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Famous People and Culture Essay

Culture is a unique aspect of our society. It appeared at the dawn of civilization and evolved along with our attempts to create a new, more civilized world. However, it developed not evenly. At different periods of our history, outstanding individuals stipulated the appearance of unique tendencies that altered peoples perspectives and mentalities. In this regard, the preliminary thesis for the project could be formulated in the following way:

  • Famous people are the main actors who impact the evolution of culture by their actions and behaviors and precondition the creation of new trends and significant shifts in attitudes.
  • My interest in the topic comes from the great importance of this phenomenon and its impact on the way society evolves. It is crucial to understand the peculiarities of culture to realize the nature of the epoch and its main trends.
  • Investigating this issue, I have already used several databases that contain the most relevant and credible sources. EBSCO library provides numerous books and papers that include the needed information. Moreover, regarding the nature of the issue, all individuals have their perspective on the way culture evolves and how famous people impact it. It means that we could conduct research among close people and friends to determine their point of view and use it in the following project.

Annotated Bibliography

Besser, Haley. Huffpost. 2017, Web.

The author suggests one of the perspectives on how celebrity culture impacts the modern world. As far as it correlates with our research issue, it should be used for the project to share some ideas.

Bowles, Hamish, and Calvin Klein. Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People. Knopf, 2007.

A comprehensive investigation of the modern lifestyle and culture. The book demonstrates how celebrities precondition the appearance of certain trends in different spheres of peoples activity. It is crucial for the research.

Cohen, Andy. Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2017.

The source suggests an overview of pop culture and the way it was formed. The author cogitates about the impact particular celebrities had on its formation. For this reason, it could be used for our project.

December Auriane. Urbanette, Web.

The article aims at investigating the way celebrities affect our culture and everyday life. Some ideas presented in the source could be discussed in terms of our project.

Eagleton, Terry. Culture. Yale University Press, 2016.

Another important source that delves into the critical aspects of numerous cultural phenomena and reveals processes that result in the appearance of one or another trend in culture. It should be used to cogitate about the nature of modern peoples preferences and how they evolved.

Editors of People Magazine. People: Celebrate the 80’s. People, 2008.

The book explains how the image of the 80s was formed by famous actors, singers, performers, etc. It demonstrates the mechanisms of how their activity shapes our culture, which is essential for our topic.

Editors of People Magazine. People: The Royals Revised and Updated: Their Lives, Loves, and Secrets. People, 2010.

Another book in these series. It revolves around the blistering life of famous people and how they affected society and culture by their actions and behaviors. It could be used for our project to determine the degree celebrities precondition the evolution of fashion, art, music, etc.

Fujimura, Makoto, and Mark Labberton. Culture Care: Reconnecting with Beauty for Our Common Life. IVP Books, 2017.

The book is critical for the improved understanding of how modern culture is being formed under the impact of different factors. In should be included in the list of sources because of its in-depth analysis of the idea of beauty.

Kottal, Conrad, and Professor, Lisa. Culture. McGraw-Hill Education, 2013.

The book revolves around differences in male and female perspectives on culture and how men and women impact its formation. It is crucial for the improved comprehending of the impact famous people might have on the modern world.

Stonestreet, John, and Brett Kunkle. A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World. David C. Cook, 2017.

The source provides an in-depth analysis of the modern culture and forces that impact its formation. It could be useful for research to investigate the phenomenon and outline the most important trends.

This essay on Famous People and Culture was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly.

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