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Hacking: Social Engineering Online Essay

Hacking is a well-organized system used by criminals to obtain information from various individuals and corporation. This information may concern the financial status and transactions of the targeted groups. Hacker uses well designed software which enables them to break passwords and upload the information into there database.

The information is fed to the main web site that’s runs the hacking software, where the information is sorted according to various numbers. The videos showing the process of hacking on YouTube exacerbates the activities of this form of crime. This is because the groups can be able to learn the process of hacking through YouTube and what they only need is to buy the hacking software.

Hacking videos explaining the process of unlocking and breaking passwords of various login accounts of individuals can be used as indicators that online services are not the best form of communicating and storage of vital information and performing some transactions especially those involving sending and receiving money.

The videos explains step- by- step on how one can login into someone’s account and get access to his or/her information. Most people do live their personal information in the internet which attracts the criminals as they are very much interested with this information so that they can be able to know all the transactions of their victims.

It is important for every individual using internet to be very careful with any information he or she gives out. He/she should ensure that the site visited is secure and cannot expose any information to un-authorized person.

A person using internet transactions such as the use of credit cards and visa card should ensure that the service providers have a tight security which cannot be easily accessed by hackers. This means that any transactions involving the use of electronic money transfer should be carried out in a secure site with strong security codes.

The corporate companies are the most affected by the hacking affairs. They should be aware of this type of videos. The videos should raise an alarm to the corporations and trigger them to device safer ways of storing their information and internet security should be enhanced to reduce any link or loopholes which can be used by hackers to get access to the company’s database and extract the vital information.

Internet Explorer browser is widely used by most of the internet users, but hackers prefer to use Chrome and Firefox browsers as these are more advanced and faster compared to the internet Explorer. When using Firefox, the hacker can be able to interlink various sites at the same time and operate with swift speed.

These give the hacker an advantage over the person using Explorer. The hackers need to gather a lot of information in order to have a good history of his victim, thus he must be more advanced than his victim at any time.

The number of individual and corporate affected by hacking is alarming and is increasing day by day. Over millions incidents are reported daily concerning hacking, about 120 users of Sony Europe web site have lost their information as a result of hacking within the last 24 hours.

This number is too high indicating that most people are still falling in the trap of the hackers every day. Corporate entities are the most affected as they lose a lot of data relating to their customers and employee. Millions of money is lost every day as a result of hacking.

The organizations and individuals should take much precaution to the information given out through internet. The corporate should educate its costumer on how to use the internet without living any loopholes which can be used by the hacker to find the information concerning the individual or the company.

The cooperation should ensure that the people who get access to the corporate data system are not outsider, but are persons authorized by the company providing the internet services. This will reduce the risk of linking the corporate information to unauthorized person who can later expose it to the hackers.

Corporate should be aware that the videos shown by YouTube and other online services can easily enable any person to become a hacker and thus they should be very careful with people who get access to their database and administration computers that are used to supply other computers with internet. Only authorized person should have access to the main computer.

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