God Grew Tired of Us Essay


The title of the film “God Grew Tired of Us” is rather succinctly used by the film maker in order to help audiences understand the plight of the 3 main characters in the movie and how it relates to the greater theme of the plight of people throughout Africa and the Third World.

Poverty, as the movie shows, is one of the causes of global conflicts wherein countries, states and various groups continue to fight over increasingly decreasingly resources as people all around them starve to death. It is due to this that it can be assumed that the main reason the film was created was to help create sufficient impetus so as to enact changes to prevent poverty and war through concerted global action.

Examining the Movie

The movie itself shows a rather strange form of symbolism wherein two contrasts are given to audiences, the first being a world of starvation, pain, hopeless and nothingness as shown by the plight of the 3 boys as they escape from Ethiopia and one filled with intensity, food, abundance and opportunity symbolized by America.

It is through this unique contrast that audiences get an understanding on how grossly lopsided the world truly is wherein it can be seen in two extremes namely extreme poverty and extreme wealth, poverty and starvation, and finally opportunity and hopelessness.

It is only after realizing these extremes from watching the film that people begin to understand that with these lopsided concentrations currently pervading global society wouldn’t it be a rather simple process of merely sharing the wealth in order to help other people throughout the world?

While this question is suggested in numerous themes and instances in the story such as the decision of the boys to help those left behind in the refugee camp on Kakuma a solution is never truly presented by the movie itself. It could be assumed that a possible solution is left to the viewers that the reason why the film was even made in the first place was to have them understand the problems facing numerous individuals in countries around the world and let them make their own decisions as to what must be done.

Understanding the Journey of the 3 Boys

What must be understood is that the journey undertaken by the 3 boys in the story in unique due to the mere fact that it chronicles lives placed under turmoil in such a succinct manner that audiences cannot help but be concerned about the boys through the film.

Death and destruction seems to pervade the various environments the boys go through yet they continue to march forward inextricably drawn towards the potential for a peaceful life somewhere. The film shows how people become fast friends as a result of hardship, that families are created not as a result of blood but joint experiences and suffering and that in the end hoping and acting on a better life will actually bring about such a life in the end.


The message of the movie is clear; people are suffering around the world due to a lack in resources while there are countries around the world rich enough to help. As such what is needed is a concerted effort in order to ensure that people in places affected by war and starvation are given the proper kind of help so as to ensure that the situation the four boys found themselves is never seen again.

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