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Dominos Pizza Analysis Case Study

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Updated: May 25th, 2020

Elements of the global marketing plan

Domino pizza has adopted an international marketing strategy as part of its marketing strategic plan. The international marketing plans adopted for the Mexican and the Canadian markets are solely different as these are two geographically placed market segments. Domino pizza applies the seven service marketing mix which entails product, process, price, promotion, process, people, and physical evidence.

Domino pizza Canada operates and manages 328 stores in Canada (Bradley 2010) while in Mexico, according to Henry (2010, p.5) there are more than 500 Domino pizza stores. In Canada, Domino Pizza has been able to develop a platform from where consumers can purchase the products from a mobile (Bradley 2010).

Consumers with android powered phones can easily order Pizza and other products and have them delivered at their homesteads. In Mexico, domino pizza has reinvented itself through the use different approach with the aim of driving its sales. The stores have put value on the money of the consumers by offering better products, better services, and better image at a more affordable price (Domino Pizza 2010).

Current situation

Domino Pizza in both Canada and Mexico operate in very competitive international markets that require strategic marketing plans to gain competitive advantage. Domino Pizza has competent employees who are knowledgeable about customer relations and are committed in the work place.

This has ensured that the organization remains competent at the international level. Employees are recruited and trained on behalf of Domino pizza franchised store outlets so as to have the same international standards in the different locations (Domino Pizza 2011).

Domino pizza puts lots of efforts on advertising and promotion to ensure that their entire customers are aware of the current prices and new products. Promotions are carried through the web based media, television, print and radio with the aim of enhancing brand awareness (Domino Pizza 2011, p.17). By offering quality pizza in both Canada and Mexico, Domino Pizza has been able to compete favorably at the international level.

Over the years, quality products have been advertised through marketing affiliations with strong beverage brands like Coca-Cola (Domino Pizza 2011, p.17). Domino Pizza ahs also embraced the social media platform in a bid to attract different consumers. Some of the social media platforms that Domino Pizza uses include Facebook and twitter (Bradley 2010; Riley 2010)

Currently, Domino Pizza’s stores in Mexico and Canada are strategically located to attract a large customer base. This is been part of the company’s marketing plan which has ensured that its products remain strong. The organization delivers pizza to its customers hence creating a strong customer relationship.

The market offers a diversity of pizza products in its two international countries such as Meatzza, deluxe, and extravaganZZa (Domino 2012). Other products offered at Domino pizza include chicken, cakes, and beverages (Domino 2012). These products have been able to retain and satisfy the customers.

The organization trains its employees even at the franchised stores, thereby ensuring that employees (people) offer quality services to the loyal and new customers. The organization has put in place mechanisms to ensure that consumers can be able to purchase Domino products online. This has been an effective way of reaching out to the company’s customers who cannot buy products directly from the stores.

According to Domino Pizza (2011) some system processes that the organization has adopted include delivering products to the customers at the required time. In order to achieve this goal, Domino Pizza has already implemented delivery systems.

Domino Pizza has different stores in both Mexico and Canada where customers can move in and purchase the products. They can also call, email or buy through their phones and have the products delivered at their premises. Despite the strong marketing mix, Domino pizza is being faced with by the current economic crisis in Europe and US negatively (Schwartz n.d).

In both Mexico and Canada the number of condumers has reduced because of recession and credit crunch. However, there to be seems to be a ready market in both countries as the population continues to increase.

The organization receives competition from other market players like MacDonald’s which leads in both Mexico and Canada. People have become aware of the causes of obesity and overweight. Junk food which includes pizza and bread has been established to some of the causes of these sedentary diseases.

Proposed strategy

To alleviate the problem related to health concerns, Domino Pizza in Canada and Mexico need to develop food products which are healthy boosting with low fat content. This will not only attract customers but also will act as a competitive advantage to the organization. Also, the organization needs to carry continuous adverts creating awareness and promoting the products.

They can also engage in the sponsorship of school children or community events. This would attract more customers. Given that people are living in hard economic times, the organization can have premium prices to cater for all customers despite their income.

This will act as a competitive advantage as more customers will be attracted at the Domino pizza stores. They can also have promotions to consumers who use the online platform so as to increase its consumer base.

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