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Feasibility Report on Opening an Amusement Park Report


The main purpose of the feasibility study is to open amusement party in West Kowloon District. In particular, the main theme of this recreation project is to combine the recreation center with the zoo. Construction of amusement park near the zoo will contribute to the development of efficient infrastructure and improve the popularity of the newly created concept of design.

Moreover, the project aims to boost entertainment and cultural establishment in Hong Kong. The West Kowloon Cultural District, therefore, has a comprehensive design revealing several conceptual options (West Kowloon Culture District Authority 2012).

The amusement park will be premised on commercial, retail, hotel, and public open space. The latter will involve the design and construction of zoo in the area. The report focuses on feasibility of the implemented project, as well as its efficiency in legal, technical, and security terms.


Analysis of related projects and conceptual designs should be introduced to evaluate the technological, legal, schedule, and operational feasibility of the amusement center. Reference to secondary resources, review of websites, and online resources is helpful in defining the main concepts and implementation steps.

The analysis of the proposed facility will be premised on understanding consumer perspective, as well as how the values should be shaped to increase demand and attract more customers (Crawford 2013).

In this respect, the application of Kotler’s Value Based Model is essential in estimating the feasibility of the proposed facilities in the district. In fact, understanding customer needs and values is a priority in developing new hospitality services (Crawford 2013). The value dimension may involve emotional, functional, social, epistemic, and novelty issues that can be applied in various contexts.

A qualitative study can be skillfully combined with a quantitative research through the implementation of interviews and services among potential customers (Ransley & Ingram 2004). Such an methodological approach will allow the project managers to get a better idea about consumer needs, as well as what pre-requisites will be introduced to sustain a competitive advantage in the field.


The proposed facility will be designed to transport visitors into a safari world in which they can learn, educate, and entertain themselves. The park will also be provided with zoo center and possible walking routes. Such a design will create excellent opportunities for those who are fond of adventures (Crawford 2013). The proposed function and design are strongly associated with the Hong Kong Disneyland concept.

In particular, the project involves the Car Park, Hotel, Resort Line, Lake Recreation Center, Park Promenade, and many other facilities that complement the idea of project (Tourism Commission 2012a).

Similar to this concept, the amusement park will also involve a recreational chain of hotels, cafes, and entertainment centers.

In order to ensure the success of the venture, specific emphasis should be placed on the analysis of hospitality concept that is confined to such elements as quality, price, atmosphere, management, location, product, service, and price. All these components contribute to the overall value and enhance its demand.


In order to assess the competition of the proposed project, specific emphasis should be placed on the analysis of economic feasibility that includes cost-benefit analysis. In particular, the cost-based study will involve development and operating costs that allow the project managers to evaluate the efficiency of the system, as well as define the benefits deriving out of the proposed design.

In addition, time-based examination is also essential to identity the time required to achieve the profits from the invested money. Prediction of future value is among the values of the project as well.

The accessibility of design is another essential element that allows the project managers to gain a competitive advantage. In this respect, the task of the designers is to ensure that the constructions and their environments promote social inclusion. The project managers should also highlight the main barriers to reaching the proposed objectives.

This is of particular concern to meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities (Ormerod & Newton, 2005). There should be specific legislation and regulation supporting the interaction of building facilities with disabled people. The presence of the minimum standards is indispensible for proper sustainability management.

Insurance of appropriate technological capability is another element which should be taken into consideration by the design developers of the amusement park. In this respect, the West Kowloon Cultural District authorities is concerned with competition trends and, therefore, they seek to provide quality tourism and entertainment programs with appeal both to the residents and visitors arriving from all over the world.

In addition, use of information technology is also an important condition for enhancing the quality of services (Bainbridge 2009). Proper information exchange and coordination of activities will promote efficient management of facilities, as well as increase the level of hospitality (Bainbridge 2009). Environmental management can also be insured with the introduction of information systems.

Future Demand and Market Share

Due to the fact that the target customers includes Chinese families who seek to spend time with their children on week-ends, the recreation center should also evaluate the maintenance management capability.

In particular, the case study introduced by Too (2012) proves that maintenance management is an important process that guarantees the functional availability of infrastructural assets in business operations. In order to meet the consumer demands and predict its rates, specific attention should be given to the development and training of experienced and skilled personnel to anticipate and understand the maintenance requirements.

As Chinese visitors constitute the largest market share, the theme park should be premised on development culturally predetermined amenities and recreation centers. For instance, the cafes should include the traditional cuisine and zoo (Tourism Commission 2012b). Hotels management should also be introduced in compliance with hospitality traditions accepted in Eastern society.

The amusement part will be premised on several elements, including moving images, popular culture, visual art, and design. All these elements will be worked out in compliance of Hong Kong cultural policy that is confine to maintenance and preservation of cultural and artistic heritage in the region.

Proposed Location and Site

The success of the venture is approved by the statistics demonstrating high performance rates of hospitality business in Hong Kong. In particular, it has been reported that Hong Kong is considered the most popular place for foreign visitors (Tourism Commission 2012a). Therefore, the location places an important role in establishing, designing, and developing the amusement park.

The choice of geographical location is an essential attribute of project management because it influences consumer demand and interaction between building environment and people (Shen et al. 2012). Due to the fact that most design projects have a considerable gap between client expectation and actual construction designs, it is necessary to reconsider the design stages to get a better picture of the design concept (Fyall et al. 2008).

The requirements to the project should be accompanied with feedback from clients that can help the designers to correct the specifications and provide new vision of the project. Such a tool is important in defining how location and site properties can be used in the most efficient way.

Imagescape analysis should also be evaluated from the needs assessment of clients’ various age categories. In this respect, Alves et al. (2008) have discovered that elder people prefer amusement parks with all amenities, including toilets, cafes, and other functional areas.

They also approve the presence of many plants and trees, as well as zoos that are well maintained. Site availability by transport is also an important feature that must be considered for people. Presence of convenient routes for promenade is important for people with disabilities.


The construction of amusement park and zoo in West Kowloon District focuses on a number of important elements of hospitality and entertainment management. The project managers, therefore, should incorporate a deeper understanding of service quality and related theories contributing to the value of the design project.

The main objectives should be premised on the needs introduced by such important stakeholders as service providers, customers, intermediaries and business investors. The ideas of the project should also be associated with the prerequisite description of client-oriented tourist product.

The service concept, therefore, relies on such values as development of popular culture, insurance of strong technical support, and control of operations related to hospitality management. Finally, the project promises to advance the entertainment facilities and make them available to a wider customer base, including those with disabilities.

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