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Firewalls for Corporate Usage Essay

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Updated: May 5th, 2020


Generally, firewalls offer an effective way to safeguard networked systems in an organization from network-based security threats. They also permit members of an organization to securely access the rest of the world through wide area networks and the Internet (Scarfone 28). In the contemporary world, Internet connectivity is no longer an option. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to have a firewall in place.

This paper explores publically existing marketing information on several commercially available firewalls for corporate use. It gives a description of a scenario of a company with identified threats and a review of a firewall product that matches the risks. A set of guidelines are also provided to fellow office workers to ensure that they adhere to practices that will make the firewall operationally active after it has been installed.

Description of Scenario

The organization in question heavily relies on the Internet to conduct business operations. It has an extensive network divided into a number of subnets that correspond to the departments in the organization.

A recent network analysis indicates that there is a need to block any incoming traffic with invalid source addresses from gaining access to the network. Further investigations reveal that the said traffic is mainly caused by malware, spoofing, and denial-of-service attacks. Equally important is the need to ensure that all outbound traffic with invalid source addresses does not leave the organizational network.

Commercially Available Firewalls for Corporate Use

Firewall products available for corporate use include but are not limited to NetWall, Guardian Firewall, SecureZone, ServerGuard, SmartWall, and Trusted Gate. Trusted Gate provides protection to corporate subnets situated behind network servers or gateway machines. SmartWall is suitable is a comprehensive solution to safeguard vital information systems in an organization.

NetWall is considered to be a unique option for managing a centralized network. SecureZone, on the other hand, comes with a mix of different strategies to provide network security while Guardian Firewall offers a solution that gets rid of the need to cascade gateways. It affords a higher level of security. ServerGuard is specifically designed to secure network servers.

Review of Firewall Product Matching the Scenario Described

Considering the scenario described earlier, the said organization has an extensive network made up of several subnets located behind a server that also acts as a gateway. For this reason, the Trusted Gate firewall will be the best option.

As has been explained, Trusted Gate is designed to offer protection to corporate subnets located behind a network server or a gateway. It allows for secure Internet Protocol communications that are securely encrypted to avoid unauthorized access to organizational resources.

Guidelines to Fellow Office Workers

To ensure that the firewall works effectively after installation, it is important to provide users with policies, guidelines, and procedures to be adhered to. According to Whitman, Mattord, and Green (38), firewall policies, guidelines, and procedures provide users with a framework for understanding how to operate in a network environment with a firewall installed successfully. Among other things, users should be required to operate cautiously while using the network.

Drawing from a study by Tipton and Nozaki (182), individuals should be mindful of what they say lest they end up saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and to the wrong person. By and large, policies, guidelines, and procedures are instituted to guide every individual in an organization regardless of his or her position (Simonyi 24). As a way of reinforcing policies, guidelines, and procedures, a disciplinary team should be put in place to deal with those who are rebellious.


Given that organizations will continue to rely on the Internet to conduct business, the use of firewalls should be embraced to ensure the security and reliability of networks.

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