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Application of Organization Development Principles Report (Assessment)


Organization development principle is a concept that has been applied in organization management for over five decades. Therefore, it has undergone through various changes overtime. Based on this, an organization development principle does not have a clear definition.

However, it is essential to argue that an organization development is a managerial theory that mainly focuses on individuals and organization satisfaction (McLean, 2005). Further, various organization development principles have been approved to be very important and are applicable in different situations particularly when an organization is undergoing major changes.

Generally, organization development can be described as a process where behavioral science knowledge and practices are utilized by an organization to attain greater efficiency and success (McLean, 2005).

The application OD Principles in automotive organization

The greatest efficacy that various organizations strive to attain relates to the concentration on increased productivity and enhanced product quality. Such values can be achieved through better service quality and superior life value to all stakeholders including suppliers, investors and customers (Yaeger & Sorensen, 2009).

For a continuous positive operation, organization development should put much emphasis on the ways an organization can improve its ability to assess and restructure its problems. In fact, the orientation of organization development aims at improving the whole organization system including internal and external environments that greatly influence organization functions (Anderson, 2011).

The way an organization development is designed is not merely to provide simple solutions to a minor or temporary issue within the organization, but it is rather meant to move the company to a greater level through proper functioning. This should improve its performance and satisfaction to all the stakeholders.

After it was announced that the automotive company was relocating to Mexico, more information was needed to show the reasons for such a big move. This information is regarded essential in the establishment of the firm in this new destination. Besides, the firm has been doing fairly well in its current location as it gained some profits while employing thousands of people.

Therefore, relocation implies that the firm has to deal with other social issues emanating from the country of origin as well as from the relocation venue. This information is essential in dealing with these issues. The main principle of OD is to gather as much information as possible concerning organization behavior and changes (Anderson, 2011).

The facts regarding organization management, current employees as well as any other issues relating to organization has to be put together so as to bring in the necessary changes that are needed to successfully relocate to new destination.

The information researched should be used to establish the organization core values, beliefs, attitudes and structures that are deemed essential to jumpstart the operations (Anderson, 2011). Furthermore, the newly gathered information should be used to plot the new plans that will improve the change processes and generate a continuous organization success.

Basically, the OD principles will be used to develop and enhance the organization’s new mission, vision statements, aims, goals and strategies. The organization principles will furthermore be used to align the organization functional structures so that they work together for a common purpose (Yaeger & Sorensen, 2009).

The organization principles will similarly be utilized in the formation of deliberate procedures on how the company will be capable of making decisions concerning its future and how that future will be attained. It is worth noting that the organization development will be essential in conflict management.

Conflicts that will exist between the employees and the organization management, between employees themselves, between the organization functions or sites will be solved using the OD principles. Conflicts normally disrupt the organization health and functional capacity.

In essence, the OD principles will be applied in the creation of a collaborative environment regarded useful for organization effectiveness and efficient operations.

The appreciation of the organization principles will help in the creation of reward systems that are acceptable and which are in accordance with the organization goals and vision (McLean, 2005). Of great significance is the fact the organization development principles will assist in developing the organization policies as well as procedures that aim at improving the ongoing organization operations.

The management tools for organization development will be used to evaluate the organization working environment so as to identify the strengths that the company should build on and areas that need improvement or changes (McLean, 2005).

Furthermore, the OD principles will offer the employees support particularly those in the senior or managerial positions who require constant training to properly deliver the needed services. Finally, the OD will be used in establishing systems that will provide personal performance feedback and when conducting studies at personal level. Individual studies will provide feedback useful for personal development.


The firm will adopt the OD principles in establishing its operations in Mexico. The OD model will be applied in planning, execution and evaluation of all the functions within the context of the automotive organizations. The organization will use the OD principles to establish an organization culture that will determine all the organization processes for the benefit of all stakeholders.


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