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Gender Separation in Zayed University Essay

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Updated: Jul 11th, 2021

Ethnographic research is an evidence-based practice aimed at understanding the behaviors, practices, and norms of a given culture. The issue of gender forms an integral part of every region or community. A study focusing on this topic can offer meaningful insights for understanding human relations, identifying most of the challenges they face, and offering powerful concepts to empower them. This paper gives a detailed summary and analysis of the information gained after conducting a research focusing on the issue of gender separation in Zayed University.

Research Question and Hypothesis

Gender separation is a common practice observed in Abu Dhabi whereby sex is used to group people in different learning institutions and workplaces. A study focusing on Zayed University was capable of presenting meaningful information regarding the nature of this issue. A proper research question was considered to support the intended study.

Research Question

What are the implications of gender separation in Zayed University and how does such an initiative affect the experiences of learners?


Although gender separation in Zayed University is a practice informed by the culture of the region, there are positive and negative impacts associated with the experiences, relationships, and outcomes of different students.


Although gender separation remains a common practice in Abu Dhabi, some issues have emerged that make it impossible for people to achieve their potential. Such an occurrence could also deliver positive outcomes in different societies and make it possible for many citizens to achieve their potential (Baites & Fratkin, 2002). Without the presence of clear facts or aspects regarding this practice, I was convinced that a study focusing on gender separation in Zayed University could present superior insights for proposing new superior ideas to the government. The successful completion of the research could also become a new opportunity for transforming sex relations in this country.

The fact that there was a need for men and women to coexist in different environments and pursue their respective gender roles drew me to this topic. The formulated question was also right and capable of presenting positive insights for addressing this issue. This was the case since the research could present superior ideas regarding the reasons for implementing the idea of gender separation and the major issues associated with it (Baites & Fratkin, 2002). After the successful completion of the study, this topic came out: how can learning institutions consider a new model to overcome the challenges gender separation causes?

Study Analysis

As a citizen of this country, I believe that the intended study was relevant and capable of presenting useful insights that can empower and make it easier for me to achieve my potential. This is true since the issue of gender separation affects all individuals across the region and it is in accordance with the existing culture (Baites & Fratkin, 2002). The study was conducted in a professional manner and without any form of bias. I also maintained a positive relationship with the respondents and interviewees since we all have similar expectations and experiences.

However, I have always remained sympathetic since such individuals experience various gaps that are attributable to this kind of separation. With this kind of understanding, I was convinced that a detailed study would present new insights for either encouraging them to promote the existing kind of division or consider a new model. This was something necessary since the global society was embracing superior cultural beliefs and behaviors that could empower people and make it easier for them to achieve their potential (Wong, Shi, & Chen, 2018). The only bias I had before starting the targeted research was that I was convinced that the separation of gender in campuses was something inappropriate. Consequently, many learners going through such a system were finding it hard to develop evidence-based concepts for pursuing their aims in life. The good thing was that I ensured that such views and thoughts did not affect the quality or success of my study.

In terms of place, I observed that most of the learners in Zayed University were pleased and happy with their learning environments. They appeared unworried and ready to pursue their objectives. I heard most of them chatting and sharing information in a professional manner. I did not smell anything suspicious throughout the study period. The atmosphere was conducive and capable of supporting the study process. I managed to contain and manage my emotions while I was in the learning environment. The selected individuals were cooperative and willing to present high-quality feedback.


The identified respondent presented meaningful insights and ideas regarding the issue of gender separation in Zayed University. For instance, it was revealed that many individuals attended mixed school and later joined separated campuses or universities (Gender, n.d.). This was the same case for the selected interviewee for the exercise. The existing culture in Abu Dhabi emerged as the main cause since many learning institutions embraced the idea of division (Baites & Fratkin, 2002). Consequently, this response was received during the study: “we are used to men and women being separated and not together”.

The individual was convinced that the existing model or nature of separation resulted in negative impacts in this society. The student presented this response regarding the current practice: “probably negative because people tend to want something they can’t have so they’ll learn to sneak around and keep secrets.” Consequently, the interviewee indicated that there was a need for campuses to have both males and females in an attempt to foster diversification. Such an approach would make it possible for many students to collaborate, share ideas, and acquire new concepts from each other (Wong et al., 2018). The approach would encourage them to start pursuing the notions of cohesion, effective listening, and efficient communication.

The respondent supported the use of trials whereby a small number of males or females were introduced in different settings to examine and monitor how they related with one another and pursued their objectives. Such a strategy would offer meaningful insights for making the best choices and implementing them at Zayed University (Gender, n.d.). The interviewee was also used to a setting whereby boys and girls pursued their goals in the same learning environments. When individuals are combined in a mixed class, chances are high that they will acquire additional skills, be able to relate with opposite gender effectively, and solve most of the challenges they face (Wong et al., 2018). This means that the country can consider and implement a new model whereby students learn in mixed settings from FS1 until they graduate.

Similarly, the study findings supported the establishment of new workplaces whereby both males and females worked together and collaborated to achieve their aims. Such an approach would encourage them to overcome the existing differences, improve cohesion, and support the notion of teamwork (Baites & Fratkin, 2002). These gains would eventually make the targeted organization or working environment successful or profitable.

From this analysis, it is evident that some unique benefits of promoting the existing gender separation were observed in this learning institution. For instance, some learners were pleased with the setup since it created the best environment for pursuing their objectives with minimum distraction. The students were also willing and ready to acquire appropriate competencies that would make them successful women or men. Consequently, they would be prepared for a wide range of obstacles and challenges in their professional lives (Wong et al., 2018). This means that policymakers and stakeholders can strike a balance between these benefits and challenges in an attempt to propose superior approaches for empowering learners and making it easier for them to achieve their potential.


The above discussion has revealed that gender separation is a common practice in many learning institutions in Abu Dhabi. While some groups believe that such a model is appropriate and capable of equipping students with appropriate skills that can support their gender roles, there are those who are opposed to it since it fails to consider the changes experienced in the world today. The identified respondent managed to present evidence-based ideas and concepts that different policymakers could consider and implement in an attempt to overcome the challenges associated with this kind of division. There is also a need for researchers to complete additional ethnographic studies to get a clear picture of this issue and propose superior initiatives for transforming different learning institutions and workplaces in this country.


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