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Enterprise and Enterprise Viewpoint Essay (Article)

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The enterprise view tackles the correlations between users and institutions and the inherent parties’ responsibilities towards the conveyance and utilization of the information technology services (ITS). The associations between objects depend on the duties undertaken by those entities for the adequate provision of consumer services. The enterprise objects, which interrelate for data exchange, manage and run systems outside the individual organization’s realm, form the Architecture Reference for Cooperative and Intelligent Transportation (ARC-IT) structural blocks for enterprise view (“Enterprise”). The enterprise perspective emphasizes correspondences amongst integral enterprise items and outlines the interactions between the enterprise and physical objects (resources).

The links amongst enterprise resources are preset into numerous coordination varieties, which epitomize arrangements envisioned to accomplish the shared objective essential for ITS delivery and implementation. The role, which involves developing, owning, installing, operating, and maintaining, establishes the connection between a resource and enterprise entity (“Enterprise”). During the participation of the associates in ITS, they assume the capacity of enterprise items. Nonetheless, the contributors derive some ITS competencies to assist them in achieving any purpose or resolving an issue.

Enterprise Viewpoint

The enterprise viewpoint heeds to the policies, financial enticements, work organization, and administration structure that sanctions the technical architectural layers. It offers the foundation for recognizing implementers and their roles during ITS execution (“Enterprise Viewpoint”). The enterprise insight also serves as the basis for a surface communication system for goals and objectives. Additionally, it incorporates strategies and procedures for architecture deployment to back carriage organization and project advancement.

Further, the enterprise viewpoint is comprised of countless actors from both the private and public sectors. The connections between the parties within the public arena’s scope are well instituted because the resolution of ITS utilization is treated as a constituent of the broader decision-making course in the transferability venture. Both the communication and automotive businesses have contributed significantly to the growth of numerous consumer services and products associated with ITS in the private sector (“Enterprise Viewpoint”). Several categories of participants engage in ITS disposition, functions, and other facets of the system development comprehensively. Moreover, the enterprise viewpoint addresses the concerns of the investors who institute procurement, installation, implementation, maintenance, accreditation, operator, or policy task. The concept assists by availing information on the person responsible for rendering transportation-linked consumer services, fitting, executing, and maintaining devices, applications, and ITS services. The enterprise viewpoint also outlines the relationships between conveyance operatives and interrelations between service consumers and service providers.

The attributes defined in the ARC-IT enterprise model include the enterprise object, resource, relationship, and role. The enterprise object entails an individual or institution that interfaces with supplementary enterprise and physical entities. An object of an enterprise may form part of another larger enterprise item, which may also be a constituent of other bigger enterprise objects. Resource as an attribute is described as a virtual or physical asset that can support enterprise object accomplishment, though it may have limited availability (“Enterprise Viewpoint”). The entire tangible elements form the resources, while other reserves may include documentation and strategies. On the other hand, relationship refers to the informal or formal synchronization amongst enterprise objects, such as contracts, expectations, agreements, and funding. Finally, role describes how an element contributes to a relationship.


Roles greatly influence the correlations amongst enterprises and between resources and businesses. ARC-IT endeavors are consolidating and naming enterprises depending on their explicit roles. From the preceding, it can be concluded that the most significant proportion of enterprise view lies in the relationship and role concepts. The two impressions stipulate that assumption of role by an enterprise in service delivery has to permit and tolerate some responsibility.

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