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Critique Erin Brockovich movie Essay

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Updated: Jun 10th, 2019

Erin Brockovich movie was released on 17th March 2000. The movie involved six actors and became the best movie in the same year, a fact that brought speculations that the movie industry was going to gain more profits in the years that were to follow (Todd, 2000). After Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) lost her lawsuit against the driver, she demanded a job from the lawyer who represented her.

Her big mouth and wearing of trashy clothes made people to dislike her, but because of her tenacity and curiosity, she was given a job as a clerk officer. She dedicated much of her time to work hence getting minimal time to be with her family.

She was interested in investigating a real estate file that included medical records and she found out that Hinkley community had been poisoned by chromium chemicals which were leaking into the drinking water from a power plant.

The trust which Erin gained from the community helped Ed Masry to put together a winning case. Through examination of the evidence without a jury by the judge, the company was ordered to pay resettlement fee for the residence.

According to Wehner, (2003), the film was seen in two perspectives. Though there was a clear story in the film, Erin Brockovich does not make the story compelling. When the movie is critically analyzed, one cannot fail to note that it has a poor character development and that it lacks a well-articulated focus.

It is clearly seen that character development was poor and he film lacks compelling power and focus. Ms. Roberts in particular spends usually to show her prowess as a movie star as opposed to her well natured acting capabilities. The movie was seen to be harsh and lacked elements of truth.

The movie has various ethical issues; the paramount of them being effectiveness, most parts of the movie portrays effectiveness as seen from various actors. Erin was seen to be very effective in every part of the movie.

When it came to work, she did it well for example keeping files in the law firm and also helping Hinkley community in overcoming environmental problems by looking for information and filling a case which later led to the resettlement of the people. Ed Masry was also effective in helping Erin to fight environmental degradation. Good ethical relationships were also portrayed in the movie.

Erin had a good relationship with all the people she interacted with, she was trusted and supported by Hinkley community at large. In addition, her ability to persuade Hinckley’s’ community trust was through her good relationship skills. Aaron Eckhart used to communicate with Erin’s children and had a good relationship with them (Palma & Sanders, 2011).

Erin was seen to have an outstanding ethical behavior. She was seen to use various opportunities she came across hence utilitarian portrayed utilitarian tendencies. Despite being unemployed as well as a single mother, she used any opportunity she came across and made sure that she supported her family well. Though she was so much devoted to her work, she had time to attend to her family.

After losing her lawsuit case against a doctor, she asked for a job in compensation for the loss. She used everything at her disposal to get access to the medical files she wanted. She took the advantage and went ahead to help the community in finding a solution to the problem. Moreover, Erin is also egoistic; she keeps getting better, luminous and more in control. She believed in herself hence gained confidence (Norma, 2010).

Environmental management is a very important factor to consider in the process of conserving the ecosystem. Ecosystems are complex ecological environments developed over billions of years. In the movie, it was clearly shown that the common power plant had failed to conserve the ecosystem by depositing acid materials. The deposits were then leached into the water bodies altering the functioning of the ecosystem.

Chromium deposits did not only affect the aquatic system but also the residence through water contamination. In Hinkley, Several people died from effects of the chemicals and the aquatic life was also greatly affected. Thanks to the works Erin took a step of demanding resettlement of the people.

Through her file case demand, the company was ordered to pay resettlement fee amounting 333 million dollars which were supposed to be divide by 634 complainants.

After the release of the movie In March 2000, it was liked by many and it earned about 541.7 million dollars worldwide. The movie made the year 2000 promising for movies because of its initial setting. Focusing on a drama based on a true story around performing comedians was the best thing about this movie.

The film is so balanced in that Erin’s life at home is not neglected. Main achievement of the film remains to be Robert’s struggle to help Hinkley community which finally earned her respect. The directors could have achieved more by enhancing the movie’s plot development.


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