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Decisions in Paradise Paper Analytical Essay

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Updated: Jul 11th, 2019

Organizations are often faced with a hard time when making decisions and for this reason the critical thinking process is applied in such situations.

For an organization to be successful the process of decision making should be procedural. This ascertains that proper solutions are achieved in solving a problem because the decision making process is part of problem solving. The ANC Company is experiencing a lot of problems as it establishes its operations in the KAVA region.

Being a young company in a new region the company is likely to be faced with stiff competition, entry point barriers and other environmental obstacles that may require in-depth critical thinking as part of the decisions making process. Kava being a place that is embattled politically, economically and socially may not seem the best place to establish a company.

However, to the prospects the company has are great compared to the risks being undertaken. Based on the mission of the company of creating opportunities through the conversions of probable threats the company has to develop solutions that may impact the company as well as the people of Kava region.

As part of the assignment, the paper identifies a decision making technique that identifies possible solutions aw wells as providing an analysis of the steps that have been applied in the selected decision making model. The paper also gives the impacts the proposed decision making model may have on the proposed solution(s).

There are several decision making techniques or models applied in the course of achieving solutions. Some of those are active while the others are passive. The problems being faced by the ANC Company in Kava can be addressed using the brainstorming decision making technique.

The brainstorming technique involves application of critical thinking were possible the participants give the possible solutions to the problems facing the organization (Virine & Trumper, 2008). The reason why brainstorming has been chosen is because it offers room for various solutions to be made by different participants who share different perspective.

This can be health because the opinions given are directly related to the problem in hand. After the listing of all the possible solutions each participants is handled with the solutions are let’s say requested to select at least four or five that seem appropriate and the possible explanation to their choice (Virine & Trumper, 2008).

The advantage using brainstorming in decision making is that it allows extensive discussion of the possible solutions from where the most appropriate ideas are selected from. According to Virine and Trumper (2008) brainstorming to be effective it has to been carried like an art and for good result to be achieved a lot of emphasis and practice has to be applied.

The possible solutions to the problems faced by the organization in the new market would be following. The ANC Company is faced with external environment factors like threats from already existing companies and the political and economic problems that face the Kava region. These can be dealt with in making a strong brand that can be competitive in the market.

The company can also initiate corporate social responsibility with the aim of helping in assisting solve the economic problems in the area. By employing the local residents can raise the economic living standards of the people thus receiving a positive response in the area.

It can also implement strategic planning that sees to it that the human resource management team is well established. On matter of finances, the company can merge with an already existing company that has good financial background s and share the same business core values and ethics.

To ensure that the work force is well equipped with the required skills and techniques, it is recommended that the company set aside a skill development program to incorporate the skills. A program of distributing the benefits should also be set aside where the locals selected leaders will act on behave of the community. If the recommended solutions applied the company can eliminate the problems it faces in short and long run period.

The process of brainstorming technique starts with identifying the possible problems being faced by the organization. Then the goals, weaknesses, objectives are critically analyzed in accordance to problems being faced (Bauer, Duffy & Westcott, 2006).

The cause and the effect of the problems are identified and the team with the help of moderator is involved n process of giving the possible solutions to the specified problems. According to Hicks (2004) the brainstorming technique can incorporate other techniques like the wildest idea, attribute listing, and the checklists.

The next step in brainstorming is the processing and evaluations of ideas or solutions. According to Hicks (2004) this step involves the subsequent acquisition of ideas from the participating members. After the ideas are given to and recorded either through writing or typing in a laptop for reference.

When the process of acquiring ideas is through the various participants are issued with a list of the solutions. They are entitled with the mandate of selecting the most promising solutions in regard to the problems laid in hand (Hicks 2004).

When the solutions are given they are compared and most appropriate selected. The selected ideas or solutions are developed into a more concrete and viable statements ready for verifications. Verifications ensure that they are feasible and they respond as mitigation measures to the problems under discussions. According to Hicks (2004) after verification of the ideas the best and applicable ideas are presented ready for the implementation process.

The model has several impacts on the proposed solutions development. It allows a collective thinking process where critical thinking is applied to select the most appropriate solution and feasible under the presented organizational goals and objectives.

Through inductive process, sound judgment and use of logic, possible solutions are realized. Probability is used in getting the best solutions. There is likelihood that the process ensures that the best ideas are selected and implemented. The negative impact brainstorming can have on the solutions, is that it cannot agree with all solutions.

This is because people have different ideas and opinions and consensus is applied in coming with the most agreed upon idea or solution. According to According to Virine and Trumper (2008) it only applicable to less complex problems and not to complex issues like technological innovations.

In, conclusion the solutions to the organization can be achieved through the use of the brainstorming decision making technique that allows involvement of many people. The technique allows collective critical thinking process which is a part of the decision and problem solving process. The best solutions are selected in the brainstorming technique are normally the feasible and most applicable in response to the given problems.

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