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Cyber Neighborhood and Customers’ Safety Report (Assessment)


It is imperative to mention that the role of cyberspace has been increasing, and it has become a vital part of the lives of many individuals. The issue is that numerous complications may occur if necessary measures are not taken. It is especially problematic when Moreover, it would be reasonable to guarantee their safety and well-being. A virtual community that is focused on the retail industry has been selected to review approaches that are currently used, and discuss the ways in which the situation may be improved. Several websites and message boards are used to do business with many companies. It can be viewed as a particular platform where manufacturers can communicate with customers, but the problem is that it is relatively small at the moment, and its members are trying to reach new target markets.


The current system is well-developed, and particular roles and relationships have already been established. However, some concerns regarding security are currently present. The website and forums are protected, but a lot more attention should have been devoted to additional safety measures. Moreover, another aspect that has been overlooked is that individuals may suffer from threats and abuse, and there is no option to block messages from such individuals. Furthermore, it complicates the situation because it leaves many members of the community unsatisfied.


The primary aim is to develop a set of goals that the community must reach to improve the level of safety in cyberspace. It would be reasonable to use the latest encryption techniques, and utilize other approaches that would increase the efficiency of operations. Moreover, it is necessary to consults professionals in this area, and they will help to ensure that no complications occur during the process. They would examine the current situation and can identify areas that are most problematic (Fitzgerald, 2012).

Key Outcomes

The first expected result is an increase in the level of safety of customer information that is being collected. The problem that should not be disregarded is that the consequences of leakages can be quite severe. It is understandable that it is nearly impossible to predict leakages, and they’re used to be numerous instances where even large companies have suffered (Leavitt, 2011). Therefore, it is reasonable to store only the data that would not put clients at risk if it is accessed by a hacker (Schmidt, 2013).

Another objective is to increase the level of trust between the members of the cyber neighborhood. It would be reasonable to develop a particular guideline that would explain the course of actions that should be taken in case of fraud. Professionals should monitor the traffic and investigate the problem if they identify something unusual. The cyber neighborhood is expected to become a better place overall because individuals will be capable of communicating and doing business safely without having to be worried about potential risks.

Also, it is likely that it will be possible to attract many investors once key security issues are resolved, and websites and forums are regarded as trustworthy (Ruparelia, White, & Hughes, 2010). Another core aspect that should be highlighted is that it would be reasonable to enhance the level of safety of admin accounts. For instance, it would be appropriate to develop a program that would send verification passwords directly to phones.

People and Organizations

The cyber neighborhood will have to deal with customers directly because they will be able to ask questions and post reviews on particular products. Moreover, it would be important to communicate with suppliers and manufacturers. They should be provided with all the necessary tools that would help them to deliver information safely and promptly. Currently, several security testers have identified numerous weaknesses of the system in the past, but it would be reasonable to hire additional professionals because the cyber neighborhood is expanding at steady rates. The community deals with many enterprises, and this factor has attracted many hackers that try to get access to vital information.

Next Steps

It is reasonable to invest funds in security because it is an aspect that is quite problematic, and rapid growth is expected if this problem is addressed. Moreover, it would be beneficial to keep track of the latest trends in the industry to identify what the latest techniques should be utilized, and if there are known security breaches. Privacy is one of the biggest concerns at the moment (Cerf, 2015). Individuals that are a part of this cyber neighborhood should be informed that the information is encrypted, and any data related to their address and location is not collected. Much more attention should be devoted to the moderation of the website, and it is important to remove false advertisement and links that could lead to key loggers.

The process of registration should be much stricter, and accounts should be linked to phone numbers. Moreover, this approach would improve the behavior of individuals, and they are less likely to commit fraud. It is possible that new weaknesses will be introduced. Also, the introduction of new technologies may be quite problematic because some of them are disruptive, and it may be necessary to alter the strategy.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that this outline is expected to be incredibly helpful because some of the core factors are considered. However, it is rather brief, and the literature and peer-reviewed articles on this subject matter should be consulted to increase the knowledge in this area. Also, the process of implementation of such changes may be quite complicated, and numerous internal and external factors should be taken into account.


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