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Developmental Psychology. Birth Process Term Paper

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Updated: Sep 7th, 2021

The birthing process is the time from conception to birth and in preparing for the birth of the child then one should take childbirth classes to get ready for delivery and this is important in that one knows what to expect before feeling that first contradiction. One learns that there are three phases of childbirth including: labor that is when your body is working to fully open your cervix so your baby can be born; delivery of the baby; and the delivery of the placenta.

One is also able to learn on the relaxation techniques and the breathing exercises that can help to get through the labor and learn how to relax and breathe during labor hoping to ease the muscle tension, stress, and pain. Also learn more about pain relief medications that are commonly used during labor. Learn how to recognize the signs that one is in labor and should call the doctor like the contradictions that become more regular and more painful, the rupture or the leaking of the membranes.

One needs to get comfortable with the hospital before the baby’s birth this helps to take a tour of the hospital’s labor and the delivery suite before the actual delivery. You may want to stop in during the visiting hours so that you see the patient rooms and the labor and delivery area look like and feel more comfortable, and also have a chance of asking questions before. (Nowak, 2006).

To be able to know the physiological and emotional changes then one needs to learn on: the coping skills and expectations- one is encouraged to share the thoughts, fears, and feelings and also be able to trust each other and work together to deal with labor; normal discomforts of the pregnancy- be able to provide the counter pressure for low backaches and the pains by steadily pushing on the lower back and be able to discuss the discomforts one is expecting and have instruction on different remedies; the benefits of the breastfeeding- this helps the uterus contract after childbirth and these contractions reduce blood loss after delivery and also strengthens the mother- baby bond; the nutritional needs- one requires the additional nutrient dense calories to build a healthy baby.

On the first visit one is able to have a pelvic exam to check the size and the shape of the uterus and also warnings are given on what is expected of you like: don’t smoke because this raises the risks of miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight; don’t use drugs like the cocaine which increases the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and birth defects; don’t drink alcohol which may lead to mental slowness; don’t sit in hot tub because it raises the risk of miscarriage and birth defects by raising the body temperature.

In the medical tests one is able to know more about what you expect during pregnancy period including: the morning sickness- this comes any time and one should try to eat small, frequent meals and also avoid greasy foods; tiredness- this can be due to anemia and one should get enough rest; leg cramps-one should stretch the calf of the leg by pointing the toes upward, toward the knee; the constipation- one should drink a lot of fluids; hemorrhoids- one is advised not to strain during bowel movements; urinating more- one should avoid more often as the baby grows because it puts pressure on your bladder; varicose veins- avoid clothing that fits tightly around your legs or waist; moodiness- one should not be too hard on herself; skin changes- the stretch marks appear as red lines on your skin can be reduced by applying lotion; and lastly the heartburn- one should eat small meals often and avoid spicy foods and don’t lie down right after eating.(Bjorkund, 2000)

Through the physician tests and the medical tests then one is able to know how to deal with the problems that she might encounter during the pregnancy time and also have a know-how on the precautions to be undertaken incase a certain problem arises. One should keep that information and be able to help others as you still benefit so no ignorance to what the doctor advices you.


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