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Health Information Jobs Report

Occupational therapist job

In pacific North West, the psychiatry department requires an occupational therapist to work with them in Tacoma, Washington. The job is specifically within the sphere of acute-care facility. The job requires candidates who are incredibly dedicated and ready to provide both indirect and direct services related to occupational therapy.

According to Healthcare jobs in the US, such services include, but not limited to, conducting assessments, initiating and providing necessary therapeutic interventions, planning group and or individual therapy programs followed by subsequent implementation of such programs (2008, Para.1).

The successful candidates receive the mandate to work diligently executing their roles subject to the requirements of codes of ethics, as dictated by AOTA within their prescribed health care professional standards. The eligible candidates have the duty to provide services by deploying either consultative and or directly monitored services to patients.

The credentials required for this job range from an occupational therapy degree to a degree from a higher institution of learning. For successful eligibility for this position, willing candidates must posses various skills. According to Healthcare jobs in the US (2008), the eligible candidate should also have acquired a certification form from the American occupational therapy (Para.2).

The licenses of the applicants who posses Washington state license as well as permission to function as occupational therapists need to have an annual verification accompanied by a certificate from BLS. The concern that drew my attention is that, the job entangles working within a psychiatric organization, which poses incredible wealth of experience in its specialty. The organization even considers fresh graduates to fill this position.

Experience is not something to cause alarm. Based on the level of experience, practical skills and or the level of education, the eligible candidate can raise the continuum ladder on his/her way to the advanced levels (Healthcare jobs in the US, 2008, Para. 2). As a result, improved remuneration follows automatically.

Nursing Manager

Health care jobs in the US (2008) advertised for job titled Nursing Manager Surgical Services in their website. The job lies within the skilled nursing care facility. According to Health Care Jobs in the US, the job requires credentials such as a bachelor degree and BLS for eligibility purposes (2008, Para.10).

The candidate must also have basic computing skills, possessing two years of working experience, preferably in a managerial position. The job is particularly appealing to secure due to the numerous benefits offered, which range from competitive remunerations to recreational opportunities, which involve interacting and working in a large community of about 10,000 people. Interestingly enough, the position encourages fresh graduates to make their applications.

The working environment is by itself lucrative as it encourages corroboration among the workers who are well knit into society with common objectives and goals towards which they proactively work collectively. Most importantly, the job involves delegations in which the jobholder works at times in the departments. Any organization offering such a position also assigns the successful candidates some tasks out the organization environment.

Importance of Credentials

According to Health Information Careers (2008), possessing a credential is vital for a number of reasons (Para. 2). For certification, one must take an AHIMA exam. According to the Health Information Careers, passing such an exam is an indication of proficiency in one’s health career specialty (2011, Para. 3).

One of the advantages of having a credential is the inculcation of belief among the employers that such a person needs less time to train, as compared to those people who do not posses it. In addition, credentials such as AHIMA guarantee subtle success, not only in the initial job, but also in the upcoming ones.

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