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Education in Saudi Arabia: College Teachers and College Problems Essay

If one takes a deeper look at the situation that is taking place in the Saudi Arabian system of college education, he or she will not find any features that distinguish it much form the one that is presented in the European countries. Such is the educational sphere that, despite the different cultures and different approaches, sometimes even different epochs, the questions on the agenda remain the same.

The teachers in Saudi Arabia are now making huge steps toward progress, and they are trying to embrace the new inventions in the fields of education and students psychology. The modern views combined with the old traditions and approaches that have been proved by the time, make a mixture that helps the teachers in Saudi Arabia teach the students in the most efficient way.

Speaking of the current state of the college teachers in Saudi Arabia, it is possible to say that despite they strive to follow the footprints of the European countries, they are still facing the difficulties connected with the lack of the technological innovations that the modern ways of teaching pupils presuppose.

The necessity to have constant access to the newest means of educational process is not the thing that Saudi Arabian college teachers can afford, and at times that can cause a certain problem for both the teachers and the students.

The sad fact might also influence the quality of education in the way that leaves much to be desired. The students might get not all the knowledge that they actually need fro their future life and career.

Since these are the teachers who have to think about such things as the visual aids and the efficient ways for students to organize and remember the material that has to be learned, it is the prior concern of the teachers to help the students with the necessary equipment.

Like many other European countries that have taken up the modern innovations too fast, Saudi Arabian college teachers experience difficulties with the various equipment that provides the access to the innovations of the educational theories and the modern educational theories that help the teachers to make the subject understandable for the students.

For example, these are not all college teachers in Saudi Arabia that have access to the Internet. Thus, they cannot trace the novelties in the sphere of education all around the world, and thus they might miss the issues that might help them in explaining the topic to the students, or in making the subject easier to take and more interesting to develop.

There are actually not other ways to get all this information than to use the on-line sources. Unfortunately, like many other teachers form the European countries, the Saudi Arabian college teachers cannot afford such expenditures and such modern means of getting the first-source information.

As it can be easily seen from the abovementioned facts, the main concern of the Saudi Arabian college teachers, like the college teachers from the countries from all over the world, perhaps, is that they cannot get instant access to any means that will allow them to brighten the education somehow, make it more modern and up-to-date, with advanced methodic included and applied to the process of learning and teaching, and learning teaching.

The question is how one could take the teachers together and help them to seize the opportunity of enriching their knowledge with the newest systems of education existing at the moment?

One of the best ways out could be actually gathering them to arrange some kind of private courses for upgrading the system of knowledge. The next question that is to be answered is how to do that.

There are some ways to get all the college teachers in Saudi Arabia to take the online courses to improve their system of knowledge. This can be done, but such a project needs a big amount of time. One could send invitations to all college teachers in Saudi Arabia to have online courses. This could also be an appeal from an official on TV to take up the courses.

On the one hand, sending letters can take a lot of time. But on the other hand, this method is good because the letters are addressed to each of the teachers in private. With such approach, the teachers will understand that each of them is appreciated.

The second approach is not so time-consuming, but it also has its drawbacks. First, some of the teachers can miss the appeal. Second, they can forget it as they switch off the TV.

So it is more suitable to send letters to the college teachers. The content of the letters can be the same, just with different names in them. It should invite the teachers to receive online training.

The next question is where these courses will take place. Not all teachers have computers and the access to the internet, so it will be good to arrange a set of places with computers and Internet access where the college teachers could come to have their online courses.

This is close to the Internet-cafes. These places should be equipped with computers. When the teachers come they can have the courses online and find out about the new learning techniques. This will be an important step for them. Of course, such places will need funding, so this should be discussed in the government. It will certainly provide the project with the necessary funds, because it will provide the improvement in the college system.

As a matter of fact, the hardest part of every project is the one concerning its being put into practice. However, with the necessary theories applied, this could be dealt with rather easily.

The way the courses should be organized must be simple and effective. It would be rather useful to consider the following idea.

First of all, it is good to think of the time management of the courses. The basic idea is that every single moment should be used to get the valuable information from the given source. This could be achieved with the help of a plan that has been well thought out.

The next step would be using the time-savers and the tricks that help not to lose a single moment. Again, this is all what the well-based plan of the courses is all about.

Then, it would be a good idea to make the people attending the courses understand and calculate their personal productivity. With this kind of knowledge, one can be sure to achieve success in the chosen sphere of work, especially speaking of the college teaching (McNamara 1996).

Then, a wonderful idea is to get people organized as well. Starting from the desk they are sting at, and ending with the order in their minds, helping them with their course of thoughts to be streaming in the right direction. This will be, perhaps, the hardest part of the way, since every person is unique in his or her biological clock and not all the participants will be able to seize the essence of a certain idea at the same time (McNamara).

With such approach to the college teaching, the Saudi Arabian college teachers will certainly be able to get over the problems that they are facing now, as well as the rest of the European countries. The positive effect will follow immediately.


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