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Florida Department of Health: Business Plan Coursework

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Updated: Sep 20th, 2022

This business plan provides a brief description of some essential characteristics of a residential assisted living facility. The planned facility is going to represent a small institution for 7 residents. Its planned location is Brandon, Florida. The business under review is intended to provide the needed care to the adults with disabilities and the elderly who are unable to or choose not to lead an independent life and require daily assistance and help.

Services to Be Provided

The services provided by the described residential assisted living facility will include the professional health care and social workers available to respond scheduled needs, as well as unplanned emergencies, help with daily needs such as walking, eating, toileting, and getting dressed, management of medication and treatment, physical and occupational therapies, hospice. Moreover, the other amenities provided by the assisted living facility will involve the daily care procedures such as meals, laundry, transportation, housekeeping, recreational activities, wellness, and exercise complexes. The individual needs of each patient will also be included in the sets of provided services; it is expected that the vast majority of the residents would have specialized requirements (mental and cognitive issues, mobility problems, among others).

Existing Market

The brief overview of the market in the segment of assisted living in Brandon, Florida is quite populated. To be more precise, dozens of assisted living facilities currently operate in the territory of the city. Based on the number of currently active facilities, it is possible to make a conclusion that the demand for the types of services typically provided by the assisted living institutions is quite high in the area. In fact, according to Florida Department of Health (2015), the population segment of the older adults of 74 years and older in Hillsborough county is as large as 5.7%; and the percentage of the individuals between 65 and 74 years of age is even larger – 7.7%. It is likely that a significant portion of these groups of the population is in need of the assisted living services.

The Level of Competition in the Market

The fact that several dozens of popular assisted living facilities are currently operating in Brandon, Florida signifies that the level of competition in the market is rather high. The competitors as also very diverse in terms of size – some of the facilities can accommodate tens of residents, and some would not place more than five people. Besides, it is possible that the larger and older facilities already have a strong image and reputation and thus have a higher chance to be selected by the potential clients. This way, it is possible that the entrance of the marked can be complicated by a multitude of factors such as the absence of reputation, to references, insufficient staffing opportunities, and the need for advertisement, to name a few.

Strategy to Enter the Market and Obtain Patients

The first objective of the business while entering the market is to raise awareness among the potential clients. For that, a strong advertisement campaign is required that will run on TV and be placed in the newspapers typically bought by the elderly citizens. The leaflets about the facility could be provided in the hospitals and medical centers. Since the business is specialized in the provision of individual care, it is important to reach out the clients and establish open communication and availability – create a website and place pictures of the rooms, spaces, personnel, and the lists of services available. Moreover, it is critical to create a point of difference from the rest of the facilities. Since this business is small – the emphasis may be put on the individual approach and specialized care that can be achieved due to the sufficient care provider-patient ratio.

Strategy to Recruit and Maintain Personnel

Competitive salaries are the key to recruiting personnel. Moreover, since there may be the shortage of skilled professionals, it may make sense to provide training programs and welcome young population (recent graduates from medical and nursing schools or the individuals who still study but require practice). For retention, it is possible to establish the range of payments increasing according to the time one spends working for the facility.

Description of the Admission Policy for Patients

The facility will be prepared to admit individuals with moderate cognitive impairments, persons who require nursing care daily, people who are unable to leave the building in the case of emergency, clients with specialized toileting and mobility needs, as well as persons who are in need of end of life care.

Executive Summary

The business under description is focused on the provision of the specialized care to the people with disabilities and the older adults who are unable to or choose not to live independently and need the assistance of a professional worker on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

The institution’s mission is to deliver high-quality care to the patients providing the individual approach and responding to the unique needs of the each client.

Core Values

The facility values the individualities of its clients, and its professionals have a major objective to provide all the desires services along with preserving the client’s dignity and allowing as much independence, security, and comfort as possible in each individual case.


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