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Ethics and Emerging Technologies Essay

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Updated: Jul 6th, 2021

Go to the below link and read, “Do Women Enjoy Chocolate More than Sex?” www.alternet.org/sex/49855/ Social networks play a role in reinforcing sexual attitudes, which, in turn, influence people’s sexual behaviors. How has our society influenced the way women and men are perceived concerning their sexual drive? What are your personal thoughts on the matter?

The undeniable influence that society has on individuals living in it may be the factor that could explain the prevalence of specific ideas in particular communities, especially those that have unrestricted access to the internet. While the article by Egan (2007) may not propagate gendered sexual stereotypes, it directly touches upon the stress that is socially inflicted on both men and women when dealing with expectations linked to sex. Omnipresent societal influence affects personal ideas of how different genders are supposed to want and perform during sex, but I believe that recognizing and dismantling harmful stereotypes becomes possible through self-awareness.

A healthy relationship requires open lines of communication. Only too often, couples assume that the best way to stay happy together is to avoid conflict. Good communication includes an openness to dealing with hurtful and difficult issues as well as the joyful ones. Theories of love help us understand the coupling process. Building sexual intimacy depends on effective communication as well. Have you ever experienced a communication problem with someone of the other sex based on what might be considered typical communication differences between men and women? Describe this personal experience.

Communicative issues remain a common issue because each person can perceive language in their way, as well as process it per their system of values and stereotypes, which can be either positive or negative. While I have not experienced anybody act vastly different towards me because of my gender, some acquaintances and friends have both told me of such occurrences and, occasionally, demonstrated such behavior themselves regularly and systematically. However, having run into communication problems with both genders, it seems to me that the expectations, which the conversation’s actors have concerning each other, take prevalence over actual occurred dialogue events.

Modern technology has revolutionized reproduction for childless couples and for couples at high risk for a difficult pregnancy and/or delivery. Genetic engineering and gene therapy are opening whole new possibilities for the prevention and treatment of genetic disorders. Artificial insemination, frozen storage of gametes and embryos, the cloning of mammals, in vitro fertilization in all of its variations, and surrogate motherhood give childless couples more options for having a child than they previously had. Discuss the moral and ethical implications of genetic engineering. What sort of ethical controls do you feel should be exerted over the reproductive technologies?

Individuals either highlight genetic engineering as a cure for society’s ills or use it as an example of the most unfavorable course of events for humankind, often completely overlooking the question’s philosophical nature. The moral and ethical implications of both gene selection and modification remain rooted in the social definition of humanity and individualism defined as “something special about human nature which grounds the impermissibility of genetic engineering” (Liao, 2014, p. 111). Exercising control over genetic engineering procedures, such as regulating the action not to cause any direct or indirect harm, may be an appropriate start to codifying the undertaking.


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