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Education Certificates Printing in Abu Dhabi Proposal

Problem Identification

Today’s rapidly developing technology sets new challenges and opportunities in the field of education. In terms of innovative education, there are various suggestions and improvements, which aim at providing more cost- and time-effective solutions to the process of studying. Among the most important needs, one may note such a point as the idea of developing and moving along with the global technologic advancements regarding education (Shavinina, 2013). Another problem is associated with the growing pace of the modern world that dictates its own rules, thus making people perform multiple tasks every day. Currently, students have to visit their Universities and schools as well as the ministry of education to receive official copies of their high schools or master’s degrees. The same problem occurs in case if a document was lost or damaged. Such a process takes a lot of time and effort, making it evident that a new innovative solution should be suggested and implemented to resolve the mentioned problems.

Proposed Solution

The solution that can be suggested for the above problem is the implementation of machines allowing printing certificates and other documents. Specifically to Abu Dhabi, the UAE, it is possible to mention the practice accepted by the local police. If a person has a fine for a driving offense or wants to renew his or her license, there is an opportunity to go to a machine, insert the emirate’s ID, and receive a printed document. In other words, there is no need to visit a police station or any other organization to address the problem. The alternative that can be regarded as a part of the solution refers to the use of a special website. It seems to be a great idea if students would have an opportunity to receive their official copies via the Internet. Consistent with the views expressed by Shavinina (2013), it goes without saying that some security measures should be introduced to protect students from unauthorized use of their documents. However, the solution is likely to benefit both students and educational organizations. While the first ones will save their time and energy, the latter will unload staff from printing the originals and working with graduates wanting to receive their diploma.

Project Implementation

The process of the introduction of the solution regarding machines may take several stages. First, it is significant to develop a plan, which would incorporate several organizations consented to participate in the project and the approval of the government or the emirate. Second, it is critical to outline the timeline and budget of the project to identify the key milestones and specify sources of funding. Third, the next stage of product implementation is a testing period that may be verified through one organization to address the challenges that may occur (Grint & Woolgar, 2013). The last stage will be the adjustment of all the procedures as well as the consideration of technical, legal, and ethical standards. The described plan will provide a comprehensive approach to project implementation and promote its successful operation and maintenance.

It is likely to be advantageous to ensure product awareness. Chou and Hong (2013) emphasize that the integration of information technologies into a new sphere requires the consideration of quality determinants, one of which is the target audience awareness. In particular, the cause-and-effect relationships need to be established between the product developers and people who will use it. For example, the educational organizations that will participate in the project may provide special meetings regarding the role of document-issuing machines and the potential they offer. This strategy is likely to help students and graduates to learn more about how they may simplify their lives. In their turn, high schools and Universities should initiate some training for teachers and staff to explain to them the beneficial nature of the proposed product.

One more aspect to ponder over concerns the technical side of the project. There is a need for developing such a machine in a user-friendly manner so that it would be understood intuitively and easy to use. In this connection, it is possible to consult with specialists and consider the possible costs. According to the recent study by Bahrami, Bazzaz, and Sajjadi (2012), Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) technique may be applied to evaluate potential costs and risks of the project. Taking into account that the mentioned technique focuses on the systematic improvement and teamwork, its effectiveness in project implementation cannot be overestimated.

It should also be stressed that the fee for the described service needs to be determined appropriately. In case it would be too high, it is possible to expect that many people would prefer following the traditional way of receiving their documents. In case the fee would be too small, the project may not justify its costs and lead to failure. Therefore, the fee should be based on the current cost of similar services and be approximately 130 Dhs. As noted by Jones, Bunting, and de Vries, (2013), technological advancement is to be introduced in such a way that would satisfy the target audience and meet its expectations. The adequate fee is likely to guarantee the effectiveness of the product along with its further adoption throughout the country.

The place of the installation of machines plays an important role in the level of their utilization. For instance, it seems to be a good idea to select some campuses and large organizations to set them. While visiting these places for some purpose, students will be able to receive their documents as well. Also, one needs to pay attention to placing machines in an even order. In case it would be required to go to the other side of the city, a person is likely to choose the traditional way. Therefore, the convenience of using should be assigned a top priority (Peppler & Bender, 2013). In general, it may be any comfortable organization or large city center that would fit the main purpose of the document-issuing machine and be accessible to students and graduates.

It is expected that the implementation of the above ideas would result in the increased satisfaction of students and graduates. Addressing the current challenge of a lack of time, this solution would make their lives easier and more comfortable. More to the point, document-issuing machines would provide the printed and stamped official copies of diplomas and certificates’ for an affordable fee. Following the global technology development, they present an innovative and timely decision, which requires a reasonable amount of resources and funds. Thus, the implementation of the suggested decision would provide students with additional time, ensure their self-efficiency, and promote technology awareness.


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