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Decisions in Paradise: Factors and Planning Issues Essay

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As one of the managers, who contributed to the decision-making and planning of the company, the challenging task I had was to establish the existence and operations of the organization in Kava. According to the task assigned by Mr. Chris, one of the greatest stakeholders and managers of the company, it entailed giving a description of the rationale and plan for the implementation of the proposed solution(s). Hence, the aim of this paper is to elaborate on determinant factors that affect the implementation of decisions in the organization, evaluation of the required resources and actions to affect decision implementation on the proposed solutions, and ultimately, a critical evaluation on the ethical implications from how the stakeholders view the proposed solutions in relation to the organization’s presence in Kava.

Basing on the information collected and analyzed from the previous assignments on decision-making (Decisions in Paradise II, 2010) KAVA is an island-based country whose location lies in the South Pacific region. This region has a mixed culture and ethnic groups composed of American, French, African, Spanish, and Asian tribes with dominating languages as per the tribes. Despite this population, 50% of the population remained torn in between Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam while, on the other hand, the economy of Kava flourished; spearheaded by tourism, petroleum, and the agricultural sector.

Factors and Planning Issues

Age is a limiting factor in Kava with a critical number recording the majority of the population falling under 15years of age. Therefore, this age bracket hinders the acquisition of skilled labor from that region. Decision-making may hit a snug because it is challenging to decide on the long-term effects that outside acquisition of expensive labor would have on the organization’s operations. Skilled labor in Kava remains a stagnating factor. During the evaluation, of age as one of the determinant factors, skilled labor crops up as yet another issue because the increase in operational costs and decisions made in effect to getting labor elsewhere relate to the lack of adequate, skilled task force from Kava.

Another underlying factor that holds the foundation of decision-making and implementation involves communication. This area has become the biggest barrier in information relaying in the organization because of the different tribes who communicate in different dialects. However, the organization that is new has to devise ways of learning and improving the communication channels in enhancing better operations.

Furthermore, cultural diversity resulting from the existence of different tribes in Kava poses another dilemma when it comes to decision-making; because this new organization cannot possibly revise all its policies and set goals to suit the individual tastes of the various cultural groups. The environmental changes that result due to a shift in the weather patterns have been observed as intensely unreliable hence the organization becomes incapacitated in preparation for disaster (Robbins, 2003).

Lastly, security concerns round up all the factors determining the decisions made and implemented in an organization because any internal or external security threats to the organization kill the business and the small entrepreneurs who might have had an interest in the business. Operations of an organization depend heavily on this to survive therefore the need to protect its establishment and management.

Proposed solutions and decisions

Legal requirements and business policy regulations need to be adhered to when conducting business in any country. Therefore, for the success of this organization, the appropriate information and legal procedures have to be followed, the social aspects and interpersonal adjustments are considered at length in order to acquire quality results. In an effort to prepare for the environmental shift and its implications, the organization needs to follow up strictly the environmental policies and regulations when developing its structure for the sustainability of the natural habitat. Moreover, the organization needs to be updated on the WTO regime and in return educate the community on the limitations and benefits of such changes.

The organization also needs to conduct that crucial data collection and analysis in an effort to equip the company with better strategies for the decision made and implementation. This data and knowledge are acquired to put the organization in a more prepared position to deal with disasters and unexpected issues arising. Additionally, more stress should be put on long-term and short-term planning when building the organization’s security, acquiring the labor workforce, and addressing operational issues with an aim of lowering the expenditure levels hence increased productivity.

Overall reviews on planning, implementation, proposed solutions, determinant factors, evaluated resources, and Ethical issues regarded

The organization needs to outsource adequate and more skilled workers in an effort to increase the output of the company; for infrastructure enhancement and human capital development.

Subsequently, the entire returns attained from the cheap labor can be harvested by training and developing the natives’ crude abilities and skills in business. While this is underway, the experienced organizational staff should be used to further educate the available labor force. The company management and professionals would then continue training and updating their staff and increasing their recruitment base from analysis of performances from the group under nurturing.

Additionally to establishing secure grounds for their operations, the organization needs to work in harmony with the governing body in Kava and liaise with other rural-based business groups, projects, and entrepreneurs to increase integration between the community and organization in establishing its presence (Fitzgerald, 2002).

The following chart illustrates this decision-making and solutions rationale for better understanding.

Decisions and proposed solutions

Efforts into nurturing the undeveloped labor force will transform the people of Kava into skilled workers and develop all the determinant factors into opportunity; well harnessed to benefit the organization and the community of Kava. The financial aspect of the organization’s funding can utilize the relationship acquired with governing bodies in Kava to borrow loans and stocks possessed by the rich merchants of Kava; to improve business quality and boost its overall turnover to supply the community’s demand. Later, the process to add value to the business would mimic the same steps used in developing the human capital in Kava through exhaustive utilization of the region’s resources; by focusing on the technological transformation of the organization.

Ethical concerns of the business will be managed by realizing the profit in the organization and sharing the returns with the community in terms of job employment, infrastructure development, charity contributions, community projects, improvement and enactment of better medical facilities, and the education of the young adults in Kava.


In conclusion, the planning and decision-making process cannot work and succeed alone but involves the incorporation and merge of each respective determinant factor discuss above in the paper. Resources might be limited, but all these coupled with the other issues present future greater opportunities to be exploited in business.


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