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Paradise Corporation: Decision Implementation Essay

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Updated: May 26th, 2020

Factors affecting decision implementation in an organization

It is not easy for senior managers in an organization to make and implement policies. For instance, if a decision in Paradise involves salary reduction, retrenchment or even extension of working hours one of the most critical aspects could be to consult workers. Without worker’s support, the strategy cannot succeed at all. Nevertheless, if a policy is applied against the wishes of the majority the stakeholders are affected negatively since productivity is lowered. There can even be the possibility of strikes and protests that may possibly affect the services offered to clients.

Another factor that hampers immediate decision realization is whether other alternatives exist. An attempt to pursue other available alternatives causes delay in decision implementation. In other words, extensive consultation impedes decision implementation even though it is inevitable (Langdon, 2001). To guarantee victory in an organization, all possible options should be evaluated carefully before choosing an alternative with optimal benefit.

Various departments in an organization are normally involved in the policy formulation and implementation. Sometimes top managers in an organization take divergent perspectives as regards to policy execution hence a concession may perhaps be made in order to reach at a common decision. Certainly, this consumes a lot of time, energy and resources. Implementation of long-term policies calls for tactical planning systems. Such tactics reduce time and energy wastage in an organization. Paradise corporation should adopt the above policy to guarantee smooth and effective implementation of decisions.

Scheduling and directing are key aspects in policy formulation and implementation because they guarantee accurate conflict resolution. Besides, decision makers need to ensure that before coming up with policies, respective departments are allocated enough human and physical resources for policy implementation. The aim or objective of a particular policy should be explained in detail so that it does not confuse implementers. Finally, as earlier stated, any policy should have enough the support of everybody in the organization for it to flourish.

Evaluating resources and actions required for decision implementation

A policy maker needs to influence workers and convince them beyond doubt to assist in endorsing the formulated policy. Any policy should be communicated to relevant authorities on time to avoid last minute rush. Conversely, the decision maker needs to understand the decision well for it to be implemented in perfectly. In addition, the policy maker also needs to identify the stage that need resources and recommend how to obtain such resources. Since conflicts may arise at policy implementation stage, managers must understand the causes of such conflicts and plan in advance how solve or tackle them.

To ensure that available alternatives are comprehensively covered, seminars should be arranged in order to expound the tenets of a policy. Although the seminars might be time consuming due to many consultations, managers have no option but to get prepared in enduring them. Decision makers must get consent from relevant authorities and liaise with those directly affected by the policy.

A number of reasons may lead to rejection of a policy. Indeed, not all ideas are relevant to an organization. Others may be aimed at punishing certain individuals hence assessment of policies is necessary. One of the factors that can lead to rejection of a proposal is validity of the policy. Any solution that does not tackle the problem efficiently, is unrealistic or does not incorporate the wishes of the majority is often opposed. Another reason for rejection is the nature of the problem. If the proposed solution has adverse effects to the lives of employees, it should then be evaluated carefully. Other factors that may lead to resistance include individual needs and expectations, resistance to change, mistrust and poor timing of the policy (Langdon, 2001).

An administrator should always strive to ensure a solution is implemented successfully. For this case, he/she has to employ a number of tactics. Administrators from time to time attempt to persuade workers and other stakeholders in an organization to accept new policies.

For the last one decade, it has turned out so essential for any formulator to justify the amount and type of resources to be spent in the implementation process. Policies that seem to consume many resources are usually opposed. In this sense, a policy maker should come up with desirable strategies that appeal to the needs and desires of various stakeholders. An administrator must explain to workers how the solution is going to solve organizational problems. Finally, listening to people’s ideas would be prudent since the administrator may come up with other strategies of policy implementation.

Evaluating the ethical implications from stakeholders perspectives

Whether it is a big group or few individuals, the capacity for any organization to think, behave realistically and react morally is vital. The management should have the capacity to identify the desires of its members. For long, stakeholders are known to have the need and desire of belonging as well as actively participating in organizational activities. The stakeholder theory argues that all persons should be treated uniformly despite the fact that a few individuals may perceptibly contribute more to the development of an organization. The managers are advised to keep off from their personal differences and aspirations in case they are to achieve organizational goals (Robbins, 2004). Furthermore, they should analyze the wishes and desires of stakeholders and go ahead to fulfill them.

To influence the viewpoints of stakeholders, it is imperative for an organization to develop high levels of competency. They must convince stakeholders to accept the wishes of workers in an organization in order to achieve high moral standards. Outstandingly, the management should have the aspiration, determination and the expertise to ensure that other stakeholders’ ideas are appreciated within the organization. No single stakeholder is to be neglected or treated with low esteem. The management has to make sure that alternative ideas are not articulating thoughts or wishes of individuals as outlined in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Such needs or requirements could not be collective and hence not shared by the majority stakeholders. Consequently, the administration and the organization in general should rise to the occasion and perform the difficult duty of guaranteeing an ethical system in an organization (Robbins, 2004). Therefore, a decision maker has to adopt modern administrative techniques that ensure current management structures are put in place. This will greatly lead to efficiency in organization’s performance, authenticity as well as appreciation of cultural diversity.

In conclusion, a manager has to serve the organization with utmost faith and trust. Whenever executing duties, a manager should understand that he/she is actually the image of the organization. If an organization fails, then the manager would have failed and if the organization were to be declared bankrupt, then the manger would be held responsible. Finally, stakeholders are vital to the functioning of the organization. For this reason, they should be treated in the best way possible.


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