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Ethics Related to Current Healthcare Reform Debates Essay

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Updated: Mar 26th, 2021

A brief background

Ethics in health care provision is a crucial concept that drives the growth of the health sector. Therefore, it is an important element in guiding strategic goals and achieving both short and long-term objectives. Ethics primarily refers to rules that govern the conduct and operations of a particular business establishment. In healthcare provision, ethics is a core factor that takes different forms and should be applied at all levels and stages of healthcare operations and management. Ethical theorists indicate that it is essential for organizations to assimilate practices that culminate into the best results. This paper reviews an article from Chicago Tribune on healthcare issues. The article is related to ethics and provides an overview of the reforms that have been made in the recent past.

Another line crossed

This article brings out the emerging concerns of ethics in the nursing profession. Quite a number of health professionals have abandoned best practices and adopted after-birth abortions. Hence, there is a need for urgent measures to address the same problem. In particular, Greenberg (2012) presents the need for better legislation at the core of achieving this objective. Besides, he brings out the issue of abortion and precautionary principles that govern healthcare provision. When special reference is given to the failure by bioethicists, the author argues that they form the worst factors hampering improved health practices.

This article outlines the emerging reality for many healthcare givers. Healthcare providers will not be successful if they fail to effectively address their problems of ethics among professionals who cross the line. This explains why Greenberg (2012) creates the need for a centralized consideration in driving the objective of the same reform. Hence, using legislation acted as a decent option. First, such legislations have been employed elsewhere with great success and secondly, they are point-specific on the causes of failure to adhere to ethics.

Application of ethics in the organization and ethical concepts

According to ethical theories, the principle of beneficence dictates that at any time, all people must only be involved with actions that will produce the highest level. Greenberg (2012) argues that all actions must be weighed and articulated to generate the required results to the people. He further says that the application of ethical demands is indeed quite difficult for many. To remain highly ethical, a healthcare organization must be internally motivated to do well and furthermore, enhance the same results to patients and society.


Janicijevic (2010) points out that the notion of ethics cannot be complete without an intrinsic consideration of the concept of value. Health professionals as indicated by the earlier requirements for ethics should always seek to only provide what is precise in order to facilitate possible dispute resolutions. Greenberg (2012) indicates that this code should further be based on the platform to ensure that all life is treated with respect and that no due advantage is taken against any party.

Therefore, all the applications of health procedures must be based on fair treatment and strict observance of the established internal and national laws. At this point, health professionals must resist possible forces of bad practices and other related unethical applications that may entice them to act unfairly to one or more parties. Therefore, the leadership of healthcare service should ensure that those in breach of better health practices take full responsibility for any errors and other related implications.


Poor ethics is the main recipe for downfall in the effective provision of healthcare services. This is attributed to both the direct and indirect effects. There are several healthcare centers that have assimilated poor ethical backgrounds based on factors that border patients’ demand and desire to provide extra services. Due to this shift towards a highly unethical orientation of after-birth abortion (killing of the newborn), the cumulative effect has equally become tremendous either from the internal discomfort or external demands (Greenberg, 2012). Internally, the most medical staff operates in social circles arranged in internal cultures that withdraw from total participation in case of oppression.

Therefore, it can easily cause anomalies in the development of refined health practices. Externally, the practice is bound to raise a lot of opposition from all angles especially with respect to the sanctity of life. It is from this backdrop that the author of the article emphasizes the need for holistic ethical considerations anchored on policy frameworks so as to generate the best ethical practices for faster and sustainable development of the economy.


According to Greenberg (2012), health professionals possess one of the most important roles of adhering to the demands and requirements of ethics in their duties at all times in order to minimize conflicts. Therefore, understanding the latter is an important step in making the correct decisions in resolving different cases and dilemmas. Greenberg (2012) further explains that this necessitates healthcare leaders to initiate reforms that ensure nurses and doctors assume actions that only result in the most benefits. In addition, it anchors the ability to effectively analyze prevailing situations and prediction of the expected consequences so as to infer the best decisions.

Additionally, health care professionals need to be able to compare their situations with other related cases so that they can make up the best ethical decisions in their areas of work. Such comparisons act as major facets upon which leaders base their calls for change and reforms in inferring improvements in their areas of work (Janicijevic (2010). Taking into consideration that leaders are relied upon for guidance, it becomes possible to uphold the rights of all the respective parties without inferring any sense of sabotage.

Norms and principles

Acting morally in the provision of health services has left a lot to be exemplified by ethical theorists. It remains central in building a cohesive workforce and anchoring best practices that yield favorable outcomes. Though classical theorists remain in agreement that people always act ethically, they strongly differ in their underlying tenets of ethics when it comes to attaching the concept of norms and principles (Janicijevic, 2010). It is critical that norms and regulations be based on the need to effectively infer practices that adhere to ethical demands. It is critical that reforms be attached to all health practices so as to generate harmonious growth and proper health conduct (Janicijevic, 2010).

According to the article, ethical dilemmas arise when one has no surety about the nature of decisions taken. It is therefore important for individuals to undertake an intrinsic assessment of their decisions. There have been vast disagreements on the application of ethical procedures on the issue of abortion and after-birth abortions. Questions have been asked on whether business ethics is actually varnishing out of sight. This has particularly risen from the notion that integrity has been eroded and completely ignored in most of the existing health practices.


Janicijevic, N (2010). Business processes in organizational diagnosis. Management: Journal of Contemporary Management Issues 15(2), 85-106.

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