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Economic Aspects in “A Christmas Carol” Movie Essay (Movie Review)

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Updated: Jun 4th, 2020

A Christmas Carol: Movie Analysis

The examples of social studies economic topic

The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ addresses elements of social studies associated with economics. From the movie, understanding basic human needs has been emphasized using an impoverished character. The movie is based on a character that cannot spend money on luxuries during the Christmas Eve. In fact, this is a factual depiction of most societies around the world. However, with a vision and innovation, accessing basic human needs is addressed through natural resources and skills.

The movie addresses capitalism from a historical perspective. Capitalism is addressed as a historical injustice. Eventually, capitalism is addressed as a necessary economic concept in developing and empowering citizens. The movie depicts capitalistic businessmen and individuals as selfish, and only interested in making profits at the expense of others. However, this is a contradiction to a depiction of how capitalism is credited with human development.

Understanding the value of work is an essential aspect in addressing socioeconomic issues in the society. The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ depicts how it is critical for one to play a part in the production of goods and services. Not appreciating various jobs is associated with increased inflation and unemployment rate.

The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ revisits the significance of free enterprise system in the economy. From the movie, a student understands scarcity and its impact in production of products and services. The concept of free enterprise system is critical for students to understand how prices of essential products are determined in the market.

Illustration of the importance of critical thinking in terms of economics

The movie depicts how students get involved in multiple levels of critical thinking. For example, the movie is based on different plots, characters and themes. All these elements are essential in understanding human thoughts especially in economic concepts analysis. Movies allow students to analyze every allegation and determine facts from fallacies. Using rhetorical appeals such as logos, pathos and ethos, students identify consistencies depicted as major themes of economics. From such analysis, students develop critical skills essential in a classroom set-up.

Illustration of the concept of economy

The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ illustrates the history of capitalism based on a Victorian English society. The Victorian English society is depicted as the background for the learning material. The movie describes capitalism using a story line and characters that link material with learning objectives. Engaging students in movie analysis activities such as group discussion and homework assignments can be integral in illustrating economic concepts. Sharing the movie via the internet is a simple way of making the learning materials accessible to students. In addition, this can be supplemented by downloading and embedding the movie into a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation of the movie can be linked with economic concepts for think-pair-share exercise and class discussions.

Age appropriateness of the movie

The movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ is not suitable for children aged below 5 years. To be precise, this is because the movie has flawed scenes with scary pictures. In fact, the movie is not suitable for preschoolers. Although, children aged five years can watch the movie, it is advisable that children with a high level of tolerance be allowed to access the same. However, parental guidance while watching a movie is recommended. The moral lesson from the movie is relevant for children aged eight years and above considering its genre is family or fantasy-based. Editing the scary scenes or using another movie to illustrate economic concept is highly recommendable.

Economics Activity

Lesson plan


From the lesson, students will learn to review a movie based on the economic concepts. Students are to identify economic concepts as depicted in the movie’s themes and use them as a basis for review. Students are to develop critical thinking skills by synthesizing audiovisual concepts and literary style used in the movie. Finally, students are to acquire competency in knowledge and skills associated with economic concepts.

Introductory activity

The lesson commences by asking students if they would like to watch a movie. Most of the students will agree to watch a movie together. While watching the movie, introduce some questions to the students. The questions are to be based on the movie’s theme, characters and relation to economic concepts. Depending on the movie’s length, the students are to engage in a class discussion, in relation to the movie. In addition, this requires providing the students with necessary learning materials. The materials include the movie ‘A Christmas Carol’ in the form of DVD or VHS. Other materials include a notebook and writing apparatus. Install the classroom with the television set connected to a media player. Other materials to be installed for movie viewing may include overhead projector, transparencies and instruction copies.

Main lesson

The movie lesson addresses capitalism as a market-based economic system. The idea is to understand the historical aspect of capitalism and how it affects society from a socioeconomic perspective. Major lessons to be addressed concern the value of work, basic human needs and free enterprise system. To be precise, understanding the above economic concepts and how they affect individuals and society are given priority in the lesson plan.


Lesson evaluation will be conducted using a rubric and movie review form. Using a rubric with grading requirements is necessary for the instructors. Evaluation on whether the students understand the movie’s concept can be done using homework assignments. Using class-based and group discussions during and after watching the movie can determine student’s skills and ability review a movie. Finally, students are to write a general movie review.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) addressed by the lesson.

Understanding the concept of basic human needs has been addressed as a critical lesson. Students are expected to learn and illustrate how families address the issue of basic human needs. In addition, students are to compare ways through which families access human needs. In this regard, students are to determine how production, purchasing and other trading activities affect availability of basic human needs. Students will develop knowledge and skills to differentiate between needs and wants.

Understanding capitalism from a historical perspective is a core lesson. However, capitalism is perceived as a free enterprise system in Texas. In this regards, students are to describe the historical development of the free enterprise system in Texas. In addition, students are to exhibit knowledge in free enterprise system and its mechanization especially in supply and demand. Therefore, illustrating how free enterprise is beneficial to the society is necessary.

The lesson also addresses the value of work. In this regard, students are to explain how work is integral in achieving revenue or income. More importantly, students must demonstrate how people choices especially in spending and saving money are related with the value of work. Therefore, the lesson is concerned with economics aspects of capitalism as a free enterprise system, value of work and basic human needs.

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