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Updated: Jun 14th, 2018

Runaway slave experience is a slavery viewpoint as narrated by Cuban run away slave known as Esteban Montejo. Esteban gives his harsh experience in the life of slavery between late 1800s and early 1900s. The experience also entails life and treatment of other slaves in Cuba. The slaves used to live in poor conditions especially in barracoons.

Filthy living conditions infested by parasites that were harmful to human health. The experience was harsh all through as diseases spread so much, due to small closed living quarters. The slaves were given small plots, where they would plant some vegetables.

The experience of the runaway slave was a clear show of perseverance and a strong heart throughout. When he escaped from slavery, he describes himself as a free man, although he used to live in the forest. He struggled in the forest while using banana leaves as shelter, and animal caves as his temporary house.

Everyone wanted to listen to him, after realizing he was a run away slave. However, after living for so many years as a lonely person, it became difficult for him to speak to people about his experience.

Both northern and southern parts had slave societies. Their only differences were their opinions concerning the slavery. The development of their economies marked the base for their differences. The northern part was more developed with industries and regular market revolutions. The presence of industries reduced the need for manual laborers in the place.

The southern part was an agricultural society that relied much on work force to work on their large farms. They needed more slaves for their productivity to remain high. Moreover, their views on ending slavery differed as one part needed slaves more than the other.

The African-American views on slavery were also different. It was a fact that the use of slavery was not profitable at all, but it was used for racial discrimination and to instill inferiority to Africans. This was a way of differentiating Africans from Americans. On the other hand, some blacks used to stress the importance of slavery, while others emphasized on stopping that practice.

The majority were campaigning for the end of slavery, as it was instilling fear to foreigners. Some African-Americanswere terribly oppressed, and slavery was the only way through which they could survive. Some were not even in a position to express their views, as they were considered inferior.

It was the wish of African-American to see the end of slavery in America. Both north and south had slavery societies; the only difference was that, one part needed fewer slaves than the other.

Given a choice, African-American would never be part of any culture of either northern or southern part. Joining any part, either south or north, African-American would be like contributing to the act of their discriminatory acts. On the other hand, it was also possible for African-American to be part of the northern part that had a developed economy.

The northern part had an advanced culture, in the same manner as their economy. It was believed that, northerners would stop using slavery earlier than southerners would. Their economy was advanced and was promoting their living standard through industrialization. It would be the wish of African-American to be part of this development, and work on industries rather than working on farms, which showed inferiority.

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