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Goodness in Business Governance Essay

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Updated: Sep 13th, 2020

Goodness is a critical component within a business organization. It is a necessary aspect that enhances healthy relationships. Aristotle’s philosophical approach on goodness is instrumental in business management. According to Aristotle’s view, goodness is a necessary attribute that promotes excellence (Morris, 1997). Leaders who focus on goodness create an atmosphere that fosters commitment and strong character.

Goodness is an attribute that portrays truth and beauty (Morris, 1997). Managers and corporate leaders who do not care about this element end up creating a hostile working environment. A hostile working environment stifles creativity and limits growth (Marinoff, 2009). As a result, such companies face high employee turnover. The prevailing corporate orientation is short term in nature. Due to this, most of the stakeholders within corporate organizations do not attach any sentimental value to what they are doing. Such environments lack the ability to generate adequate momentum to uphold excellent values. As a result, these companies suffer from various challenges.

The effect of goodness on performance

Company leaders that focus on enhancing goodness create a working environment that is conducive for growth. Essentially, such organizations capture their employee’s loyalty and commitment. Commitment to responsibility enables the company to realize its set goals (Morris, 1997).

Commitment is a critical factor when it comes to promoting creativity and excellence. Creativity enables these organizations to thrive within a competitive environment. In essence, people find it pleasurable to work and function in such environments because they feel appreciated.

Consistent pursuit of clarity within an organization creates room for goodness to exist. Appearance of goodness necessitates commitment to change and meaningful action. In essence, such actions enable organizations to generate necessary energy that is critical for maintaining progressive momentum. Organizations that embrace such insights are able to withstand a wide variety of storms.

Reflection on the concept

We tend to blame external circumstances when things are not right. Most business leaders find it easy to blame the economic climate when they are facing challenges within their respective sectors. However, it is important to be honest with ourselves. Most of the challenges facing the corporate world emanate from poor ethical considerations within business organizations.

Business leaders should have the courage to examine the prevailing working conditions with this in mind. Honest evaluation of ethical structures within business organizations will create a clear avenue towards human goodness (Marinoff, 2009). As a result, the leaders will be in a better position to address most of the challenges facing business organizations.

Goodness is not just about appearance. As Morris notes, goodness is a function of aligning ethical standards within right organizational goals (Morris, 1997). Clear alignments foster professional ethics that lead to trusting relationships. Practical and ethical grounds are critical when fashioning organizational ideals that promote excellence. As such, organizations that focus on respect, value for work and teamwork create a clear framework for growth.

Appreciating each of these aspects takes time and commitment. At times, the leadership will have to go a long way in introducing these values. In order to achieve them, it will take a clear and radical move from a forthright leader who is willing to make that commitment.


In conclusion, ethical practices are critical when focusing on any meaningful corporate venture. Even though it is difficult to develop and sustain them, an organization can create practical steps towards their realization. Creating an ethical environment is a long process that has great dividends. These dividends are beneficial to all the stakeholders. Consequently, every stakeholder within such an organization will pursue values that promote excellence.


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