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Culture, Society, and Globalisation Essay


International and rural-urban migrations are actively discussed by scientists because some aspects of these processes are still not thoroughly researched. It needs to be said that there are both benefits and adverse factors that are associated with immigration.

It is paramount to note that international and rural-urban migrants have a mostly negative impact on the way culture and economies are shaped in global cities because their presence often leads to conflicts with native citizens and other substantial issues. The key aim of this essay is to draw attention to this fundamental problem, and it will consist of paragraphs that prove this point of view, and a conclusion.

Current Issues


The central problem that has to be focused on is that native citizens in global cities often struggle with employment. It is paramount to note that one of the primary factors that lead to such situations is that foreign workers are ready to accept wages that are much lower, and they can work in environments that are not safe, and this situation is taken advantage of by employers most of the time.

Dubai can be viewed as one of the best examples of complications that occur because of international migration. For instance, the dissimilarity between the numbers of immigrants and native citizens in this city is so enormous that foreign workers are viewed as significant threat (Hamza, 2015).

Furthermore, the government has reviewed its perception of immigrants and understand that that some severe risks are related to their interaction with native citizens. In addition, it is imperative to say that the economy of the city is extremely dependent on cheap labor. One of the primary issues that should be noted is that the situation may become incredibly unstable if there is a crisis that affects low-skill workers.

Moreover, inflation may also play a significant role because the housing market is influenced most of the time, and it is a threat to low-income employees. New York should be viewed as one of the best examples of a city where people of different nationalities co-exist.

However, the government places a severe limitation on the number of migrants that are allowed to enter the country, but illegal migration is still a significant problem that should not be disregarded and addressed. Also, remittance is a major issue because most migrants do not want to spend their money in the city that they live in and prefer to send it to their families and relatives in other countries.

For example, biggest amounts of money are sent to India each year from Dubai, and expatriates have a significant contribution. This particular problem is note-worthy because it limits the development of cities. However, it is understandable that migrants want to support their families, but more opportunities should be available because it is a significant barrier that hinders the possibilities for development of cities.

Moreover, the major problem is that foreign workers are currently not allowed to invest in businesses in Dubai, and they are faced with other substantial limitations. More specifically, some of the policies that are established are aimed strictly at foreign employees. However, it cannot be viewed as an efficient way to deal with this problem because it creates enormous tension.

Consequently, migrants understand that they are treated unfairly and often stage protests that are not allowed in some regions such as the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it is perceived as a significant issue by natives because it is hard for them to accept that some individuals do not respect their laws and traditions.

It is imperative to say that increase in the number of both international and rural-urban migrants is viewed as problematic most of the time because the overall productivity of the workforce is often reduced.

Overall, individuals that have moved from rural areas and less developed countries often struggle to find jobs because they do not have the necessary knowledge to use current software programs and technologies, but some professions are introduced to deal with the problem of unemployment (Zenou, 2011).


It also needs to be said that culture also suffers most of the time. Cultural diversity is necessary, especially when it comes to global cities. However, it becomes a problem when the overall identity of the region is in danger. The difference between religions is also one of the problems that need to be discussed. It is especially problematic in cities like Dubai, where Islam is much more dominating than the other ones.

It is hard for them to accept some of the customs and traditions of other nationalities, but significant progress should be noted. For example, native citizens often voice their negative opinions about immigrants in Moscow. The population of Tajik migrants is enormous, and it leads to several problems (Bakhromov & Levy, 2013).

It needs to be said that the people of Moscow is not as tolerant as in other cities, and numerous conflicts often occur. It is of vital importance to understand that language barrier is one of the central issues that need to be addressed. Additionally, it has to be said that tremendous influence of migrants already can be seen in most global cities, and some products and advertisements are aimed strictly at expatriates.

Another social issue that needs to be discussed is that most have an incorrect perception of other nationalities. However, it needs to be said that racism and discrimination are not as prominent as they once were, but they can still be perceived as significant threats to the development. Native citizens in some other major global cities such as Toronto are still not used to ethnic diversity, but the situation is getting better every single year.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is that individuals often migrate to regions that do not have developed diasporas because they view it as a significant benefit (Somerville, 2015). In addition, the dissimilarity between the numbers of male and female migrants is dramatic.

Evidently, the prime reason for such difference is that types of jobs that are offered to foreign workers often require only physical strength. However, it is necessary to say that some individuals move to global cities with their families to look for better opportunities.

It is essential to emphasize the fact that most of the migrants are low-skilled and lack education is a significant issue because it severely limits the opportunities for development of the cities (Hu, 2014).

In particular, Sydney has an enormous potential to provide unique global services that are related to knowledge, but significant percentage of migrants lack education, and this fact needs to be considered. Employers recognize the advantages that are associated with migration of the workforce and take full advantage of this fact from the economic perspective.


Safety of the region is in danger when there is a significant population of migrants. Firstly, one of the problems that need to be discussed is frequent confrontations between the groups that are formed. They are often armed, and numerous casualties can be frequently noticed.

The issue of terrorism is also quite significant, and should be taken into account because it becomes incredibly easy to organize attacks and other activities with the resources that are available in global cities (Sassen, 2002). This fact has a negative impact on both economy and culture of a particular region.

It is evident that people are likely to view a group of individuals of a certain nationality as terrorists, and it leads to a vast number of conflicts and confrontations that could have been avoided. Secondly, it is evident that high percentage of foreign workers may be viewed as a significant issue in case there is a military conflict because it will be nearly impossible to organize and evacuate the citizens.

More specifically, it is especially problematic in cities like Dubai that are extremely vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and it needs to be said that the country as a whole is in danger, and the government is looking for the solution that would help to resolve the issue that has occurred. The most significant threat that needs to be discussed is that migrants often have to endure appalling conditions, and it results in severe health problems.

Some of them are not vaccinated, not to mention that it can lead to a catastrophe in case epidemic breaks out. Therefore, diseases are spread among migrants at incredibly fast rates because some significant issues with health care are still present.

Similarly, sexually transmitted diseases are also extremely problematic because a vast number of migrants do not have the necessary knowledge about the measures that should be taken to guarantee the safety of sexual partners (Bakhromov & Levy, 2013). People of the same nationality often create communities that provide help to individuals that need it.

Moreover, such organizations are often viewed as threat because they may participate in criminal activities. However, it needs to be said that a recent study has shown that that immigration does not directly influences crime rates (Zatz & Smith, 2012). Nevertheless, drug trade may develop because of illegal immigration, and pathways for drug trafficking can also be introduced.

Easy access to stimulants is quite problematic because numerous complications are associated with substance abuse. The crucial aspect that should be considered is that it may cause significant damage to the economy because international companies are less likely to invest their capital in such regions.

Overall, the biggest issue that has to be addressed is that health and well-being of citizens may be in danger, and it is a humongous point of concern.


In conclusion, it is hard to argue with the fact that international and rural-urban migrations are essential for modern society. However, it needs to be said that numerous complications that are related to these processes are currently present, and it will not be an easy task to address all of them.

All things considered, the primary reason for the issues that occur is that there are tremendous differences between numerous cultures and traditions. Moreover, such drastic problems as racism and discrimination still exist, and it will not be an easy task to address all of them.

Nevertheless, tremendous progress in this particular area has been shown over the last few years, and it is extremely likely that new technologies that are being introduced will be able to resolve some of the problems.


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