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Creating employment and business opportunities for ODA Report

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The Olympic Development Authority is an executive non departmental Public Body which is responsible to the Secretary of state for Culture, Media and Sport. The Olympic Development Authority was first started as a Statutory Corporation by the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics Games act 2006 on March 30th 2006 and it is also the Statutory Planning Authority for the Olympic Park Area (ODA, 2010).

The mission of the Olympic Delivery Authority which it does its level best to achieve is the delivery of venues, facilities and infrastructure and provision of transport facilities on time and performance of such activities on time and in a manner that ensures that there is maximum delivery of a sustainable legacy within the available budget.

In trying to create new employment and business opportunities locally, regionally and nationally, the Olympic development authority, the organization should carefully consider its PESTLE and SWOT analysis in order to create a human resourcing strategy that is effective and efficient and is in line with the goals, objectives and mission of the organization (Stevens & Loudon 2005, p.27).

PESTLE analysis on Olympic Development Authority

A PESTLE Analysis is usually used to take note of the external forces that affect an organization. A PESTLE analysis on an organization usually analyses the Political, Economical, Social and Technological Environment.

Political Factors Affecting Olympic Development Authority

This step involves a careful look at the political factors that influence the operations of an organization.

In most cases, political factors that affect an organization can either come with advantages or disadvantages.

In trying to ensure the delivery of its employment and business objective to “create new employment and business opportunities locally, regionally and nationally”, the Olympic Development Authority should consider all the duties and responsibilities that come to the organization such as the type of government in place and a democratic or dictatorship government which would ensure that the organization is able to perform all its duties without interference from the political leaders of the country.

It would also ensure that the organization would be able to take advantage of all the available opportunities and without any interference from corrupt officials especially from the government. Political factors such as legislation on minimum wage would also be a great influence on the human resourcing strategy that the organization would come up with (Henry 2008, p.57).

All organizations must stick by all the legislation rules concerning the minimum amount of money that they need to pay individuals on the work that they perform. Political factors also affect the laws on discrimination.

The Olympic Development authority has been fortunate enough to have carried out a public sector equality duties since its addition to the to the London Olympic and Paralympics Games act which was enacted in 2006 for public bodies.

For race duties, the Olympic development Authority ensures that there is promotion of equal opportunities for people for all races that have the needed qualifications or those that have already been employed by the Olympic Development Authority (ODA 2010).

The organization is also tasked with the development of great relations among members of the community who come from different racial groups. The organization is supposed to ensure that there is no harassment of individuals on the basis of their being disabled.

This is done because the organization is involved in the arrangement of activities that include disabled people and encourages promotion of equal opportunities for these individuals (Pahl & Ritcher 2009, 52).

The Olympic development authority is also supposed to promote positive attitudes which would encourage disabled people apply for jobs in the organization and to encourage the disabled people in the organization to feel more comfortable at the workplace.

Also in relation to the public sector equality duties that are affected by the political affiliation of the organization to the government to follow various rules, the Olympic Development Authority has a duty to identify all the policies and functions that affect the human resourcing function of the organization and ensure that they are adhered to (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington 2008,73).

The organization, together with the Olympics organizing committee is also supposed to ensure that they gather and analyze information that affects them and involve all the stakeholders in coming up with the correct decisions regarding creation of employment opportunities.

For example, the organization is supposed to completely get rid of employment discrimination cases that might exist in the organization based on gender and transsexual issues and introduce strict policies on matters that regard sexual harassment. Strict guidelines and measures must be put in place to ensure that no members of staff are sexually harassed.

The Olympic Development Authority must also ensure that it comes up with its own effective Voluntary codes and practices.

Failure to come up with effective codes and practices would lead the government to introduce its own codes and regulations which must be strictly followed by the organization failure to which might lead to imposing of fines or imprisonment of management members of the organization if the laws violated are in relation to human resources.

Economical factors

All organizations are affected by economic factors in both the national and global fields. Fiscal policy that is enacted at a national level affect all businesses in a country. National interest rate also affects the financial aspect of a company depending on how it has financed its business.

An economic climate will affect how an organization is able to get hold of its funds and how it spends these funds. In relation to creation of new employment opportunities for the Olympic Development Authority, a good economic climate would ensure that the organization is able to hire new employees and retain their current employees (Grant 2005, p.447).

A good economic climate would also ensure that the organization is able to take part in activities that would be able to bring in new and profitable business such as entry into new and promising business ventures with other organizations. In the business field, an organization requires money to make money and a good economic climate would ensure that the organization would have access to the funds.

The main intention of this is to make sure that it remains competitive in the market locally, regionally and globally. When an organization is in a good economic position, it can be able to hire the right members for the organization who hold all the required qualifications that the business needs in order to carry out its operational functions.

On the other hand, if an economic undergoes inflation, it is likely to have its financial position affected which would have a direct impact on its ability to employ and maintain employees.

If the Olympic Development Authority was in a poor financial position, it would probably terminate some of the contracts that it has with its employees in order to be able to stay afloat in the market. In so doing, the organization would still have to stick to all the legal rules that are tied to dismissing of employees (Pahl & Ritcher 2009, 80).

The legal department would prove very helpful in ensuring that the organization abides to all the labor laws of the country regarding to this act. This would help in the prevention of civil litigation which might damage the public image of the organization.

For Olympic Development Authority to become or remain successfully in the market, it should be able to shift its business position in relation to stakeholders that affect its economic position and condition (Phillips & Gully 2011, 48).

Social Factors

Social factors that affect an organization include demographic factors which can influence the Olympic Development Authority. The demographic factors include such things as age distribution and health consciousnesses, cultural factors and population growth rate of the stakeholders and target population for an organization.

With the increase in health awareness of most individuals, it would be imperative for Olympic Development Authority to market itself and get more people involved in the activities of the organization. Eating and social lifestyles of most individuals in the world have changed and the Olympic Development Authority can use this factor in its marketing strategy to market its business on the local, regional and national front.

The organization can run an aggressive campaign in the media to get people to enroll in the activities organized by the Olympic Development Authority (ODA).

Through the campaigns, the organization can use health experts like doctors, nutritionists and recreation management experts to sensitize people on the benefits of Olympics gathered by the organization. Illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure should be used to encourage people to take part in the activities of the organization (Tansky & Heneman, 2006, 59)

A majority of individuals suffer from these illnesses or know people that are close to them that have been affected by such illnesses and this would go a long way in helping the organization expand its market share locally, regionally and nationally through an increase in the clientele base and an expansion in the pool of the employees that are available for the organization to recruit and train and therefore, increase innovation in the human resources department.

The greater the pool of applicants to the jobs that are available in an organization, the greater the amount of creativity in an organization and therefore, the more competitive and economically advantaged an organization is compared to its competitors (Haderberg &Rieple, p.588).

Technological Factors

Technology has evolved bringing with it more opportunities for organizations to grow by increasing their product awareness in the market therefore, creating new business opportunities and employment opportunities in the organization.

With the growth of social networking sites like face book, twitter, my space and other sites, the Olympic Development Authority can be able to reduce the amount of money that the spend on marketing and advertising campaigns and instead use the money on innovation through their research and development initiatives.

Research and development usually lead to the best and competitive practices for an organization, therefore, placing the organization ahead of others in the industry (Hill & Jones 2009, 489).

Legal Factors

Legal factors affecting an organization usually include laws relating to an organization in regard to its health, consumer, labor, activity, discrimination and anti-trust law. The Olympic Development Authority has to ensure that it follows all the labor laws in hiring and compensating its employees.

Human resources are one of the most important professionals in an organization and they must be properly taken care of so that they remain productive in the organization. An organization that takes care of its employees in the way that it is supposed to ensures that it has a good reputation and image in the market. This eases the effort that the organization puts in dealing with its stakeholders (Bratton & Gold 2001, p.32).

Environmental Factors

These are the factors that are directly influenced or related to the environment such as climatic factors, geographical location, insurance and the people’s activities such as tourism. Tourism would be one of the activities that would have a great positive effect on the Olympic Development Authority by bringing in a great and diverse pool of individuals that would have a positive effect on the organization.

This would help the organization in its human resource strategies function by improving its public image. It would have an impact on the kind of people that would apply to get hired into the organization.

The higher the qualifications of the people who work for the organization, the better the productivity of the organization through creation of new opportunities to expand the organization and improve its performance in the local, regional and national front (Hendry 1994 p.40).

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis in an organization provides for a planning tool for organization based on the internal strengths of the organization, internal weaknesses of the organization, opportunities that present themselves to the organization and the threats that are available in the external environment surrounding the organization.

A SWOT Analysis for an organization can help it to make discoveries on what the organization can keep on doing in order to stay ahead of its competitors, which areas the competitors of the business organization excel in compared to an organization of their choice and why, to make discoveries whether the business organization is making full advantage of all the opportunities that are available to the organization and offer an insight into how best the organization can deal with challenges that might present themselves to the organization and use them to their advantage (Capon 2008, p.67).


The Strengths of the Olympic Development Authority include its organizational structure which is functional. Such an organizational structure ensures that all the departments of the organization are aware of the duties that they should abide by and most of the time they have targets that they should meet.

This is a good organizational structure for the ticketing and merchandising departments which usually fall under the sales department. When the human resources in these departments are of the sales targets that they are supposed to meet, they are more motivated which efficiently increases their productivity (Henry 1994, 33).

An introduction of bonus schemes when employees hit their targets is a great human resource and business strategy for an organization. Such an organizational structure is also a cost effective initiative for the whole organization since it reduces the number of employees on the payroll and all the present employees have their roles clearly stated.

When human resources in an organization have their roles and duties clearly defined, they are more productive which is an advantage to the organization since it means that it is more competitive when compared to similar organizations in the market (Hill & Jones 2009, 19).


The Olympic Development authority usually advertises its job opportunities on its website which no doubt greatly limits the number and pool of applicants to the available jobs. There are many individuals who are highly qualified and would be appropriate for the advertised jobs, but they might not have access to either a computer, internet access or both.

It would have a great impact on the pool of applicants available for recruitment to the Olympic development Authority if the organization would advertise its available jobs on a greater number of sites or media outlets for example on the newspapers or on social networking sites. A greater pool of applicants’ would mean that the organization would have access to more talented individuals.

This would therefore mean more innovation in coming up with great and competitive ideas. Advertising in more media outlets would also mean that the number of applicants that would apply to the organization would be more diverse.

The more the diverse the individuals hired into the organization, the more the ideas that will be shared increasing research opportunities for the company thereby, leading to effective and competitive means of increasing market share and productivity (Capon 2008, 45).


Since the Olympic development Authority is a growing organization, it can take advantage of its affiliation to the government to expand its market penetration. This can be through negotiation of tax grants or increased allocation of funds to expand into the local, regional and national market.

This type of affiliation would prove advantageous especially in comparison to private firms which might not have the opportunity of these privileges (Phillips & Gully 2011, 72).


Threats into the performance of the Olympic Development Authority include similar organizations which might have better and more competitive policies in their human resources departments. The impact of the correct human resources in the positions in organization cannot be underestimated.

The right human resources in an organization ensure that the needed work is done in an organization and that an organization is able to achieve the targets and needed growth. The right human resources strategies that recruit and maintain the right employees should be enacted in the organization (Phillips & Gully, 74).

Human Resource Plan

The organization should focus more on human resources strategy and increase the requirements that need to be fulfilled to in terms of age, gender, sexual orientation and religion.

Making the rules and policies clearer in relation to these parameters would foster a more positive working environment for employees and raise the caliber of employees that apply to the organization (Armstrong 2008, p.93). The organization would also have a variety of professionals to select from around the globe.

The Olympic Development Authority should offer growth opportunities for their employees through mentorship programs, strategic leadership practices and collaboration with government or private agencies that would create better opportunities with important local, regional or national partners.

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