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Fresno Pacific University’s Strategy Implementation Essay


Fresno pacific university (FPU) requires a strategic implementation plan; this chapter will discuss the strategy discussion on management, operations, marketing, finance/accounting and research and development. An effective strategy will help the Fresno Pacific University (FPU) make decisions on allocating its resources to pursue its strategy. Additionally, it also helps in determining the actions that will ensure that the organizational goals are achieved.

The chapter will look at the current situation along different departments in the university. Additionally, it will also access the effects the strategic plan shall have on the whole organization which will be attributed to each department through each department contribution (Smith, & Tardif, 2009, p, 73).

The strategic plan is made as per the Fresno pacific university mission statement which states “Fresno pacific university develops students for leadership and services through excellence in Christian higher education.” Since the university is made up of many departments, each department contributes to the success of the university. It is important to ensure that there is an interdepartmental cohesiveness, every department has a role to play to guarantee that the university’s strategic plan implementation is achieved efficiently.

It is evident that the strategic plan is created to improve the current conditions. The improvement process is aimed at giving the organization a projected overview and a measuring and monitoring progress towards the objectives and measures that are established.

Strategic implementation in management operations

The management department in every organization is aimed at improving the efficiency and strategic planning. Strategic management deals with the formulation and implementation of the primary goals and initiatives that are taken by the University’s top management to oversee the operations of the whole university. All strategic plans should be as per the mission and goal of the university. An effective strategic plan looks at the most effective way of ensuring that the plan is timely and effectively achieved (Bowman, 2008, p, 102).

The strategic management implementation process is mainly aimed at providing an overall direction to the university. The procedure largely involves identifying the organization’s mission. Developing policies and plans that are intended to motivate the achievements of these objectives and allocating income to employ the plans. Managers and scholars have created several models to lend a hand in tactical decision-making in the situation of a composite environment and competitive dynamics (Cellini, 2010, p, 52).

To ensure a working strategic plan implementation, the management should consider carrying out a SWOT analysis both internally and externally. During SWOT analysis process, the strengths of the university are identified. The management should strategies in making plans that will exploit the university plan to ensure the continued success in the corporate world. Secondly, the university’s weaknesses should be identified, the management should make plans that aim at reducing and eliminating the weakness (Smith, & Tardif, 2009, p, 23). The weak points should be noted, and a rapid action to improve them should be identified. The process of identification of the university’s weaknesses gives the management a basic timeline to address and causes for failure (Bowman, 2008, p, 32).

The university should also consider analyzing the opportunities that should be exploited to enhance the organizational growth. Such opportunities are adopted to stimulate organizational growth; the most important factors for growth in an organization are identified and effectively exploited. Additionally, the relationship between opportunities and strengths are analyzed to turn the opportunities into the organizational strengths. A defensive strategy should be adopted by the university to cater for the threat posed to the organization. A contingency plan should be created in the university to counter the threat that the university may encounter (Cellini, 2010, p, 32).

Operations department

This is the management department in the university that is tasked with the duty of designing, supervising and controlling the business operations process and production of eminence services to its clients. The university management officers should shape the strategy and revise it over time to ensure the processes and procedures are kept up to date to handle the organizational activities. Line managers should be trained to adapt to new skills and abilities on their organizational duties (Myers, 2007, p, 82).

The strategy to develop and introduce more courses that will be offered by the Fresno pacific university should be implemented to attract more students who will apply and register to take the different courses in the university. The operations within the university like quick and effective customer care should also be made available and efficient to the customers and students. In current technological world; the Fresno pacific university should ensure it applies to the application of the internet and other technology, communication methods to reach many students (Smith, & Tardif, 2009, p, 83).


This is the department that is responsible in selling the university to the students and the community. The marketing strategic implementation plan which comes second after the marketing plan are involved with achieving the goals and objectives of the university. All marketing process should be aligned to include the mission of the organization and ensure it is effectively achieved and followed. In the marketing implementation process the marketing, design should be analyzed to establish the needs of the students. It is apparent that most students prefer some sources and institutional structure to another. The marketing department in the Fresno pacific university should ensure that all the process all as per the requirement of the students (Fresno Pacific University. n.d).

Marketing and promotion process should be made in the arena that is likely to reach many students. Media and online advertisement should be heavily utilized to ensure that the process reaches many students. Apparently many students will join the university since it has been recommended by their friends or relatives, the process of ensuring that a continued satisfaction of students who are already in the university is significant.

Such students may carry out promotion and advertisement to their friends, neighbors and relatives through the word of mouth. The Fresno pacific university should ensure that it satisfies its students through the means of offering high-quality services that are competitive in the job market

Research and development

In Fresno pacific university, the research and development should implement the strategy by ensuring that it works with other departments. The research and development should look at the requirements of students and the most popular courses in the market this will help it structure the courses to fit the student’s requirement. Different places and location have different prevalence on their courses and personal life.

The research and development department should work together with other related departments. The marketing departments identify the needs and the prevalence of the students the research and development will investigate the most effective way of ensuring that the needs are fulfilled so that the students will be satisfied (Myers, 2007, p, 22). It is important for the research and development department in the Fresno pacific university to ensure that it is always timely and immediate to satisfy the needs of its students.

Information gathered by the marketing department should be used to implement the organizational strategy since the university is aware of what is required. Working towards a known goal is important since it helps the university in gauging the current additives against the projected plans. The activity will ensure an effective implementation of the strategic plan (Fresno Pacific University. n.d).

Finance and accounting

This is the division that deals with the management of financial transactions in the university. Strategic plans and decisions that involve financial professionals are implemented after consultation with the finance office. Projected earnings and revenue help the university to make financial budget that is useful to the organization. The department also works closely with the procurement office to ensure that any purchases that are done by the organization will be timely and effective.

The marketing, and research and development department also depends on the accounts/finance office to ensure their projects are well financed. The finance department should always release finances that will be used in marketing the university and others in the research and development activities. To ensure a university-wide development, the university should carry out benchmarking on another university (Cellini, 2010, p, 74).

This activity will help the university to be able to set prices and fee for the services it offers to students. It is important to that the fees are within the range of other competitors in the education sector. A high services fee will discourage students from joining the university; this will make Fresno pacific university to register a small application per year. On the other hand, low pricing will make the school strain when giving services to its students, the results will be low-quality services and the accumulation of debts with the university.

Strategy implementation plan

The entire stakeholder in the university will be involved in the strategic plan implementation process. Among the will be the university management and board of governors, the university staff, the university alumni, students, and the community around the Fresno pacific university. The participation of all the university’s stakeholders will ensure that all members will feel part of the plan. The strategic plan should be made in a way that it is flexible and practical (Bowman, 2008, p, 52).

Additionally, it should be practical to enable implementing it in different programs and also evaluating the workability of the programs and therefore providing an effective way of adjusting when necessary. The strategic implementation procedure will also create a tangible measure that translates tactical goal into action that will lend a hand to the university to create the intended outcome. A reward system will be used as an incentive for the employees that will be used to promote and encourage the implementation of the strategic plan.

The plan is aimed at ensuring the development of Fresno pacific university, all employees, student member of management and a supportive staff will be required to ensure that the implementation process is achieved. The development will make the university offer educational services to more students in the university.

Table A: strategic implementation plan.

Event Time Description
Analysis and planning 2 weeks A strategic plan that is as per the university’s goals, mission and vision are formulated
Environmental scans 1 week After the mission and vision are identified by the Fresno pacific university, they should assess both the external and internal environment. This may be done through the analysis of the five forces form and the SWOT analysis.
Gap analysis 3 days Interdepartmental comparison are done to estimate the variation between the prevailing position and preferred prospect using gap analysis. The strategy should be made to allocate the resources to close the gap
Benchmarking 1 week Measuring and comparing the university operation, performance and practices against other universities to create a reference point for establishing their goals and targets.
Strategic programming 2 weeks Strategic issues are are made with the aim of improving the organizational activity
Training 1 weeks It is the process introducing the new policy to the employees. The process gives the organization’s employees with new skills and abilities.
Evaluation of the strategy Continuous The evaluation process should be made with the aim of estimating the effects the strategic implementation shall cause on Fresno pacific university. Changes should be done to ensure that the university has the optimum development.
Review of the strategic plan Continuous The process involves looking at the impact the change will have on the organization. Fresno pacific university should also put into consideration the effects that the strategic plan implementation will have on the organization.


The strategic plan will cover many aspects of the university; the plan will cover the mission statement to ensure that every member of the university works towards fulfilling the plan. The Fresno pacific university should ensure that all the departments are interlinked with and work together to achieve an effective strategic plan implementation. The University’s mission should act as the guideline on the formulation of the strategic plan which will result in an effective plan.


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