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English Diagnostic: Language Proficiency Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Aug 20th, 2022

Applying for higher education is a highly significant step in life, and one has to assess their objectives, aspirations, and motives before making this decision. Medicine has always been my primary interest, and, therefore, enrolling at medical school is a logical continuation of my professional development. Needless to say, medical studies are complex, and I need to put my utmost effort into the education process to achieve my goals. As a result, it is crucial to develop not only professional competencies, such as anatomy knowledge or medical ethics but also to enhance interrelated skills, such as language proficiency or communication.

For this purpose, I believe it is critical to continually improve my writing skills and English proficiency if I want to succeed in the medical field. At present, English is the most widespread language in the world, and a large amount of academic literature and medical journals are published exclusively in English. Therefore, language proficiency is one of the most significant skills that any competent medical practitioner needs to acquire. After all, a comprehensive understanding of academic literature is necessary for improvement, and the ability to read medical journals in English grants competitive advantages and promotes career development. From these considerations, the current academic course of reflecting on essay writing and journal reading is crucial to improving my language competencies and for my overall professional growth.

I believe that processed foods are most beneficial, in case people are educated concerning the potential risks and dangers of a highly-processed diet. The consistent consumption of sodas, instant noodles, and fast food leads to higher rates of obesity and heart diseases. However, I believe that the problem stems not from the products but the poor representation of information. It is essential to raise nutritional awareness among the public and pressure the food manufacturers into a transparent indication of potential risks and dangers. Ultimately, if people are properly educated, I believe that processed foods are most beneficial.

I find it difficult to describe my attitude toward writing in English. Since English is my second language, I have struggled intensely during the initial phases of language learning, specifically with writing and speaking. However, the consistent practice has allowed me to overcome these challenges and achieve relative fluency in the language. At present, I enjoy writing in English, and I am particularly satisfied that my efforts have paid off.

I think that my best work is the essay ‘Does the Impact of Technology Improve Healthcare Practitioners’ that I have completed for the medical university. As seen from the name, the paper concerns the influence of technological progress on medical workers and provides certain recommendations for aspiring healthcare practitioners. I believe that the best part about the essay is a comprehensive structure, which transparently emphasizes the objectives, theory, results, and guidelines. As a result, the paper is easy to understand and might positively affect the reader.

I believe that language learning is a lifelong process, and one should always aim to improve their English skills. In my opinion, the two primary areas that I need to focus on are professional medical terminology and colloquialisms. While the academic and casual jargon may seem the opposite, I think it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of both areas. Ultimately, I am confident in my writing, reading, and speaking abilities; however, I want to improve my vocabulary in various areas of the language.

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