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Empathy Concept – Psychology Essay

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Updated: Apr 13th, 2020

Showing alarm for the emotions of another person is required in modern society. Unethical behavior is usually the result of not having empathy as one does not care about how individual actions will affect others. Showing sensitivity to trauma victims is an essential trait which adds value to the society, thus encourage reasonable deeds.

An artist will present this emotion through music or paintings. The artist assumes that the condition affects them and hence tries to address it through art. The feelings of others who would relate to it thus understand that the artist recognizes their feelings and thus feel consoled. A song about love or heartbreak would conclusively prove to the listeners that there are others who undergo the same process and share their feelings.

Empathy enables us to asses the misery of others. For example, when one witnesses the impact of a road accident, there is a jerking response of the body which indicates empathy. The witness has a feeling that they are involved in the misfortune. In a football match, when a player loses a goal-scoring opportunity, fans will be observed crying, and team members will show support. Such behavior brings out the feelings that people have and their desire to take other peoples burdens in order to reduce the victim’s pain.

The upbringing of a person significantly influences this feature. A surrounding full of love and concern for other’s feelings encourages a child to grow with the knowledge that people must react to the pain others are feeling. Others would wish that it was them involved in the agony rather than the victims. When a child is being scorned by a parent, the siblings would want to protect their brother or share in their pain.

However, this trait may sometimes depend on the presence of others. An individual may choose to display empathy when in a group, in order to be gratified. One’s reactions will also be influenced by how others respond to a circumstance. For example, when somebody falls sick and vomits in a commuter bus, the disgust in the faces of other passengers may compel one not to be empathetic to the victim.

Adults are required to nurture empathy in children early in life. Typical behaviors by parents, for example, not jumping a queue in the supermarket, or offering a seat to an aged or expectant person, will be part of the child’s culture in the future. Such behavior must be instilled by both teachers and parents early in life for their proper maturity.

Watching somebody being tortured brings out empathic annoyance and grief. While this social emotion may not necessarily mean that one would like to be the one suffering, there is the desire to bring the suffering to an end. One may feel at fault if there is no way of helping the victim.

It is a customer-retention ingredient in business which increases the ability of the producer to understand its clients. It makes it easier for the supervisors to make industry assessment and see openings in the market more swiftly. Having empathy for the customers gives the management the power to know what its clients expect, and significantly improves their relationship. The trait shows the customers that they are appreciated, thus their retention is easier.

Empathy thus gives social aptitude in order to appreciate, share and respect other people’s emotions. It is argued that we listen and see with our hearts. Our feelings portray who we are and our dependability in tough situations. The behavior of adults is significantly affected by their upbringing hence the need for emotional maturity. There may not be any universal definition or any accurate means of measuring the levels of empathy, but having its possession notably improves a person’s value and success in society.

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