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High School Principal’s Job Investigation Essay

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The given paper delves into the main aspects of the job of a high principal. It tends to investigate the main aspects of this job and provide a detailed description of the major tasks and activities of the given specialist. Additionally, it analyzes the wages tendencies and suggests the evaluation of the work context.


One should accept the fact that the efficient functioning of modern society is conditioned by the cooperation between various social institutions that contribute to the communitys further evolution. In this regard, a set of tasks performed by a certain individual becomes extremely vital and obtains a great social significance. People might work in various spheres, but their functioning is an integral part of the modern world.

If to speak about the job of a high school principal, it is vital to admit several important factors. First, these specialists work in the sphere of education which means that they are responsible for the level of knowledge peculiar to our children. The efficient functioning of the given system predetermines the technological progress, and one should realize the importance of the given job. Yet, a high school principal plays an important administrative role in secondary schools and usually obtains a master’s degree or Ph.D. in education or administration (High School Principal, n.d.). These specialists supervise and monitor the daily operations and tasks of various schools.

They could be considered school administrators who tend to align the efficient functioning of a certain school and guarantee its further development. Their duties include cooperation with other schools and education officials to guarantee the efficient functioning of a school. Additionally, a high school principal should also work with state and local governments to obtain a clear idea of the further schools evolution and implement the new trends.

He/she might also meet with potential sponsors, and attend various events to promote a school and improve its functioning. Finally, this very specialist also has to meet with parents and discuss the successes and failures of their child. In general, he/she serves as the educational leader of the high school who is responsible for the development and implementation of various policies to ensure that a school functions in accordance with the main regulations and provides children with the beneficial and positive environment (Summary Report for Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School, n.d.).


Providing detailed Investigation and description of the main aspects of the given job it is necessary to highlight several important concerns. First, the given job should be considered in terms of its relations with a number of other occupations. The fact is that a good high school principal should incorporate a number of various skills and competencies to be able to perform his/her job and improve the functioning of a school.

It has already been stated that the given work could be associated with some managerial tasks as human resource management becomes an integral part of the given activity. A qualified principal should be able to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of all workers and create a pattern that will help to use the strengths and mitigate the drawbacks. Thus, the job of the principal is closely connected with HR management and could only contribute to the development of the skills related to the given sphere. However, a specialist of this sort should also be a good educator as he/she works in the collective which is comprised of teachers and other professionals.

For this reason, the given job implies at least a basic understanding of the main approaches used in teaching. This competence is crucial for the schools evolution as a principal should guarantee the usage of the newest practices and tend to create a positive environment. Finally, the job is also related to the sphere of psychology as working with people demands a great level of understanding of their main motifs and needs. That is why a principal should analyze their current state and consider the possible changes in the atmosphere within a collective. In these regards, the job of a principal has strong relations with a number of other jobs. It also implies cooperation with people and attempts to create the most efficient approach to understand each other.

Besides, it is obvious that a high school principal should be an educated person to be able to manage workers and align the efficient functioning of a school. Usually, they have a masters degree or Ph.D. in an education-related field. It is also crucial for them to have prior experience in teaching or administration. That is why it could take from 2 to 4 years to become a school principal. Yet, to improve their competence in the given field and acquire the additional knowledge their coursework traditionally includes investigation of the educational administration, assessment, law, budgeting, finance, etc.

A good high school principal should have a deep knowledge related to the various spheres. The understanding of the basic principles of HR management is just one of the aspects which comprise the principals competence. He/she should obtain knowledge in various spheres of science and subjects which are learned at school to be able to understand at least eh main tendencies. Additionally, the comprehending of the laws and regulations which limit the functioning of a school is crucial for this specialist (Principal’s Job Description, n.d.). One should realize the fact that usually, the figure of a principal is in the focus of attention as he/she presents a school. That is why there is no room for a mistake. This specialist should have a spacious mind and great competence.

If to speak about the required skills, a job of principal implies a certain set of personal qualities needed for his/her efficient functioning. Regarding the nature of the given occupation, a specialist of this sort should be a good leader and manage the workers in the most efficient way. Besides, leadership qualities are of great importance for a principal. He/she should be able to accept some doubtful or controversial decisions and resolve a number of conflicts that will obviously appear in the course of the schools functioning.

Moreover, being a person responsible for the further evolution of this organization, he/she should highlight the main objectives and goals for members of the staff to aspire them. That is why leadership skills are essential for this specialist. Therefore, strong interpersonal and communication skills are also vital.

A principal should be able to find a common language with all workers no matter what their religion, mentality, and culture are. The high level of mutual understanding within a collective is crucial for further evolution. For this reason, a principal should be characterized by the constant attempts to improve his/her communication skills and contribute to the improvement of the atmosphere within the collective.

There is also a certain set of abilities that could be considered an integral part of the job of a high school principal. First, it is the ability to establish relational trust among all members of the school community as it will contribute to the evolution of the collaborative learning culture which could bring all members of the school together around the most important values appreciated in school (High School Principal, n.d.).

Nevertheless, there is also the ability to lead staff development and promote numerous changes aimed at the improvement of the functioning of the given organization. This ability is crucial for the schools evolution as the lack of initiative and the absence of the desire to initiate various alterations might result in the collapse o the establishment and its failure. Furthermore, the ability to communicate with students and peers is another important quality that should be peculiar to a high school principal.

It could serve as the guarantee of the stable high level of mutual understanding between all people attending the given organization and contribute to the further improvement of the local environment. Finally, it is important to have the ability to monitor the impact changes have on the schools functioning and determine the most important tendencies peculiar to the current situation.

Describing the given job, it is also necessary to mind the physical and social factors which impact the nature of work and provide the job context (Work Context, n.d.). It is obvious that interpersonal relations should be considered the main factor that influences the given job greatly (Work Context — Interpersonal Relationships, n.d.). The job implies numerous contacts with others to align the schools functioning and establish relationships with students, workers, parents, and partners.

That is why communication is one of the key elements of the given job. There is also the necessity to coordinate and lead others to create the most important pattern and monitor the state of a school. Yet, a principal is also responsible for the final outcomes and results which means that he/she has to work in terms of constant stress and complex tasks. Social factors should be considered the main stressors which might introduce some problematic issues and introduce a number of new challenges. Physical factors are not so important as a specialist works in a positive environment and does not face some problems resulting from this aspect.

The average high school principals salary varies across the regions. Yet, there is a tendency towards a significant increase in their earnings. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that these specialists were excepted to increase by 6% from 2014 through 2024 nationwide (School Administrators: An Occupational Overview, n.d.). For this reason, it is vital to guarantee the appropriate salary to attract new specialists and guarantee the further evolution of the sector.

BLS reports that principals earn an average annual salary of $92, 940 in 2015 (School Administrators: An Occupational Overview, n.d.). Besides, the Mid-Eastern regions could be characterized by a greater level of income. The differences in wages come from different approaches to the given sphere peculiar to local governments. There are regions where the annual salary is lower than $70,000. These existing differences have a pernicious impact on the image of the job and decrease its popularity.

That is why it is crucial to reconsider the approach used to calculate salaries and guarantee the fair distribution of funds devoted to the given sphere. However, principals are still actual, and there is a trend towards the increase of the level of demand as the sphere of education is one of the most important for the evolution of the whole society.


Altogether, having investigated the most important aspects of the given job, it is possible to state its great complexity and stressful character. The fact is that the job of a high school principal implies a great level of responsibility which comes from the great authority this specialist has. He/she should manage a school and its staff in a way that could guarantee great incomes and promote the further improvement of its image. Furthermore, a principal performs a great amount of managerial work aimed at the monitoring of the main aspects of the schools functioning and guarantees its adherence to the accepted rules and norms.

The bigger part of his/her time is devoted to the supervision, evaluation and managing the most important procedures. Moreover, he/she also has to communicate with all members of the staff and parents to control the level of performance and relations within the collective. Finally, a principal has to establish and promote the new standards and norms suggested by the government to guarantee that all students will be provided with the needed environment that will have a positive impact on their knowledge.


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