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Customers’ and Employees’ Needs in Examples Essay

Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery


Pauli’s Restaurant and Microbrewery is a popular local spot that provides its services in six locations and owns a website with a detailed overview of its services and prices. The opportunity for customers to provide feedback about the services that they received is one of the key features of the site. Rather negative feedback has been received recently. The customer points to the low quality of services, the delays, the lack of attention from the waiters, and the fact that the delays mentioned above made them late for a night in the theater.


I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the feedback that you provided concerning the poor services received by you at your restaurant on Saturday evening. Kindly accept my sincere apologies for the inexcusable behavior of the staff and the low quality of the services provided. I would also like to thank you for bringing your friends with you to our restaurant before heading out to the theater. I am sorry for making you late for the show, and I want to do everything possible to compensate for this unfortunate accident. Please, feel free to contact me via e-mail or by phone (123-5678) to book our best table. I will do everything possible to make it a perfect evening for you and your friends.

First Internet Reliable Bank


The history of First Internet reliable Bank (FIR) started in 1994 when its three founders realized that the Internet had a huge potential for not only encouraging everyday communication but also developing business and helping people carry out financial transactions. FIR views pioneering Internet banking, building a network in which loan services and similar opportunities can be provided to customers. Despite the challenges that the company has been facing, its uniqueness compared to the traditional brick-and-mortar banks can be deemed as the primary competitive advantage that will help set it aside from similar services.


  1. The use of closed- and open-ended questions allowed retrieving essential information from customers. Particularly, the use of the identified tools led to retrieving crucial statistical data and understanding the customers’ perception of the services.
  2. FIR is aiming at attracting the attention of both individuals and organizations, thus creating an opportunity to expand its services and offer loans, bill-paying options, etc.
  3. The significance of maintaining the quality levels high and delivering the services of the required level is crucial for FIR at present. Therefore, the organization might want to consider merging or creating a partnership with another organization, so that the current number of liabilities could be reduced. Furthermore, extensive information about the threats associated with cybercrime and the need to use safety strategies to prevent identity theft will have to be provided to clients. Finally, the strategy that will help reduce expenses must be adopted so that FIR could explore new opportunities.

Gold Star Chili (A)


Gold Star Chili is a family restaurant that has been in existence since 1965. The organization is represented in around 100 locations and has been operating in a rather competitive environment. The company determines its needs and the key tendencies among target audiences based on the analysis of its annual reports. As a result, the company is aware of the essential business trends, as well as changes in customer demand and the latest technological opportunities that can be used in the food industry. The approach toward customer categorization used by Gold Star Chili is rather basic; the company singles out direct and indirect consumers among the members of its target audience. Gold Star Chili views respect and support as the key pillars on which its relationships with its customers are built. The low investment rates set by the organization, in their turn, attract franchises with which Gold Star Chili builds relationships successfully.


  1. Several moments of truth can be spotted in the scenario under analysis. For instance, the focus on retaining corporate values and providing a 24-hour customer support service can be viewed as a redeeming quality of the organization. The opportunities for reporting about quality issues can also be regarded as a moment of truth in the organization’s context. By using the identified aspects of the firm’s environment, one will be able to improve its performance extensively.
  2. Two main groups of buyers can be located among Gold Star’s target demographics. These include direct customers, e.g., restaurant visitors, franchisees, etc., and indirect ones. Meeting the needs of each group is crucial.
  3. The information provided by restaurant visitors and franchisees can be used successfully to improve the quality of services in the company, particularly, the issues with product quality and movement. Thus, Supply Chain Management (SCM) can be improved.
  4. Customer loyalty must be measured carefully and increased accordingly. Franchisees will have to be provided with surveys and questionnaires for measuring their satisfaction levels.

Golden Plaza Hotel


The Golden Plaza Hotel in San Francisco has recently gained a new General Manager, Sandra Wilford. Even though the current policies are promoting teamwork, the workplace environment lacks comfort and cooperation due to the turmoil created by the previous manager. As a result, a range of employees is unwilling to cooperate and engage in the active information sharing process. Sandra’s current concern includes understanding the needs of the employees and resolving the conflicts that have been brewing within the team, thus, compelling it every member to accept the company’s quality standards and focus on collaboration. The lack of trust toward managers can be deemed as the primary area of concern. Furthermore, the fear of personal responsibility for the possible failure of working in a team should be considered the key factor restricting cooperation in the team. Moreover, the issues associated with child care and schedule problems have become severe impediments to delivering high-quality performance for some staff members.


Sandra is currently facing a range of responsibilities, some of which include: childcare-related expenses, the necessity to address the needs of illiterate custodians, the complaints concerning the increasingly high difficulty of work for associates, the specific needs of the assistant manager, the problems caused by the previous general manager, and the fears to engage in teamwork that some associates have. To manage the specified issues, she will have to consider introducing gradual changes to the target environment, For instance, the promotion of literacy and independence, as well as the reconsideration of the current schedule, must be viewed as top priorities. Thus, the workplace environment will become more comfortable for all stakeholders involved.

The Hopeful Telecommuter


Jennifer Smith has been growing increasingly more concerned about her job at Northeast Zone due to the challenges associated with retaining her position as the number one supply chain manager. Even though she was eligible for maternity leave, she realized that being away from the workplace environment for so long is likely to trigger significant changes in her current position. Particularly, there was a tangible threat that, upon her return, she would be provided with a less satisfactory and worse-paid job.


  1. Telecommuting provides a plethora of opportunities for improving the workplace environment. For instance, the problems associated with absenteeism can be addressed successfully; reducing the pressure associated with deadlines and communication issues; create a more comfortable setting for the staff members. However, the framework also implies dealing with several challenges. Among the most complex ones, the following must be listed: resistance to change; the effects of myths that remain a part of the workplace environment; the lack of proper security tools for keeping the data safe; they need to promote active learning among the staff members so that they could deploy the latest tools, etc.
  2. Among the issues which the VP of HR is likely to consider possible problem areas, one must mention the strategies that will allow the staff members to design their jobs in the future, address the issue of leaves, particularly, maternity leaves, manage the schedule more efficiently, etc. The VP of operations, in turn, will have to explore the problems associated with quality management, especially as far as the costs and waste management are concerned.
  3. In the context of Jennifer’s case, the concept of empowerment implies having an opportunity to make independent choices and retaining her position based on her skills and competence.

Nordam Europe, Ltd.


Nordam Europe, Ltd. is a joint venture. It has made a name for itself manufacturing aircraft components and has a rigid system of HR hiring practices. Even though the policies in question were drafted during the firm’s expansion, they remain consistent and allow the company to maintain its corporate integrity. The policies are non-discriminatory and based on the principles of equality. Extensive training and development opportunities are given to the staff members, therefore, paving the way to the fast promotion.


  1. Nordam Europe’s current strategy for managing its staff’s performance seems to align with the key provisions of the theories, especially the motivation theory, which places a very strong emphasis on the need to support employees and encourage them to excel in their endeavors. The significance of promoting total quality, teamwork, employee empowerment, and commitment is showcased in the study under analysis. The goals created by the managers align with the issues mentioned above.
  2. Apart from the importance of boosting employees’ motivation levels, the gravity of meeting the set quality standards is made obvious in the organizational policies. The principles of equality are deployed successfully and used appropriately when considering applicants for the company vacancies. Shortlists are designed based on the results of the screening for professional qualities, and people are hired based on detailed scrutiny of the shortlists mentioned above.
  3. The leadership approach deployed by the managers allows focusing on staff motivation extensively.
  4. There is a slight difference between the American and British perspectives on the issue of age discrimination. Particularly, in the United Kingdom, employees tend to be older than in the United States.
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