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History of Electoral College Essay


Electoral College should be regarded as an archaic and out-dated system of voting. It could fit the society of the 18th or 19th century as there was slavery and a variety of other peculiarities that led to creation of the system. Thus, politicians of the 19th century tried to solve the problem of disproportionate distribution of votes. Ironically, this issue persists in the 21st century due to Electoral College.

One of the major problems associated with this system is related to the so-called swing states. More so, almost all states (48) use the principle ‘winner takes all’. According to this principle, the candidate who wins the majority of votes in a state takes the rest of the votes as well. However, this may potentially lead to distorted results and undemocratic elections. It can be regarded as a kind of usurpation of power. Potentially, some of the swing states become the focus of each candidate’s effort. A few swing states can influence elections (due to ‘winner takes all’ principle). Therefore, the major principles of democracy are being violated.

Electoral College should be abolished and replaced by a more democratic voting system. The United States should start a political reform. A direct popular vote can be the best option as it ensures truly democratic elections. People should give their votes for the president they choose. Democracy is based on the principles of equal rights. Each citizen should have the chance to affect the elections. Each citizen should be responsible for his/her choice.

It is necessary to stress that in the country where only two candidates participate there will be only one round. This voting system is economically sound. Apart from economic benefits, the direct popular vote will ensure truly democratic election. It is possible to evaluate political preferences in the US society. Each candidate will understand which states support him/her during elections and will wait for the president’s attention after the victory.

Admittedly, it is impossible to change the system in a fortnight. The reform will take some time. In the first place, it is necessary to develop the necessary patterns to hold the elections. It is important to make sure that each citizen will be able to access the place where the elections will be held. In the era of information technology and its accessibility, it is crucial to ensure security as well.

Finally, it is essential to make people aware of the change. Citizens should know that they are totally responsible for their choices and they should invest certain time to give their vote to a candidate. Admittedly, Americans are active participants in the political life of the state. However, they still need to be told about the importance of each vote.

Some say that Electoral College cannot be changed as this system is one of the primary American traditions. Nonetheless, the USA is the country of constant changes. Besides, the system of direct popular vote has proved to be successful as many countries have used it for decades. This is the time to start a change.

There are odds that the new system will fail (this is what critics of the direct popular vote claim). However, Americans will be able to compare the two options and work out a new voting system. Undoubtedly, this system will be based on the principles of the direct vote with possible improvements (largely concerning the necessary resource base).

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