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Emotional Appeal in L. James’ Powerade Commercial Essay

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Updated: Dec 28th, 2021


Advertisements have become more common and can be found in almost all locations in the society; however they vary depending on the content and the medium they use to convey the information. It can be noted that television has become one of the most influential and powerful medium since it gives both visual and hearing attributes. Television is preferred by many organizations among them being Power ads since it gives a leading hand in competition since it basically influences the consumers not because of the unique product qualities but the mode at which the advertisement is made. Advertisement being one of the marketing strategies has to be designed in a way that it will have an appealing and influential role in the society or in the persons who view the commercial or ad and below is the analysis of the appeals the PowerAde has had in its advertisement as an energy drink. The emotional appeal in any advert should basically have the deep lying desire in which the individuals should be yearning for i.e. the advert should be in such a way that it attracts the attention and increases their quest to gather more knowledge thus increasing the communication.

In every advertisement, there are emotional appeals that address the emotional vulnerabilities of the audience. This discussion shall focus on these emotional appeals applied in this ad by PowerAde. This discussion shall try to explicate the emotional appeals utilized in this commercial namely: the need for attention, the need for prominence and the need to achieve.

The Need for Attention

This is the where there is use of some attraction to the consumers and in this case the use of an NBA champion attracts the attention and increases the quest to know more on what he intends to do. In this ad, the main focus and highlight was on Lebron James nailing his four 90-foot shots. Obviously, this was the main attention got from this commercial. As what can be observed, the sportscaster who was previously preparing for his report was suddenly awe-struck by James’ hoops and immediately made sure that his cameraman was capturing the moment on video. In the world of advertising, this appeal for the need for attention was typically observed in ads from cosmetic and clothing companies (Petracca and Sorapure, p. 57). In this commercial of a sports drink, however, this appeal shows up in a way related to how a particular drink can actually give someone incomparable energy, that he or she may be able to do things seemingly impossible for other people to do – such as shooting 90-foot hoops like what James did in this commercial. People are always in need of attention. Without attention, people do not have ways on perceiving whether or not they are loved, cared for or appreciated. And though not in this extent, people also need attention in order to feel some sense of confidence. In a crowd, people who easily attract other people are usually those who are confident about how they look and act in public. But on the contrary, the people who easily consider themselves as wallflowers are usually left with very low self esteems since the lack of attention easily entails lack of appeal and can also be lack of significance. In this particular ad, the subject –Lebron James – was portrayed with so much significance and prominence. The attention of his co-players and literally the entire arena, even the sportscaster and the cameraman’s attention were immediately directed to him as he started displaying his shooting prowess. Relating a sports drink to this kind of prominence easily entails that such a drink can make anyone as attractive, popular and significant like Lebron James, hence, shall get all the attention he or she needs from others.

The Need for Prominence

Prominence is shown in case where the ad is admired and respected and the actions of Lebron James nailing his four 90-foot shots attracts the attention since it’s a display of skills which most would like to posses. The first appeal talked about attention, which obviously need some amounts of prominence in most cases. Any prominent personality easily gets attention. That is a common fact. However, can it be deduced that since people are in a constant need for attention they are more likely in a constant need for prominence as well? The answer to this would vary in a case-to-case basis. To some people, prominence is a dream. A dream they would definitely work hard for to achieve. And clearly, the creators of this ad were addressing the message of this ad to these people. Prominence has something to do with high regard, respect, authority and popularity. Prominent people are those whom the society looks up to. They are usually the ones who have the greater capabilities as compared to the average. In this ad, the concept prominence was again focused on the main subject, Lebron James. James has grown to become one of the most renowned NBA players of today. His prominence was basically due to his incomparable abilities in basketball which made a lot of guys, young or matured to idolize and consider him as a role model. These people who follow and dream to be somewhat like their idol would easily want the same kind of prominence as what James had. These fans would easily want the same kind of respect, privilege and popularity as what James enjoys since it is the kind of life which they would consider as ideal. Basketball players are easily considered prominent at least in the United States since this sport has always been a popular sport in the country. And relating this ad to the need of people for prominence appears as a logical move for the company as the message being sent appears to entail that PowerAde gives an individual the same ability as what Lebron James has which actually enables him to become the prominent NBA star that he is.

The Need to Achieve

This is the need derived from the fact that the viewers are driven to aim higher and their ambitions are set high i.e. the advert attracts and influences them and in some cases the participants in the ads become their role models. Aside from the needs for attention and prominence, this ad also displays as appeal to people’s need to have some sense of achievement or fulfillment. Achievement manifests in a lot of ways: happiness, content, high societal status, good education among others. In this particular ad, the sense of achievement is once again depicted through the main subject, Lebron James. The mere presentation of James’ ability to shoot 90-foot hoops is an obvious display of achievement. Consistent three-point shots in a regular game may already put a basketball player in a prominent status; what more four consecutive 90-foot hoops? The goal of every basketball player in a game is to shoot some basket. But this ability of Lebron James defies that simple goal. It goes beyond the normal and average capability of an NBA star which therefore wins him some sense of fulfillment as a basketball superstar. Basketball fans will easily relate to this achievement. To be a basketball player and not be prominent for the kind of play one performs is something an athlete or a sports enthusiast would not want to happen. Every person has or will have a particular career. And in having this profession, it is achievement which drives them every day (Petracca and Sorapure, p. 69). The same goes to basketball players and basketball enthusiasts. To shoot a basket and to be known for it is the greatest achievement in this field. And this was what exactly this ad was pertaining to. It appears to say that PowerAde gives individuals or athletes in particular the energy, the confidence and the boost to hype up a performance and bring out one’s optimum strength in playing his sport, hence, eventually achieving success.


These are the three needs onto which the emotional appeal of this ad was directed. Clearly, aside from its pop and hyperbolic effect, it also addresses the emotional side of the audience’s perception to ads. The ad is not manipulative in nature and analyses the appeals depicted by the PowerAde. This is a good example of the influential nature of adverts in the general public and can be said that an effective advert must have the appealing nature to ensure that it has an impact in influencing the consumer buying behaviors. The overall appeal of the ad is sufficient and it basically stimulates our emotions in a profound way to challenge us to be successful and at the same time increasing the awareness of the energy drink. The belief that powered brand is the best energy drink is created and the best drink to use to attain ones optimal performance and be outstanding from the rest.

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