How has rebellion or defiance of those in power been an integral trait of American colonists since the founding of the colony by the British? Essay

Possessing certain power over the American colonies, the British government tended to control the processes going on in the new lands. However, as the national identity started forming within the colonies under the British surveillance, it became obvious that the process of independence shaping has been launched.

Creating a specific culture differing from the European one, the colonists also contributed to the formation of the American economics. In addition, they needed certain space to continue their economical growth, yet they were bound by the British Empire controlling their actions. Thus, rebellious ideas started brewing as soon as the settlers integrated into the new society.

Becoming an integral part of colonists’ character, rebellious ideas were put into practice as the British Empire lost its grip on the newly obtained lands. Although the American colonists were to wait for quite a while until they had the chance to fight powerful Britain, it is doubtless now that sooner or later, the rebellion would have taken place. However, what could be called a lucky coincidence finally caused the American resistance to the British colonial oppression. The last straw for the colonists, the new taxation laws made people act.

As King George came to reign in Britain, the country was troubled by the unstable government (Hughes 360), which in its turn resulted in slackening of Britain’s control over the American colonies.

Unable to trace both the political discord in Britain and the moods in the American colonies, King George chose England as the key priority, leaving the state of affairs in America for the further considerations, which the American colonists made efficient use of.

Brewing within the society since the first ideas of national identity and economical issues have been shaped, the rebellious ideas finally found their vent.

Resulting in the Revolutionary War, the resistance to the British influence finally ended in creating an independent state. Analyzing the past experience, on can say with certainty now that the dramatic events led to creating national culture and identity.

One of the most dramatic changes in the American society was the fact that the population started realizing the national problems and, which is even more important, was willing to eliminate them (Bessette 35). Thus, it can be considered that the Revolution had its effect on the shaping of national identity.

Another reason to think the Revolution as the beginning of the new epoch was the fact that the Revolution brought together the first thirteen states (Bessette 36). This can be considered as a major breakthrough in the American fight for independence and reunion.

Finally, the fact that the Congress suggested a more or less clear program for the further development of the country heralded a new epoch in the history of the continent. Suffering from the results of the devastating Revolution, country was rising from economical and political ashes and needed support from the Congress and the population.

Thus, it cannot be doubted that the defiance of the American colonies had a crucial effect on the further history of the land and the colonists. However, since it was impossible to take into account every single piece of the economical mechanism, certain layers of society were left forgotten. Among them, farmers were neglected most, which resulted in a number of rebellions in its turn.

Therefore, it becomes clear that the process of the American society foundation was rebellious and uneasy. Still the results of the Revolution show that this game was well worth the candles.

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