely concerned about the quality of food offered by Costco. This issue is of great importance for food retailers whose financial performance depends on the attitudes of customers who are the major stakeholders of these organizations. To a great extent, this trend can adversely affect the entire industry. In turn, we are keenly aware of this threat, and the company will take urgent measures to eliminate any risk of infection.

We value the trust that you put in our company. Moreover, we know that the new salmonella infection can be resistant to many of the existing antibiotics. So, this threat should not be underestimated by business administrators of food retailers. These people should understand how their business activities can affect the welfare of clients. On the whole, the management of the company understands that it cannot shift responsibility onto suppliers or other business partners because this approach is counter-productive, especially in the long term.

Moreover, it can result in significant losses in the future. Therefore, it is our major duty to address this issue as quickly as possible. We understand that it is not permissible to turn a blind eye to this problem.

Overall, we have developed a set of safeguards that will cut the flow of infected chicken to the market. First of all, the company has already removed almost 9,000 rotisserie chickens, which were procured from the supplier that is suspected of violating FDA norms1. Although not of all of these chickens might have been infected with salmonella, this step was critical for protecting the health of clients who expect only high-quality products from us. Additionally, we will run a new safety program that will minimize the risk of salmonella infection to the minimum. For instance, each of the chickens will be cooked at 180 degrees since, in this way, one can fully eradicate the dangerous germs. More importantly, the company will end its partnership with suppliers that do not comply with the safety standards adopted FDA. Certainly, this policy may result in additional expenses for our company.

Moreover, we will need to search for new business partners. Nevertheless, this step is vital for retaining the loyalty of clients who are much more important for the long-term sustainability of Costco. Additionally, we will implement a training program for the employees. These people will practice safety procedures that can increase the safety of products. These are some of the main steps that Costco intends to take shortly.

As a representative of the retailing industry, we understand that the financial performance of Costco depends on the ability of the company to address the concerns of our clients. Due to various factors, the consumption of chicken meat has declined significantly over the last decade1. In turn, this issue can make customers even more reluctant to purchase this type of products in the future. So, this trend can be catastrophic for many retailers, including Costco. Therefore, the main priority of our company is to protect the safety of clients in the most efficient way. We will make sure that by purchasing food from us, our clients will always receive products which are free from any dangerous bacteria. These are the main message that we want to convey to our clients.

Provided that you have any concerns, you can contact the representatives of the company. They will be ready to respond to each of your questions regarding the safety of food. You can also contact our representatives via email. Each of your questions will be answered within three business days. Furthermore, you may tell you about the best ways of increasing the safety of food products. Some of their suggestions can be very helpful.

Hopefully, you will be ready to work with Costco in the future. The company will do its best to meet the expectations that you set. We understand that our customers are critical for successful performance. We will implement a set of programs that address each of the problems that you may be concerned with. So, we hope that you can continue to purchase food products from us. If you choose to work with our company, you will be able to find the best ratio of price and quality. These are the main points that can be made.

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