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Global Focus in Cultural Diversity Essay

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Updated: May 6th, 2019

It is essential for all global organizations to value the diversity in cultures around the globe. Business organizations are supposed to embrace differences in culture to promote the creation of inclusiveness (Adler & Gendersen, 2008). This adds value to the contributions of people from all the nations in which an organization operates. Business focus on global diversity is more than ethnicity, greed, gender and race.

Hence, Hexaware Technologies must learn to tap from a diversity of cultural set ups. This will enable the organization to benefit from diversity of thinking which is obtained from different people’s knowledge, background and experiences (House et al., 2004). This paper offers suggestions on how Hexaware Technologies can develop its market campaigns by recruiting team members from different nations.

In order to attain a balanced global focus, the organization should embrace cultures from Greece, Singapore, Germany and Iran. This will comprehensive impart on diversified thinking. In such a case, the organization will enjoy better innovations and creativity. One of the results of this turnover of events will be market dominance and high levels of comparative and competitive advantage. The company should treat people as the greatest asset.

This has to be done through constant strengthening of mentoring process, work seminars and training (Adler & Gendersen, 2008). People from the different nations should be given access to personal and professional development opportunities. By so doing, the organization will place its employees in a position whereby they are able to offer their full potential. Different cultures will be a rich store of knowledge.

Cultural inclusiveness is known for affording every person an opportunity to impact an organization (House et al., 2004). All the people in the team should be given equal chances to build the organization. The work positions in the entire team should be optimally adaptive.

They should be chosen according to the preferences of different persons and also with regard to their national statistics (Stonehouse & Campell, 2004). This will give Hexaware Technologies an opportunity to be more efficient in meeting the needs of both employees and customers in different parts of the world.

Team members from Germany are best suited for technical positions at Hexaware Technologies since they are well known for better performance (House et al., 2004). Their personalities have a strong performance orientation compared to the other persons.

The Greeks have equal strength in self confidence given their high degree of assertiveness. They should be given managerial and relational duties. Team members from Iran and Singapore are best suited for control chores. This is because they have cultures which value collectivism and avoidance of tactical uncertainty.

Implicit cultural beliefs influence the performances of different workers (Stonehouse & Campell, 2004). In a case whereby managers do not appreciate the cultural orientation of subordinates, dissatisfaction often crops up. Before transferring different persons to new positions, it is essential to get a keen analysis of their cultural flexibility.

Workers from the given cultures are expected to have different opinions on the issue of gender and job positions. For instance, the humane orientation of German ladies does not match that of Iranian counterparts. They are likely to have hard time when working together in a new market.

The most effective way to maximize on cultural diversity for the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness is yet to be pioneered. However Hexaware Technologies should use employee networking, community support and local organizations to attain this status.

The activity will in turn support the advancement of the organization in the global market (Adler & Gendersen, 2008). Creation of external affiliations in the original states of team members will buffer the adverse effects of cultural diversity. Penetration into new markets will thereby be made easier.


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