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Darwin on the Origin of Species Research Paper

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Updated: Aug 5th, 2021

Evolution by natural selection is considered the backbone of biology. It is proposed that modern students should have time to read the literature of naturalists regarding their perception of evolution. This is endorsed by Charles Darwin and Alfred Lussel Wallice.

Darwin commenced his superb creativity in evolution by natural selection with the initiative of divergence. Darwin’s idea was expanded by botanical arithmetic.

In Darwin’s perception he discovered that a direct comparison between the old and new species from different parts of the world will lead to several indifferences between the features.

Geographical botany enabled Darwin to spot differences not only amongst categorized species from different places, but also amongst similar species.

Domestic diversity results from artificial selection. The continuous emergence of domestic diversity, results in the divergence of the natural species.

This made Darwin to attest on the availability of transmutation by means on natural selection. Charles emphasizes on the principled availability and essentiality of selection. This is due to the fact that this is a consequence of the diversity among species as well as the struggles.

Darwin expands on selection. He states that selection is brought about by the heritability and natural variation which further comprises of the endurance plus reproduction. He emphasizes on the continued existence and sufficiency of the species.

Darwin supports his argument concerning the theory of evolution by natural selection with different features, for instance fossil records, embryology as well as morphological characteristics.

The divergence in the features of species can only be spotted after a long period of time. In this theory, living organisms tend to compete for the available resources; organisms with sophisticated features tend to survive while those organisms that don’t fit simply perish. The living organisms reproduce, thus passing their unique features to the next generation.

The Darwinian revelation as a source concerning the origin of species is valid. The source fully emphasizes on Darwin’s perception concerning evolution of species specifically natural selection. Perceptions from various authors and naturalists are also outlined as evidence of Darwin’s perception regarding the origin of life.

This is an academic source. This is evident since the article is a product of the University of California. The source also entails views from researchers as well as academicians.

The source has biases. This is derived from the author’s recommendation as well as the contents of the article. The source majorly focuses on the positive views concerning the Darwinian theory of evolution.

The author also urges educators today to principally focus on Darwin’s ideas regarding evolution. He prefers Darwin’s perception to arguments from other researchers concerning the theory.

The source would be good for a research paper as it encompasses perceptions from various researchers and naturalists.

The author, James T Costa, is a biology professor at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, North Carolina. He has written several journal articles, two books, abstracts, correspondences and various articles as well as scientific papers that he has presented.

He has also held several seminars and given special lectures, exhibits and panel discussions over his career. His arguments basically have a bias toward Darwin’s theory.

Darwin was more able to influence avid readers about the authenticity of metamorphosis rather than of his own proposals that drove the process. As stated by Costa “he pointed out that he never argued that it was the sole agent of transmutation, despite claims to the contrary” (Costa 2003, 1030).

Despite converse claims, Darwin pointed out that he did not dispute that the primacy of natural selection as being the single source of transformation and he stuck by his views.

Regardless of several deliberations on the process of evolution, biology has relied on evolution as a main pillar.


Costa, James. Teaching Darwin with Darwin. Massachusetts: Belknap/Harvard University Press, 2003.

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