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World’s Expos 2020 Report (Assessment)

World’s Expos are held on a regular basis. The next expo will be facilitated in the year 2020 in Dubai after the latter won the bid. Hence, Expo 2020 refers to a mega global event that will be staged in Dubai in the stated year. The event is expected to last for a period of six months. This expo is anticipated to lure millions of visitors. There are numerous points of attractions in such a major world event.

For example, thousands of participants will be given a chance to demonstrate numerous cultural events. There are also hundreds of exhibits and pavilions that will be discovered by visitors. Some of the notable participants who will take part in Expo 2020 are well established business enterprises, international organizations and various nations across the globe. As already mentioned, Expo 2020 will be held in the city of Dubai.

In order to drive the agenda for this event, the organizing team adopted the phrase “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” as the main theme. The key tenet of this theme is based on the concepts of cooperation and partnership. The latter are largely believed to be the main driving forces that have spurred both cultural and economic growth in Dubai as a modern metropolitan.

The real estate segment is one of the markets anticipated to take part in the Expo 2020 exhibition in Dubai. It is pertinent to mention that Dubai is a fast growing urban area that will continue to experience exponential broadening in the construction sector. Before the actual dates of Expo 2020, there will be a construction boom in the real estate market in order to provide the required infrastructure.

After the expo, the real estate market will get secured formidable position in the Dubai market as well as the surrounding regions. It is crucial to underscore the fact that capital inflow will significantly increase in the wider United Arab Emirates. As a consequence, the desire and willingness to purchase or build property will obviously skyrocket.

Although real estate market will be one of the beneficiaries of Expo 2020, the hospitality industry is anticipated to secure the growth and development opportunities in Dubai. It is interesting to learn that most visitors of the Dubai Expo 2020 event will also double up as tourists.

As a matter of fact, such a world expo is regarded as a tourist attraction destination. Thousands of both local and foreign visitors will plan to visit the event. Therefore, there will be need to construct additional state-of-the-art hotels and other relevant recreational facilities.

The hospitality industry demands efficient services such as transport and communication. Hence, another sector of the market that will grow ahead of Expo 2020 is the logistics. Movement of both people and goods will be a vital area of operation before and during Expo 2020. The logistics market will also employ thousands of workers owing to the new opportunities.

When employment opportunities are created in this type of market, business enterprises that operate under the sector are also bound to experience a major boom. In the long run, the logistics market will remain vibrant.

The latter market is also likely to attract potential investors in the region owing to the profitability of the sector. This will be a major boost in the tourism sector bearing in mind that Dubai is already one of the most attractive destinations across the world.

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