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Health Care Issues Impacting Texas Research Paper

Nowadays, many people are concerned about their opportunities, and their chances, of getting high-quality healthcare services. Some people do not want to spend their time researching what kind of help they might be able to ask for. Still, others might do the research but cannot find answers to their questions. Also, many want to know as much as possible about where they can find professional medical help, what healthcare resources they may use, and what benefits they are eligible to get. Unfortunately, the state of Texas today has the highest rate of uninsured children and adults, despite the changes in healthcare insurance over the last several years (Martin par. 1).

Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to the conditions under which healthcare services are offered, the opportunities that people could use to get health insurance, and the reasons why the state was not able to change the situation and achieve good results in healthcare insurance.

Consider this letter a call to action, because health care is a sphere that influences millions of human lives. It is not appropriate for an American state to demonstrate such disappointing and frustrating results, especially after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by the current president of the United States. Though many writers, journalists, and researchers admit that ACA is a life-changer for many Americans (Krisberg par. 3), several people understand that ACA-mandated access is still a problem for ordinary people (O’Hare par. 1).

Estaville, Egan, and Galaviz say that “a foremost health concern in Texas is therefore medically underserved populations, especially Hispanics, blacks, and residents of isolated rural areas” (22). This means that more than three million people are under the threat of not having health care insurance, or facing challenges when they try to get some kind of insurance coverage or medical help. This very real problem should bother the current government, and lead to action to improve the situation and provide people with a hope that everything can change for the better.

The healthcare market remains less transparent than most (Koppelman 15). Despite improved access to numerous innovations and technologies and high-quality management of healthcare workers, many people do not know what they should pay for, and what services they might need. The shifting of costs has led to some changes in the lives of ordinary Texans. Even an ordinary, routine visit to a doctor can become a burdensomely expensive challenge. Things get even worse when the question of child insurance arises. Many mothers know how to provide their children with the best medical services, and they also understand how to choose hospitals that could help their children. At the same time, not many mothers can afford their children to be hospitalized and treated in private hospitals.

Though it would be wrong to say that the government has done nothing to change the situation, it is hard to understand what exactly it will do to improve things. Some governmental representatives have admitted in interviews that many states are losing the opportunity to make their citizens healthier, and also losing chances to create jobs and improve economies (Fiebel par. 11). Such statements prove that the government is aware of the problem.

Still, not much knowledge and experience are available to promote changes and achieve good results. Of course, it is wrong to provide the government with some recommendations and suggestions. As a rule, several professional people and experts could analyze the situation, weigh all pros and cons, and introduce the most appropriate solutions. Still, it is always interesting and sometimes effective to enumerate suggestions that could at least be taken into consideration.

For example, the government could demonstrate its care and understanding of people’s needs by creating special forums or services where people could share their concerns, offer their ideas, and explain their intentions and expectations. Such involvement of citizens in social discussions could bring about change. Besides, the government should inform its people about the connection between the quality and accessibility of medical services, health care budgeting, employment, and even taxes.

If people adhere to certain rules and follow all norms and regulations, they can get adequate opportunities to have access to healthcare insurance and will be able to use medical services any time they need and want. Finally, certain improvements should be made in the sphere of education (Marting par. 9).

As soon as children start learning more about self-protection, environmental care, criminal justice, etc., and put their knowledge to practical use, they can reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases, traumas, and other health problems that could be caused by inattentiveness and carelessness. Besides, educated children could become professional doctors in time, and help other people improve their health.

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that the problems of healthcare insurance and medical services should be discussed at different levels, to provide people with healthcare support and promote the belief that the government could protect its people at any cost.

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