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DONG Energy A/S Evaluation Essay

This case study shows the history of DONG Energy A/S. The organization started its operations in 1972 and is considered to be the leading energy producing company in Denmark. It was initially established to provide enough energy to be used in the country (Lynn 2012, p. 163). DONG Energy A/S has experienced advancements in a number of areas hence it has managed to effectively compete in the local and global market.

Despite the high competition in the international market, the company has managed to retain a steady increase in its revenues and size.

Moreover, its original name was Dansk Naturalgas A/S. According to Melnyk & Andersen (2009, p. 215), the company has had a number of improvements, as proved in the annual report, since its establishment. For instance, some of the observable advancements were realized in 2009 when Dansk Naturalgas A/S discovered gas and merged with Siemens.

To provide the company’s elaborate history, the case study will majorly focus on DONG Energy A/S’s yearly reports for ten years. Additionally, the study will use primary, secondary, and freely available sources respectively. Consequently, the information provided is enough to answer various questions that can be asked by students.

From a teaching point of view, the information also gives teachers an opportunity to discuss how the performance of the company can be assessed using its annual reports. Teachers will also have an opportunity to discuss various working strategies implement by the company. Students are challenged to establish the factors that have led to the rapid growth of this company.

Viewpoints of the case

This case study gives students a chance to know the history of DONG Energy A/S and the factors that led to its rapid growth. For instance, in the year 2012, the company realized a total of DKK 2,144 million from the sale of electric power. Its equity was also estimate to be roughly 14, 655 million.

It is important to note that DONG Energy A/S realized a profit of DKK 1476 which was considered to be lower than that obtained in the previous year. The other important information obtained from the case study is that the company had more profits in 2003 as compared to 2002. Apart from Elsam, the company also amalgamated with other organizations like Energi E2 and Nesa.

Additionally, this case study illustrates the challenges an organization might face during its growth. It underlines the importance of having a collection of projects and an organizational structure to reduce the uncertainties connected with improvement projects. It also explores factors which can make an organization improve the size of its assets.

In conclusion, it is an opportunity for learners to think about all the important factors that can improve the performance of an organization. Therefore, the case study will be used as a learning instrument for an organization’s improved performance. The lectures will majorly focus on the real improvement options.

One of the significant discussion point and lesson highlighted in the case is that the company was considered to be leading in energy production after proper analysis of its 2012 annual report. Additionally, the number of workers also significantly increased between the years 2005 to 2012. The other important point discussed in the case is that the major activity of this company is the discovery and production of oil and gas.

It also created wind farms and produced electrical energy from power stations. The production of natural gas brought roughly 70.2 percent of the company’s total revenue. In 2002, DONG Energy A/S created few policies considering that it had encountered a number of risks in the previous year.

An important point to note in the case is that the company formed a number of amalgamations with other different organizations like Elsam and DONG. Consequently, this led to its rapid growth experienced in the year 2004.

Target audience

Since the case study has been examined, it is considered to be an efficient part of management education courses. Learners are challenged to consider viable options, a collection of projects and organizational structures which can improve the performance of an organization.

Additionally, students are aggravated to think about how financial statements can support positive performance of an organization. This case study will be mainly important to those students who already recognize the need for improved performance. The case can be applied in Business Administration master’s degree. Moreover, it can also be applied by doctorate students.

Teaching strategy

Teaching this case starts by request learners to independently study and think about the case before coming to class. The lecturer will take fifteen minutes to introduce the case study before commencing discussion. In the introduction, the teacher will have to explain the year in which DONG Energy A/S was establishment, its location and why it was established.

The teacher may also want to use the company’s yearly reports to provide its brief history. It is important for the students to recognize that the company has experienced a number of challenges despite its outstanding performance both in the local and international market.

The main objective of this case is not to know the company’s history, but rather to understand how annual reports can be used to evaluate the performance of an organization over a given period of time.

Alternatively, the teacher can bring out similar information by asking questions. For instance, an instructor may ask students to explain the factors which influence an organization’s performance. Students can also be asked to provide the necessary steps that ensure maximum profitability. Additionally, they may be asked to identify the company’s observable improvement changes.

Factors that led to the expansion of DONG Energy A/S, to produce enough electricity, can also be part of the questions. The other question to be asked is the observable improvement changes which occurred in 2006. Students will also be asked to identify areas where the company had experienced growth.

Therefore, the above questions will provide viable platform to initiate the discussion. After introduction, it will be important to group the students. Consequently, the groups will be expected to discuss and review the answers to the provided questions. Each group will then be required to present their findings.

Learning materials

A number of learning materials will be used during the study sessions. The teacher will encourage learners to have their reference materials and worksheets.

Additionally, pictures indicating the location of the company’s head office will also be made available to the students to facilitate the learning process. Other learning materials to be used are videos and readings. Each student will be required to have a copy of the company’s annual report for easy reference.

List of References

Lynn, A 2012, Onshore and offshore wind energy: an introduction. Chichester, West Sussex, Wiley.

Melnyk, M., & Andersen, R. M 2009, Offshore power: building renewable energy projects in U.S. waters. Tulsa, Okla, PennWell Corp.

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