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Diversity and Groups Report

It is difficult to accomplish a collective objective while working in solitude, team work is a fundamental element of an organization. All units within the organization should be created to work as a team since it is detrimental if all units choose to work independently. Introducing teamwork spirit in the hotel would enable easy assembly of manpower comprising varied talents, expertise and experience.

Despite all the positive attributes of team spirit, there are also impending negative elements that come to fore i.e. prejudice and differences. Marriot hotel would therefore be mandated to encourage members to look at diversity as an important asset. Organizations require operations under open-culture where employees are encouraged to express their perceived ideas concerning a situation. Ideas should be subjected to an all inclusive fair process that allows for adoption or rejection (Gill, 1996).

Cultural diversity in such set-up would refer to various cultural differences existing amongst people within hotel and hospitality industry. Such differences normally include aspects of language, dressing, traditional values, religion as well as nature of societal interactions with prevailing environment.

For success to be realized within such dynamic environment, attention should be given to the various dimensions of diversity which incorporates issues such as nature of communication style, various religious practices, existing relationships as well as traditional values and customs.

The aspect of resilience training within such set-ups is recommended since it ensures that the attitude, approach, and individual performance remain on the positive trend. Individual and factions resiliency is a necessity within organizations since such qualities assist workers in copping with various workplace challenges (Jeremy, 2004).

Diversities existing amongst employees can be managed well through transformational leadership. In this case, management team is expected to offer appropriate training to all employees in the language they understand best. This would ensure adequate understanding of organizational goals and operations within hotel industry at large.

Such processes ensure that employees are granted enough opportunity concerning possible solutions required in case of any emergency in the workplace. Management should ensure that all employees are capable of interpreting organizational objectives, as well as development programs. Vigorous training exercises would ensure development of cohesiveness amongst employees, hence ability to dispense their duties with integrity (D’Annunzio, 1997).

Leadership and Emotions

Leadership is an integral component of any institution and is not only mandatory at the top echelons but is also required at every level as you move down the ladder of the organization structure. The kind of leadership that is desired in an organization is that which initiates and implements transforming policies.

By observing the day to day occurrences in an institution a leader should be able to explore alternative ways of improving efficiency in operations. A leader should be in a position to command beneficial influence either by his personality or by status (Kellerman, 2010).

Leaders are ,at the same time, expected to work diligently with integrity while pursuing organizational goals. Another definition of leadership is that it is a manner of conduct that persuades the team involved into labour for the realization of the institution’s objectives (Linda, 1996). According to this definition, leadership is more action oriented than it is about personality.

Leadership should be able to generate team player’s fulfilment and boost their participation. Employee relationships should be based upon maturity of their emotional intelligence. This is since such considerations lead to healthy interactions in the work place.

Emotional intelligence is an integral part of leadership and should be incorporated in building organization’s work ethics, as well as individual self-awareness. This is since leadership based on self-awareness is result-oriented and can be traced back to healthy organizational relationships (Diaz, 2005).

Employees should be taken through stages of development which would ensure development of suitable leadership traits. Such transformation focuses on various characteristics that would act as preferred qualifications. The principle of recognition should be maintained as part of this process.

At the same time, hiring process should be done through internal promotion. Management leadership that exemplifies distinctive skills within the organization should be rewarded through appropriate incentives (Diaz, 2005). This should have the ability of depicting good leadership within Marriott, since parts of the hotel’s core values include readiness to accept and implement change. The organization should at the same time consider adopting new ideas for the purposes of giving better services to clients (Ellis and Harper, 1997).


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