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Diversity in Schools Research Paper

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Updated: Apr 22nd, 2021

Why multicultural education is needed for early childhood education in a developing society?

I want to study this topic because of the increasing social diversity in schools today. I already know that prejudices and stereotypes form in early childhood and need to be addressed. I have observed some conflicts caused by the marginalization of non-Whites in educational institutions, yet I have never been in the middle of such conflicts, I try to this critically about such situations. The elimination of diversity issues will remove the obstacles to the academic performance of the diverse learners (Brown, F., Hunter, R., Donahoo, S., Russo, C., & Osborne, A. 2012). This topic is deep and contains many aspects, it is sufficient for dissertation research.

How a virtual learning community can affect the improvement of students’ academic performance

Technological progress has changed the learning process, this topic is rather new and needs to be explored. I have experience of participating in virtual learning; my knowledge is based on both theoretical and practical knowledge of this field. I am aware of the difficulties virtual learning carried and the challenges it contains for both learners and educators. Virtual learning is viewed as the future of education, its further development needs to be studied and projected in order to avoid possible negative influences. This topic is sufficient for the research, as there are many points of view in this field.

How it is possible to use e-learning in early childhood education?

The use of digital technologies is a necessary skill for the society of the future, knowing how to develop it without creating negative outcomes is crucial. I have read about useful e-learning techniques and teaching strategies during the course of my learning process. Even though I am interested in this subject, I do not have experience with e-learning which would bias my inquiry. The study of this topic will provide the field of education with more modern teaching techniques for younger schoolchildren. This topic is multi-layered and it is deep enough to support proper research.

A variety of contributions provided by the interactive technologies for educating children and adolescents

This topic should be studied because it reflects the needs of contemporary education. I know that interactive technologies are very attractive for children and adolescents; this is why their employment in the process of teaching could improve the motivation of the learners. I do not have personal experiences with this topic that would create a biased inquiry. Studying this subject to provide educators with a number of new and efficient tools to maintain children’s interest in learning.

This topic is of sufficient interest to sustain a prolonger focus on the research.

How multicultural education can address the issues of diversity and discrimination in the classroom?

This topic is highly important for the contemporary educational system in America due to its cultural diversity. I know that issues caused by cultural diversity cause inconveniences for both educators and learners. I have witnessed examples of such issues before, yet I address this subject critically, which is hard because it is rather personal for everyone. “A major assumption of multicultural education is that addressing the cultural histories and conditions of different groups has a beneficial impact on students’ learning, identity, intergroup, and democratic understandings” (Martin 2014). This topic provides a large number of materials for the research.

Reference List

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Martin, D. (2014). Good education for all? Student race and identity development in the multicultural classroom. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 39(1), 110-123.

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